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Thursday 23 April 2015

Polyvore, not to be confused with omnivore or cat

I admit it - I look a bit like a cat poised to tear around the room for no apparent reason, then bite your leg. Unlike a cat, when I tear around a room my reason is usually screamingly obvious. And forget about legs - it's your head I'd bite off.

Wearing neutrals: thrifted made-in-Italy dreamy-soft charcoal top, $5, Clarks black ballet flats, like new, $24, black crepe wool, lined Anne Klein palazzo trousers, a gift from dear and talented friend Jean of IG here and blog Dross Into Gold, and magic loupe and vintage mechanical Tissot watch from O. And a new haircut from O as well. 
Here I am running with wolves in an awkward emu style.
In these new flats, I feel like running across the veld. Instead, I loped around downtown, apron points and pant-legs flapping, startling wildlife at their watering holes. This outfit may be neutrals, but it is ineffective as stealth wear. Occasional minimalism helps me cleanse and refresh my style palate. 

A little journal sketch.

Some things I found crossing the urban veld. It's Earth Day as I write this, and I am happy (sort of)  to report that two-thirds of these found objects are organic. Obviously, any clicks on the images will yield nothing for you and me both.

Passersby often wondered what I was photographing on the sidewalk, and when I left a scene they often furtively stooped down for a closer look, like how if you look up at the sky everyone else looks up. Trying to explain what a fake Polyvore is would not have eased their confusion. I'll leave the real Polyvores to the pros who often provide inspiration for thrifting safaris.

And I'll wrap up with another tidy ensemble of: thrifted bright red shoes shown in stealth grey; thrifted black executive skirt and tuxedo blouse; gifted tie; magic loupe; retail tights. There will be no cavorting on the veld in this outfit, but you might find me later in the lodge doing bad Marlene Dietrich impressions.
That's all. Has anything in your life been making you feel cat rang-y lately? Been to any good watering holes? Bitten anyone's head off perhaps? Eating garbage...?


  1. We call those looks and the subsequent running around the 'Zoomies'.

    I love your loose lagenlook outfit though. Looks perfect to me.

  2. Ah yes. I went mental on a poor sleep-deprived Otis student who had left a nice little nest in the room I was teaching in. She had wandered off somewhere, I saw hide nor hair of her. I had the "audacity" to discard her half eaten yogurt and banana and to relocate her blankie and backpack so that my student could sit at the computer she somehow had determined was "hers". We had words. I had to apologize later. She was the baby mouse. I was the angry owl.

  3. Running with wolves or dashing with cats, it's all good. You look like you can move with ease. Love the Marlene Dietrich look too.

  4. I love that tshirt and those flats!!!! I am on the look out for a similar pair.

  5. I also enjoy minimalism once in a while - it does cleanse the fashion palate (what a great expression, I am stealing it).

    Great red shoes! You look the femme fatale.

    I look up a lot - I love trees and sky and buildings. I do notice that people crane to see what you're looking at, ha!

  6. I ate 3 frosted donuts this morning. That certainly could qualify as garbage. I laughed when you described passerbys trying to see what you were photographing on the sidewalk. I've had that happen as well :)

  7. "shop my walk" BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Gawd I love your blog!!
    Your outfits are super cool too, as per usuallydusually :)

  8. Ha ha, I'll try staring at the sky at some point today, and see how many people follow suit :)

    I love the pin-striped skirt, it's quite sexy-secretary.

    Have a 'purrfect' weekend!

  9. Health issues are what makes me feel mad most of the time and sometimes I wish I could act like a cat and be mean without any apparent reason...and (here is the catch) get away with it.

    Take for example my new cat ( I will call it mine because it sleeps in my dog's house and eats the food I provide for her) who stretched me for no reason (hm, except that it is a streetcar and perhaps isn't domesticated) and I never thought about holding it against her despite the fact that my leg was swollen for three days (let's not mention the pain). So, cats can get away with everything and we can't....

    First outfit- I really like it. I love to see minimalist looks but I seldom wear them because I'm somewhat of a colour/prints fanatic. However, I do appreciate their elegance and like yourself, sometimes I find them very refreshing for the change.

    Second outfit- smoking hot!!!!!! I love how you interpreted the masculine love with everything about this look, shoes included.

    thank you for your comment...I do agree. It's hard for people to sell at competitive price...sometimes it is just not possible to be fair trade because the world itself is not very fair. That is why I think it's always great to support local businesses. Ethical fashion is choices we make on everyday level, not some rules that can be memorized and adhered too...nothing is ever simply black and white.

