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Sunday, 4 January 2015

Hat Attack, Mega Blogger Meetup, Turnip Head

HAT ATTACK 18, graciously hosted by Judith at Style Crone. My humble submission: the red beret.
The bulb is out, not the one in my head, the one on the ceiling in my concrete-box-of-a-photo studio, which made for some interesting shots today. My head bulb is flickering as well from power surges which creates a rather distinctive disco ball luminescence.

Everything I am wearing is thrifted, from the Steve Madden army boots to the red wool beret. And look, there's my fake smile up there! [Edit: I have just joined Sacramento's fabulous Share-in-Style: Masculine Look at Mis Papelicos. I figured the army boots would fit. See you there!] 
Yesterday I saw the Advanced Style documentary by Lina Plioplyte and Ari Cohen when I scored one of the last tickets of a sold-out screening. The audience, mainly women over 50, clapped enthusiastically at the end of the movie, then, after casting more than a few side-eyes at my highly suspicious attire, trundled home in their winter parkas and jeans. I loved the movie but the lobby ambiance was a shock.

Shelley of Forest City Fashionista wore the Turnip Head in her recent post HERE. The Vegetable was thrilled to be part of such a stupendous outfit.

...this Turnip Head on a Banksy image was in fact the first email submission I received on the Turnip Head Tour, sent from my friend TT, whom you may remember from his provocative comment which sparked the Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show. I didn't put this image up until now because I didn't realize Banksy artwork was copyright-free.

Yes, it's true. This summer in Vancouver, July 24~26. Suzanne of Suzanne Carillo: Style, Smiles and Stories, made this awesome poster. Go to her page HERE and read more about it, and make sure you grab a sidebar image too. We hatched the plan during the meetup with Sue of A Colourful Canvas: Stitch, Style, Smile. I know that you will bring more style to Vancouver than this city has EVER seen, than CANADA has ever seen. More details will be available as the date nears. Suzanne is our Official Liaison Executive.
Whew. That's all. Greetings to everyone! Life resumes to normal or what passes as normal for most of us. Let's get on with it, shall we?


  1. Ha ha! Your "shop the look" is BRILLIANT!!! I've always wanted a metal garbage can with the Cookie Monster inside. And who doesn't need an extra axe???

    That Banksy image cracked me up too.

    What a wonderful shot of you looking up into the light , and the shot on the stairs is so cool and artsy.

    You are a creative inspiration woman!


  2. You're light, you're dark, you're spooky, you're thrifty, you're Banksy, you're bloggy, and always beautiful Melanie. I am going to start saving my pennies now for the meet-up in Vancoolver in July! So basically we just show up and go out to eat, shop, and repeat - ideal, and it's going to be FAB!!!

  3. Oh you adorable muppet, you. It's kinda sad, isn't it, that there are so many girls out there that would love to dress their spirit but can't get out of their frump. Meanwhile, this makes me totally want to crawl up the coast to Vancouver. I just go North, right?

  4. Shop the Look was perfect, just perfect!

    I would soooo love to attend the blogger meetup. I have marked the date, perhaps I can combine it with a visit with the mamacita in Seattle.

  5. Shop the Look is fuuuun!
    I watched the documentary on Netflix, and loved it too. Such ladies make me actually want to get older. It's a pity there was such uninspired audience not recognizing that we are those who makes it all - movies, art, life...

    Would be so great to meet with you all, fantastic creative women! I live very close, but have never been to Vancouver yet. I'll see what I can do. :)

  6. Isn't it pathetic that those women are going to watch Advanced style 'cos it's the in thing rather than because they have any interest in women who dare not to dress or think conventionally? I hope seeing you in your bad ass finery made them feel even drabber and more ordinary than they already were.
    Fake smile or not you're bloody gorgeous. xxx

  7. I am more than a little surprised that anyone in the audience for that particular film would have the barefaced cheek to give you the side-eye! The irony is... well, ironic. Sod 'em, you look fabulous.
    Turnip Head does Banksy, AND a blogger meet-up? Fun all the way! Bit far for me to come, but I'll be with you in spirit! xxx

  8. That's so funny about the Advanced Style screening. I think your attire is perfect! I love the red and the green together. I'm still yet to see the AS film, did you enjoy it?
    Lally X

  9. Ha! Your "shop the look" is brilliant! I am looking at airfares now for the Vancouver happening. Must. be. there. xox

  10. Oscar the Grouch is a super good look---and all thrifted??? Sweet! That blogger meet-up sounds epic! Kind of weird about the side eye situation at a movie all about, you know, ladies that have mad style.

  11. Epic meet-up!? I'm in! I will be there, come hell or high water!

    Lol'ed at the side-eye. Seriously, sad that people can't support the very thing in person that they have just watched!

