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Wednesday 8 April 2015

Almost famous, maybe. It's astounding.

Are you lookin' at me? - said in a De Niro voice from Taxi Driver
This is what I wore on Tuesday, but what I wore MONDAY was waaay more fun and high impact, and while I didn't get it on my camera (oops), it involved a vintage fringed leather vest, my DIY rockstar pants, and Miu Miu thrifted boots. Outta' my way! Where's my driver!? Where's my studio!? Who said lard!?

A man actually chased me down the block wondering who I am (really). No, he wasn't a police officer or from animal control. At least he wasn't wondering who he was either. Eyes popped, jaws dropped, children dropped their lollies and I picked them up and took them. But no photos. 

I need to think of a few snappy film noir come-back lines: "Yeah, mister, ain't cha' never seen no starry-eyed doe with tic-tac-toe painted on her fanny before?" here

Back to Tuesday. That turquoise top up there is Bob Mackie, 100% silk, $12 "as is" because the person pricing it in the thrift shop mistook the random white streaks (barely visible) for a botched wash job. Worn with: thrifted navy side-zip capris, frump shoes, colourful socks, gifted lava pendant (close up here), DIY preying mantis pendant (close-up here), vintage sunglasses, magic loupe from O. Thrifted coat.
This is MY CiTY
April 7, 2015. Vancouver, BC: The view on my daily patrol through the streets. Georgia St. heading eastbound near Burrard St. Roger that big buddy, everything A-OK. If you're coming to the July blogger meetup, you'll see this view too, although the cherry blossoms will be gone. The stately building is Fairmont Hotel Vancouver, one of the old architectural gems left standing downtown.

Below, the painted lines on the road and even the shadows seemed to point to these two beautiful women chatting quietly at the intersection of Robson/Burrard. A second later they were swallowed up by a hoard of pedestrians. The Blue Horizon Hotel is on Robson St., just a couple of blocks from here.
That's all. Thanks for the freakish yellow skirt suggestions! 
And now, guess what? It's official:
Bag and a Beret 
is one of the 
At least Nicole Kliest at WhoWhatWear thinks so. So hurrah! Party time. Where's my fermented apple juice...? I thank Nicole here because I needed to be on Facebook, which I'm not, to comment on the actual post.
The article is called: 
STYLE TIPS | 04.06.15 by Nicole Kliest 

The others on the list are: Accidental Icon, Le Lettre d'Ines, Not Dead Yet Style, Not Dressed as Lamb, Style Crone, Une Femme D'Un Certain Age. Gulp. What a huge honour it is to be included among these formidable women. If you're a new follower, hello! And thanks, Patti (Not Dead Yet Style), for including a photo of me taken by Nalidsa Sukprasent on your Facebook page. 
Today's outfit, Wednesday: thrifted maxi robe, which I drastically downsized, but it still has 90 buttons! Previously worn here unresized. I had a wonderful chat with a man who commented on my style today. Hi! in case you stop by. He has worn black pants and a white shirt for years and years, today as well, but he certainly has an arresting personality.
(If I smile, it will spoil the bad-assery of the shades.)

Hoping you're all having a stellar week!


  1. Woo HOO! Congrats Mel on FINALLY being celebrated for your amazing-ness! You're in the big league now...I'll have to live vicariously through you. xo

  2. What? People don't stop you all the time and worship you? Does that mean that there's comparably cool people in Vancouver? As fabulous as your city looks I do believe you must be the star attraction.
    Love the action shot. I had one of those gazillion buttoning kaftans but had to give it away. I'd lost the will to live by the time I'd done up half of them. xxx

  3. Congratulations Melanie, you deserve every bit of fame! Your blog is one of the most entertaining, interesting and inspiring blogs out there. I love how you mix your outfits with all your lovely vintage finds. I admire your rock star style. And I've enjoyed your inspired writing so many times :-D

    On your blog, art and not age is the issue, and I really like that! Well done!

  4. I had to wear jeggings under the robe to avoid doing up all those buttons - I did every 5th one to thigh level. Even that was a challenge! (Why must I tell MYSELF that I'm not a robot?)

  5. I have a zillion button kaftan too and it is tres annoying to do up. Your one looks super and definitely only worn by famous people. That is hilarious he thought you were famous!!!x

  6. And well, let's be honest, with that accolade you ARE now famous.x

  7. And so you should be chased down the street as someone of note. You're bloody gorgeous!

  8. p.s. I'm not on facebook either. Radical bohemians rule!

  9. You are totally famous!!! Your city and the entire blogosphere can only glimpse the coattails of your intergalactic comet. Probably Monday's outfit would have disrupted the whole space-time continuum had it been captured in a post, I definitely take your word for it.

    Today's turquoise and acid green grasshopper getup is like an awesome sour candy! One that's really fuzzy on the outsi ... okay, you are simply magnificent! And your maxi robe sashay is cooler than Lou Reed. The exact right number of buttons buttoned. I love it when the best actually includes THE BEST. xoxo

  10. Yes!! Congratulations Melanie!!!!

    I need to not drink coffee when I read your posts, as I had a coffee/nose/computer screen accident after reading about the non-animal control guy chasing after you.

