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Monday 2 June 2014

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

PETER: Who is that woman?!
THIJS: I have no idea but get rid of her. Nobody is looking at us when she's standing there.
PETER: Shameless attention hog. Such a poser.
THIJS: Look who's talking Mr. Fancy Pants with frilly lace around his neck.
PETER: Oh shut up, you're wearing one too.
THIJS: Hm, yes, I can't help admiring it. But I mean reeeally, that yellow abomination. It's ghastly.
PETER: Nobody usurps our manly authority and greatness.
BOTH: Security! Arrest that woman!!

It was bound to happen - 
High Aaaaah-t, that's HIGH art
flouncing, billowing, flowing regally
through Rijksmuseum

Fearless      of
G O!   G O   N O W !!

Thank you so much, Greetje. It's confirmed that the Freakish Yellow Skirt is high art, hogging all the attention in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. WOW. It's a fantastic feeling to know that everyone's work has been showcased in one of the world's great galleries. Stunning photos! You MUST see them.
And the journey continues...

In other news...

Yesterday's outfit: thrifted spangly gold top, black camisole, white long-sleeved T-shirt with DIY holes cut in the armpits, thrifted businessy pinstriped pencil skirt, thrifted black army boots, black tights, toolbox handbag, magic loupe from O. 

A garbage room atelier is a poser's best friend. Todays' outfit: thrifted vintage floral jumpsuit, shaggy green boot things, groovy thrifted chain belt. I'm linking one of these up to Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. See you there. Miz Bagg is back in town and SCREAMING for attention. 


  1. Glorious pantsuit, Melanie! And those fringed booties are sooo wonderful. Xo

  2. Hello Melanie,

    One cannot have enough sparkle in life so we absolutely adore your sequinned within an inch of its life top! With the sun out you must have blinded everyone within a half mile radius of you. Perfect!

    And, that does look to be the cleanest and tidiest rubbish room that we have ever seen. The jumpsuit is amazing!

  3. Oh yes, the jumpsuit and the green fringed boots. Keeper outfit!

  4. Miz Bagg! Always a boost to my adrenaline. You are stunning and a dazzler. And didn't Greetje elevate the Yellow Skirt wonderfully? Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  5. Greetje's post was magnificent!
    Look at you, all sparkly, and then rocking that fabulous jumpsuit. One day, I will find one that fits me - one day!
    Uh oh. Miz Bagg is back in town? There's gonna be trouble, I can feel it! xxx

  6. The shoes no the jumpsuit oh my both are so fantastic I can barely stand it! Then there is that mermaid scale top, shimmy shimmy! Off to see where that skirt ended up next...

  7. Holy shamoly, you are freakin' gorgeous in these outfits! You are a walking work o' art yourself, lady!

  8. So much awesomeness and you were born to be the most freaking awesome model and creator of fabulous clothing! I am very envious that I do not have a garbage atelier.

  9. Two of my favourite things togther (floral jumpsuit and green fringey boots) on one of my favourite dames!

  10. If I had another hand, I'd give that jumpsuit 3 thumbs up..

  11. You are hilarious. Thanks for making my day!

  12. Oh my, I greet every post featuring the TYS with moist palms and chastened thighs - it's always so exciting to see how and where the next person will wear it with aplomb! Giant gold sequins. Marry me. xoxoxoxox

  13. You are seriously one of the funniest women on the Internet Melanie. The introduction of this article was just hilarious. I think Greetje really outdid herself with these photographs. It will be hard to top this for the next blogger.
    Your looking fabulous yourself too!

  14. I really like both outfits very much, especially the jumpsuit. Not many women can get away with that. Photography is art again.
    And thank you for this hilarious yellow skirt introduction hahaha. Peter and Thijs?... You must have done some reasearch as Thijs is a really Dutch name.

  15. Such a brilliant pose! Love both outfits :)

  16. Dearest Melanie, am I in the list at all?
    Could you publish the order please?
    Do not forget to join Share-in-Style: fruit this Saturday 7th
    Love and sunshine ALWAYS

  17. Your outfit combinations inspire me in so many ways! So happy to hear that Miz Bagg is back in town. Now off to catch Greetje in the Yellow Skirt.

  18. The Yellow Skirt is officially legit. Too Legit to Quit! And YOU are a Reflection of Springtime Affection.

  19. Hi Mizz Bagg!

    Isn't something that Yellow skirt still going strong
    The jumpsuit is rad girl and the shoes perfect
    J'aime ta folie! as we say in french
    I wish i have could have seen all the first ensemble, i was looking forward to see the combat boots
    It was nice talking to you, sorry i didn't get back to you sooner

    Take care



  20. The outings of the traveling yellow skirt create a pop-up performance wherever it wanders. The latest Yellow installation is an epic sequence of juxtapositions. SO ingenious to have it 'shown' at the Rijksmuseum.
    And on the subject of installations: 'floral jumpsuit in garbage room atelier' - pitch perfect.

  21. wouuu, massive gold sequins and pretty floral printed jumpsuit!! they never look so fabulous!!, great pics and lots of Fabulousness, gorgeous lady!!
    and so great to watch another episode in The Yellow Skirt Fashion Show!!

  22. Green mermaid in black and white ... maybe one of my favorite looks! Love your green boots with your little floral jumpsuit. It's okay to have a conservative moment once in a while!

    Didn't Greetje do a good job? I want to go to that place ...

  23. I do like the gold lame paired with the armpitless t-shirt! Tres chic :-D

  24. Looking ever so sparkly Miss Melanie! Love the green booties with the florals. Love you hair too. Didn't Greetje knock it out of the park with her pictures! Such an unique take on the skirt.

    blue hue wonderland

  25. Those boots! Fringed AND green! Love!

  26. I'm breathless with all the energy pouring into my chakras! Is my aura intact? I must contemplate Miz Bagg's proposal. The thought of stepping out of my little cardboard box is exhilarating...such a delicious open ended invitation...

    I adored Greetje's yellow skirt incarnation. It continues to weave it's magic spell.

    Cutting out the underarms, eh? I have a weird sweater thing that has under-arm holes, but I never thought to translate that into a refashion. Just one more reason to love you. XXXOOO

  27. Hahaha...your dialogue is hilarious. Yes, Greetje's post was fab!
    Gonna meet my lovely friend and neighbor very soon. Missed her while I was away!


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