  12. Oh Wow! An international blogger meet-up. omg, I would have to get a passport. Last time I was in Canada, you didn't need 'em. Living in Detroit, we used to go over the bridge all the time. geez. Is there going to be an optional auxiliary partners group too?

    How weird with the Advanced Style showing. I went to the opening in Chicago and it was amazing. Most everyone was dressed-up. There was a talk. Afterward someone grabbed me to take a picture of what I had on (and other people too, of course). Pictures were on the Reader site. Everyone was really friendly, etc., etc.

    I love the cat bar.

  13. Oscar!!

    Well one could say that all those folks at the movie theatre are taking baby steps - and that's better than nothing!

    I need a cool staircase like that.

  14. I like Advanced style very much ! Your photos are no advanced but in very good style. Best :)

  15. I think I'll shop your look to see if I end up riding in a green fuzzy wheelchair with a bin lid for a hat ;-P
    I missed the Advanced Style screening in Nashville, because there was only 24 hours advanced notice. I'd still like to see it someday, but I'm sure the theatre crowd here were just as drab as your town.
    The bloggers meetup sounds wonderful! I wish I had the means to go as I'm sure it's going to be memorable.

    Happy 2015!

  16. Your red beret and your outfit are stupendous! Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack! Your radiant participation is always thrilling!

    Loved Shelley's Turnip Head outfit, which looked great with the gorgeous skirt she was wearing!

    Cannot imagine that you were given the side-eye, when you are the epitome of Advanced Style. I'm with Vix!

    As for the Blogger Meetup, it sounds very exciting. Hope to see you all there, if at all humanly possible!

  17. Share-in-Style wouldn´t be the same without you, my friend

  18. Your teeth are blindingly white in the fake smile photo - what IS your secret???!!

    Yeah, too bad about the audience at the Documentary. Maybe some of them might have been inspired by the film to take it up a notch?
    They were probably just curious who the extraordinarily cool woman was!

    That turnip head goes with everything, even Banksy!

  19. You always make me smile! I love my red beret best of all my hats (I should say red beret- I have three!) x

  20. Lawd have mercy! You don't quit. Thank you for continuing the conversation, visually and otherwise. I'm so happy to duck my head in the room after being away. I love seeing you!!!! I can't decide what my favorite part is here, so perhaps I can say I'm just awash in good feelings!! I do have a special fondness for Ms. Turnip Head, so I'm really happy to see her as well. Plus, I have to believe that you're living the Advanced Style movie vs just watching it. Ari needs to come to Vancouver.

    Love you immensely, as you know. XXXXOOOO

  21. Shop the look of course like everybody else said is brilliant!
    Vancouver this summer? i wish...but i guess i couldn't go and very sad about it...
    Advanced i wish i could see it, wonder if it will show up here, maybe at an alternative theater or something- Typical side eyes look, isnt't weird? like Vix said this is the thing to see not to do...

    I'm lucky to be working for the blinds i kid you not!

  22. God, I would look so ridiculous in a beret, but you're making me want one. Also, as far as fake smiles go, I'd say that's a pretty good one. Haha. :D

    You would think that there would be people dressed to impress at that viewing. The fact that you brought your A-game (as you always do) and ended up standing out in an uncomfortable way is really odd (especially given what the screening was about and the target audience). It's like people don't know what to do when the very thing they're watching at a distance ends up close enough for them to touch. It's like they'd rather keep their distance and admire (or judge as the case may be) from afar where it is safe. In the context of the screening though, this behavior is even more bizarre. I don't know what to tell you, man. Some people are just... there's a reason why I don't do well in social situations. Hehe. I can't deal with that nonsense.

    - Anna

  23. I know I'm repeating all of the comments...but the 'shop the look' is blindingly brilliant! I do have a hammer and a cuddly toy, gah! it's just not good enough, Miz Bagg will have my head!! of course you are and look gorgeous, maybe that's why those ladies were giving you the side-eye (I do hope inspiration finds them though) the meet up will be amazing, I can't wait (I can't come though, no-one would remember to feed our pets) x x x

  24. Lovedthis post. So much so to see. i went to Shelley's blog too, to see the turnip head. She had a lot of interesting items in that post. And your smile made my day again. I hope that the light in your photo studio will be fixed soon. It looks a bit scary there.

  25. Love the shaggy look, but being vegan, I'd only wear faux-muppet (but turnip-heads are completely acceptable). That is one wild and crazy blogger meetup schedule!

  26. Love shop the look, you look great, amazing coat :)

  27. Banksy is free on everything, even on his copyright. That’s one reason, why his art is unique. If the ideas are free to flow, they go around the world. So is your "Turnip Head", Ms. Bag’n Baret ! There comes always a new surprise around the corner, once you start the kick off. Unbelievable refreshing, hip and scenic leading – even the things in yellow ☺.


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