    Fab photos, and thanks for adding some of your city; added bonus of seeing blossoms and sun! x

  11. Congratulations Melanie! Well deserved as evidenced by the fabulous ensembles in this post and the writing that has me erupting into laughter whenever I visit your space. I am honored to be include on a list with someone as talented, kind and magnificent as you!

  12. Yes to what Judith just said! I want to be in your club. And I am coming to your city in July, hoping you'll take me to the thrift shop where you got this coat : >

  13. I would totally chase you down the street!!! Like, everyday!

  14. You know, I'm not one bit surprised you'd steal a lolli out of a babes mouth. LOL

    I'm so sad we didn't get to see the outfit with the fringe although I do so adore that rockstar/muppet coat.

    Sounds like we might need some security to follow you around. Were your buff boys on a rare day off?

    I hope you scored loads of new followers for that spaceship of yours.

    Vancouver is looking turned out just like you.

    It is only a matter of time before fame takes over and you will no longer talk to me. My tears are falling into my hot water.


  15. I knew it! Last year when we were in Vancouver we were walking in that very area and I could just feel that you lived nearby. We were staying in Richmond at the time but came to Vancouver for lunch so it was a quick visit. Love your digs!
    What a steal on that blouse. We all hope for those discoveries while shopping in thrifty places. I once found a beautiful Escada brocade vest at Value Village for only 2.00. Somehow my daughter snatched it up.

  16. champagne!!!!! confetti!!!!!
    congratulations from my little corner of the world!!! you´r one of the best for sure in my book!! xxxxxx

  17. Vancouver is looking lovely in the Spring sunshine, and so are you! Good lord, being chased down the street is hilarious; I got recognised in the charity shop the other week and went all bashful and stupid. Yes, we need to develop some patter to deal with the, err, fame... (But I don't think I can say anything including the word fanny, it has a different meaning in the UK!)
    Love that Bob Mackie silk top, such glorious colours, and the buttoniferous robe. So glamorous. Perfect for a Best Blogger! xxx

  18. Congrats on the shout out, dude! You deserve it! Also, you had me with those socks. :D

    – Anna

  19. Hahaha, Curtise. In North America fanny means buttocks, but I just looked it up after seeing your comment: "female genitalia" in the UK. Yes, that WOULD make the come-back line a little more interesting! You'd wonder what I was wearing! HAha

  20. It was only a matter of time before Fame found you! You are a schtar, dahling! Love your sights of the city - dontcha love those big fat pink cherry blossoms? Gawd, I just want to bury my face in 'em.

    Looking stellar (schtar? stellar? get it, get it?), as always! So excited about the July get-together. There is going to be some major (may-jah!) fashion insanity going on in 'Couver that weekend! Snort!

  21. Hurrah! Congratulations, dear Melanie! You are amazing, intelligent, talented, brave, kind and funny - and I had a good laugh reading your stories today. I can imagine men and women following you on streets asking who you are! The rockstar jeans are just wonderful - piece of art, I want to just look and look at them, such a joyful harmonious feel. And the kaftan - so beautiful with those beads. Vancouver looks like a great city, thank you for sharing it with us! I'd like to come and meet, I'll do my best. xxx

  22. just open the top buttons and pop the thing over your head. love the Bob Mackie top

  23. I'm obsessed with that coat!!!

  24. Finally, acknowledged as one of the seven wonders of the world! About time too. Heartfelt felicitations, you in the limegreen-lined coat, silk top with more limegreen, and harlequin socks.

  25. I'm envy of your friends.I'm sure that you are really fun to hang out with. And that silver dress/kaftan ... or whatever - genious!

  26. "Eyes popped, jaws dropped, children dropped their lollies and I picked them up and took them."

    Ha! Brilliant :)

  27. Your blogging pals have always known you were a star, so it's about time that Joe Public realized it too. I saw the article about the 7 Best Blogs by Older Women on Suzanne's FB page and then shared it on mine. Congratulations on the much-deserved recognition.

    You are just swanning along in that lovely robe-of-many-buttons - I would chase after you if I saw you on the street too ;)

  28. As Shelley said, we've always known you're a schtar, baby! Please don't let fame ruin you. Your level of badassery now is just right.

    That robe is divyne, and worth every button!

  29. Congratulation! You are faboulous . :)

  30. Don't let the fame go to your head, and remember us little people.

  31. What a lot to read, what an events. Congratulations on you being listed as one of the 7 best blogs by older women. My problem is that I think you are too young for that. Love the silk tunic. You may guess it is my taste. But I also like your maxi robe. I see you haven't buttoned all the 90 buttons up haha.
    Your bug necklace is a worthy piece of art in the row of bug necklaces but they all scare the hell out of me. I have a spider phobia, so consequently every bug scares me. Never will I move to Australia. Don't even want to go on holiday there.


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