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Friday 9 January 2015

Freakish Yellow Skirt Update!!...and more

a Curious YELLOW bELL blOOms in 
   the garden,
      a top pick of the freakish show
             where chickens peck with
                 spots and stripes
                          and flower shower of skirtly delight
                              whispers true with sounds of
                                      sue SUE sue   

                                              Sue of
                                       You Can Call Me Sue

                                                         GO! GO NOW!! 
Last chance...
Look what Sue grows in her garden! She has done a stupendous styling of the FYS on its last stop of the global Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show. You must go and have a look. There is also a photo of the fantastic addition she made to the skirt - absolutely perfect. Thank you so much, Sue! 

And in other news...
My thrifted floral Versace pants with happy landings of assorted other fabrics and a dusting of thrifted lucky-charm beaded bag and a magic loupe. Platform runners for colour-blast shock absorption of course. How easy it is to forget we're only human when we're full-on vibracized. Sproingy doink sproingy doink. Walking down the sidewalk was like trying out a big new children's toy. AS LIFE SHOULD BE on a good day. That's my spooky rebel girl followed by my warped self.

And I sewed! HURRAH! That 'ole familiar duet with the Machine, chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh, feck, chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh, fart balls, chuh-chuh-chuh-chuh... In fact, most of my time is spent PREPARING the fabric, but when I hit that show tune at last, it's a freaking Broadway musical. (Okay, so I took in some pants, but it felt like I made a hand-tailored Chanel suit.)


  1. The Traveling Yellow Skirt is on her way back home to you. Thanks again for letting me join in on the Freak Show. Please let me know when she arrives so I know she is safe. I love your colourful Versace pants!!!

  2. Very nice colorful pants. Beautifully! I watched the entries with a yellow skirt-great!

  3. I imagine you in the streets of Vancouver and that makes me smile. Boy oh boy, will you turn heads. Thanks for brightening up everybody's life.
    Had to laugh over : Sproingy doink sproingy doink LOL
    PS I am off to see the yellow skirt.

  4. What a gloriously insane ensemble! You are the gala, darlink.
    Isn't it fun to crank up the sewing machine and achieve something? Sometimes the mundane alterations are more challenging than creating something. xxx

  5. hahahaaa 'fart balls'
    You made my morning, Melanie!

  6. Where *are* the galas - ahhh, you make them happen. Glorious color for a feeling-good day. xox

  7. What a feast for the eyes and inner ears - sproingy doink, fart balls, spooky rebel girl, mono-tooth smile - it's all stupendiferous! Ah, but I haven't even mentioned the pants. Holy floral bouquet, Batman! They must have magic Melanie power because they allow you to walk upside-down in your closet, or something.

    The gala is coming, my dear, July 24!

    1. I was asking myself just the other day where all the galas were!! I can imagine you and your sewing machine in full song. Good for you!
      I like your little spooky self.

  8. Loving the print and texture mixing in your outfit! Sue did an amazing job with her skirt photo-shoot!!! Why is it stopping???

  9. I want to hang images of you in this here floral trousers and muppet coat combo on my wall because this is so definitely a vision of how 'life should be on a good day.'
    Your sewing machine duet/dialogue sounds much like my own experience (the sweary bits that is) - though I rarely manage to hit the high notes of the show tunes.

  10. Wow, acid green yeti coat!!! Want!

  11. Colours and textures and spooky girls, oh my!
    I love the feeling of having sewn something - anything - it feels like a real achievement! xxx

  12. Melanie! You've got us all sproingy doinking along with you..could there be anything better...well, maybe you defining gravity and walking up your handrail! Must be magic in those pants...mwahahahaha...okay, that sounded almost rude....eep, not my intention, LOL.

    Score 1 for thrifted Versace. Score eleventy hundred for an amaze-balls (always wanted to try that word out) flower party on your pants!

    Took in some pants? Woo Hoo! You are climbing the ladder of sewing success!

  13. Love the color and joy you bring to the world my dear! Wishing you an abundant New Year!

  14. Ah, you're brightening up the winter for me, Melanie! And is that an escapee from Big Eyes? Does Tim Burton know about you?

  15. Visiting your world always makes mine better! Your Versace pants In January! What could be better? The texture, the colors, and your vibrant smile. I also adore the auditory going on in this post. 2015 is looking great!

  16. It goes without saying that those pants are an amaaazing thrift find. <3 I love this explosion of color!

    - Anna

  17. I love those pants - they are so lush and colourful! Wonderful to see your Muppet coat again - I was browsing in my history and found our first meet-up 2 years ago. Marvelous!


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