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Monday 12 January 2015

Snow drift redux

  • thrifted off-white midi faux fur vest or jerkin gilet (thanks!)
  • sweater, discount retail
  • thrifted pants
  • thrifted DIY-scribble boots 
  • untucked vintage dickie
  • thrifted dangly earrings
  • gifted upcycled fuchsia cashmere arm-warmers with added love power (peeking out from the cuff) 
  • magic loupe
  • two long-sleeved T's as under-layers 

I lopped more than six inches off the circumference of the vest and serged the seams. What I triumph I felt having conquered my fear of farking with lining and faux fur which I was sure would gag my Machine. In fact, I was so pleased with the result that I wore the vest yesterday and today. I've worn the vest a few times in its "pre" state but had to overlap the front and belt it, making me feel and look like a snow drift. 

And while I love wearing oversized sweaters, I simply cannot abide oversized neck openings - such hideousness is unendurable - so I took the severe corrective measure of serging little darts all around the collar (see middle photo). The sweater was purchased specifically for destruction and this is a stellar first step. 

My pants might be a 2002 Pantone True Red so I'm linking this up to Anne's 52 Pick-me-up: Pantone Party 2015 at Spy Girl. And of course, I'm a fortnightly style binger over at Patti's Not Dead Yet Style Visible Monday


  1. Cute ensemble, chic, unique and with a great edge! The fur vest and Tartan pants rock!

  2. Loving your thrifted DIY scribble boots!!

  3. Looking foxy!

    I love the fur and those boots are perfect. You look all kitted out for freezing temperatures! x

  4. Those boots? I die!
    The gillet is amazing and yep, I hate big, wide necks too. Great work. xxx

  5. Your boots are everything, lady! Love the refashioned vest too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, xox.

  6. Scribble boots?? They're a masterpiece. When are you going to open up your own boutique of rotating wonders?? I'd drive up there asap for that!

  7. Your scribble boots ARE a masterpiece! I think you should start your own fashion line.

  8. Total awesomesauce-ness from head to toe. I would wear that whole outfit, which you know, coming from me, is the ultimate compliment ;)

    I just love how you are willing to experiment with clothing - cut off bits there, add darts here, etc. I imagine doing things like that, but that's as far as it gets. I think you should have your own boutique.

  9. Your blue serged seams are ingenious! Clever accent. But no one will notice them because they'll be looking at the amazing scribble boots, hypnotized by the toe-eye and snakey wiggles.

  10. One day I will own a serger and then my whole life will change. LOL

    Favourite part of the outfit? Most certainly those boots.


  11. Great job on the vest, and those boots...awesome!!

  12. Thos fantastic boots... I love 'em! And adapting clothes to fit your style and preferences? Fantastic! Love the furry gilet (a friend for the Muppet coat, that's nice!) xx

  13. oh God ! your boots are looking on me .Kisses

  14. Lmfao. Hey, man. I happen to like a good, over-sized neck opening from time to time. ;P I'm loving those boots paired with the plaid pants, by the way!

    - Anna

  15. Zoom zoom goes the serger!

  16. Oh oh oh! Holla! You have solved the baggy sweater, baggy neck conundrum. Now if you could solve my actual human turkey neck problems. And who needs an etch-a-sketch when you have Scribble Couture?

  17. Those boots belong in a museum. The museum of boots! And they are the David, but without a penis (or are they??).

    Greatly admiring your fearlessness, your plaid, your collection of Muppet skins and your creativity, m'dear. Clear your calendar for lunch/brunch on March 20th! We are comin' to town!

  18. The Queen of popart has done it again. You combine exquisite, always with an edge and admit - you are so petit that everything suits you! Everything!

  19. Hello Mélanie!

    The boots, the boots!
    How long did it take you?
    Great idea for the ovesized neckline, i know aknowing isn't - Well the queen of style did it again!


  20. Mmmmmmm. Great use of true red.
    Looking at this makes me want to start up the Fashion Sketch Catwalk again. So much fun in one outfit!

  21. I've been away so long I couldn't find the comment form. Ah, happy now! Love the blue darts! How cool are they? Next time show them off a little, not hidden away under gilets and dickies!
    Speaking of snowdrifts, you make a very cosy cuddly one.
    Way to show off your skillz! xo Jazzy Jack

  22. My goodness you are divine, I adore your outfit - a serger is an day I will have one!! I will! I love you tackled the faux fur, I only tried once to make a faux tippet sadly it looked like my cats had shed on me and the house, you have skills! x x x

  23. You know I had to come by to ogle your serging achievements. Kudos!!! This looks fabulous. I have to confess that my eye kept stealing down to those I allowed to covet? Your smile shot made me laugh. :-)

    I wish you were here to model my creations!! The ensemble I envisioned was a disaster on me, the 1918-inspired styling. It would have looked great on you, however. I might be able to channel Sir Robin, but I have yet to try.

    Here's to another day and another fuzzy creation. XXXOOO

  24. my kinda combination... black and white with red. Fabulous look, love the sweater. The boots keep on being very quirky to me. Fun though. Ah you know me by now. I am not an artist.
    I even love wide openings around my neck haha.
    Will be seeing you in July!Ticket and hotel is booked.

  25. funky and fabulous!!, love your revamped gilet, vest or whatever!, and love that you bought this pullover 'for destruction', mwahahah, that sounds delightful!

  26. I full-on LOVE this look. It's so completely RIGHT.

  27. You have created the most gorgeous snow drift, and coming from Minnesota, I've seen a few. I am quite taken with your hair these days. Makes me wonder if I should chase away my red. You are always a glorious inspiration.

  28. Love this outfit! Those shoes are amazing!

  29. Fabulous! You are so very creative and I love your customised clothing. I remember an interview with JPG recalling when he visited London for the first time in the late 70's and experienced the punk movement, unafraid to pin, slash, paint and otherwise alter their clothes to suit their personal tastes. He recognised they were in a sense pioneering a new type of couture. :)

  30. AHHHHH those boots! I forgot I meant to steal that idea!! Also I love the furry over the sweater. And that third picture of you smiling is pure beauty.


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