  10. Love the look of a cat about to Zoom - it's all in the eyes, innit? Great minimalist looks, set off by your tres cool new haircut. xox

  11. I think I could work that piece of silver paper and the feather into an outfit....I'm just sayin'

    The soft and floaty minimalist outfit is something I would love to wear at home if I didn't have to wear rat-friendly clothes (resistant to needle-sharp claws and rat pee). Some days I just want simple, but good quality simple, which that outfit is.

    I've been too tired to go all "cat-crazy" on anyone. But I've thought about it.

  12. Ah...that is really too bad. I would have bought that used orange peel. Now I'll have to go and try to find my own.

    LOVE the second outfit and how you've tucked in the tie to the high waist. I'll be stealing this look for sure.


  13. I wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of you...

  14. Voraciously reading all of the posts that I've missed and enjoying the ride that you always take me on. I'm especially taken by your Marlene Dietrich look and what you can do with narrow painter's tape! Xoxo

  15. cool whip, condensed milk, chocolate milk in the ice cream maker. That is all

  16. Shop my walk and clicking on the images to yield are effing hilarious.
    Those outfits might be black and white but they're still pretty special.
    I'll leave the cat behaviour to the real ones, there's three having a bastard massive scrap outside. I'm far too well bred for that! xxxx

  17. Monochrome you is divine. You are like a sketch.

  18. Are you going through a monochrome phase - B&W pics? Very artiste-like of you! But that painting reminds of a fab book "Women Who Run with the Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Est├ęs. Awesome read...

  19. I went from bloated and PMSish to bloated and just menstrual, does that count? You DO look like a cat ready to tear around like a maniac in the middle of the night. More stylish though and I am assuming you won't stop afterwards and lick yourself. Though I should not make assumptions, really.
    O is very talented, but then so are you so there. Running with wolves Emu-style is going to be a new trend, I just know it. And I love fake Polyvore much more than the real one. No skinny jeans, boots and slouchy sweater with jumbo scarf here. xoxoxo

  20. OH I think I forgot the part where I say I love both your outfits. Because I do! There was just too much here for my poor wee brain to process. xo

  21. Pretty! Love the outfit Marlene ! Shoes , skirt , tie ... And the " little treasures street " !!! Artist forever!

  22. "Occasional minimalism" - I like that! I also feel minimalistic (and casual) from time to time, it feels just right in between some crazy inspirations... Love both outfits - the first one is so comfortable, the second one is dramatic and elegant - love Marlen inspiration and always wanted to do it too.

    I was so happy to read that you would come to play with me. You are amazing - look at your playing here! Just like a child, I admire this ability in people... Love your fake Polyvore very much. Love your art, your journal sketches - they are so evocative, full of feeling... xxx

  23. And yes, I bite off heads sometimes... usually of those I love - they are forgiving... so not proud to admit it about myself.

  24. Hahaha, you Polybore piss-take is soooo good! Sure, I'll shop your walk. Cos I can't shop all on my own, I need to be told what rubbish to buy...
    Your clothes may be neutral in colour but never in style or impact, Mel.
    I often wish I could pounce on unsuspecting idiots and bite them, then stalk off with my tail in the air. But that sort of behaviour just has to remain a fantasy... or does it?! xxx

  25. Amazing picture Dear, I look and look at.......:*

  26. it is the pink thing that gave me the creeps. But on closer look it appears to be the lid of a bottle or something. I was thinking weird condoms or so.
    I love how you show two such different looks, equally nice. Would have loved to see them in colour though. Especially the patent shoes.

  27. Ah yes, does that feather come in ikat?

  28. I haven't been biting anyone's head off, but I've been out and about in my own Clarks ballet flats - though not stealth coloured or thrifted!

    I do like that occasional minimalism koncept - it's like the missing explanation why one can't wear colours and busy patterns all the time.

    Your Polyvore is just the best! How I wish I could have seen people trying to figure out what you were photographing :-D

    I'm looking forward to see more of those elegant red, patent shoes!

  29. I want red shoes. Right now.

    Not much happening here. I did go to a wedding reception and can't remember how I got back to my hotel room. Does that count?

  30. Thought I was the only cat-wolf around, but now we've found each other how about loping across the veld together? I also have some very special ballet flats, perfect for loping and much more.


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