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Tuesday 27 January 2015

Amaryllis by any other name would be wrong

And that's that. 
A little amaryllis (how I love that word) for Anne's bunch at 
and a touch of visibility for the bunch at 
Patti's Visible Monday at 
Not Dead Yet Style.
I'm short on words at the moment; 
they are all flying in other directions.
No need to comment - I'm not giving you much
to work with this week. heh.

thrifted: linen coat, tux pants, spiderwebby tie-dye-ish pullover, D&G shoes, belt
retail Harlequin patterned colourful socks
This type is impossibly small.


  1. I am commenting against your wishes! Lovely florals on you, and yes, that color name is so romantic. Thanks for linking up, now I will be quiet. xox

  2. Oh, but it's so nice to see you anyway. And Turnip Head too.

    And I do luv saying I'm not a robot.

  3. if you ... ..... I'm short in refreshing comment too :-)

  4. Of course I'll comment, you little turnip head. You are beyond chic.

  5. What a coat! Perfect I'd say for NOT going to Paris, London or NY!

    : )


  6. I think this is the shortest freakin' post you've ever created! But oh so poignant. Your over-dress is just poifect for the link up.

  7. I never have anything clever to say your D & G shoes! Love your berets, black and red.

  8. You don't need words - you speak with pictures. You and amaryllis bulb head.

    What a gorgeous coat, and it looks smashing on you! You could call your blog Bag and a Bouquet.

  9. But I do want to comment. I want to tell you that I really like your coat, that I show this blogpost to a friend that also admired it. And that's it for now.

  10. Turnip head! I am also of few words lately. There.

  11. No matter what you do or say it worth it to comment!
    Love the linen coat, i'm always reticent to buy linen, it wrinkles like crazy -

    Don't worry if you are short for words, i'm short for words lately , but i think It's the way it might be - Anyway, I'm a fashion Icon now, i don't have to say anything hahahha!



  12. Such tiny weeny words too! And Thumbelina size pics. I rather like the miniature quality - as though you and the amazing coat and the small flock of words would all fit comfortably inside a large locket.

  13. Stunning colors <3 Love the top you wore underneath, too!

    - Anna

  14. Well, isn't that coat making me all kinds of jealous? The whole outfit is wonderful. The harlequin socks and animal print shoes are a thrilling combo!

  15. How could I not comment on your brilliant and colorful linen coat and tux pants. Highly visible, I might add!

  16. No words. Not commenting. Just images of swirling amaryllic colour! xo JJ

  17. I'll keep it short then - fabulous floral! xxx

  18. What a fun and happy coat. With your small frame you can wear this very well with the belt. i do think however that Miss Turniphead could have smiled a little. After all, such beautiful happy coat....

  19. well, I'm GONNA comment! See what I did there?


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