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Sunday 12 April 2015

The old grey meres...

...they ain't what they used to be, that's for sure. I ain't no mere, but I am grey and better than I used to be, or so I like to think.
I had to get my '70s groove on today so I went exploring and cracked open a Space Bag in my catacomb of clothing. Look what I found - my thrifted vintage denim jumpsuit! And just in time. I couldn't, just couldn't, go out in public without dressing on trend. Fortuitously, as a one-piece and denim, this was a double-wham trend slam, and this grey non-mere felt like kicking some serious ass (donkeys) with these lucky DIY horseshoes.*
(*Mere is French for mother. The Old Gray Mare is an American folk song about an old female horse, with the opening line "The old gray mare, she ain't what she used to be." No, I would never kick a donkey or a buttocks.)
Aaah, clearing my mind of worldly detritus, noxious pollution of the body and spirit (if this fecking photo doesn't turn out I'm not fecking getting down on the floor again!), and guiding my thoughts towards endless bright plains of warmth, wonder, and generosity (and what the feck? I have my reading glasses in my hand?! for feck's sake!). Breathing in, breathing out, all glory and joy.
Wearing: old thrifted jumpsuit recently excavated, DIY-scribbled thrifted platform ankle boots, thrifted vintage embroidered wide suede belt, thrifted polyester top, thrifted lucky charm bag, magic loupe from O (not seen here). For warmth I wore my thrifted green shag coat as seen in the previous post. 
Note how wide those belt loops are, and the trompe-l'oeil effect on the boot heels make them look higher than they really are. I'm back to point, shoot, and run photography again. The first photo reminds me of a California '70s surfer, not sure why.

Today I checked out Prado, a new cafe at the corner of Hastings and Abbott. Clean. Trendy. An intimate atmosphere of upscale rusticity. Most of the hipsters there, sipping latte-'cino-whatzits in front of their pad-tablet-lapzits, were attired in their best 21st century normcore. Prices were in line with similar new, clean, trendy cafes in that neighbourhood, and my coffee, 49th Parallel grind, was satisfyingly coffee-beany. My friend Sandra joined me and we caught up on life and bolstered each other's creative pursuits. Her blog is Lens is More

Have you ever been so on trend that you're off? 
And big thank you's to:


  1. Re your last question: I have lived-out my life constantly in this state.

  2. Coffee-beany-goodness, that's what I'm doing right now, in scruffy tee and running shorts. I can be hipster too?

    Love this groovy jumpsuit, xox.

  3. Ahhh, the 70's.....the only decade worth repeating in my opinion.
    An excellent "double-wham trend slam" you've pulled off here!

  4. Dear Melanie, you knock me over! You and your jumpsuit are clearly made for each other, and your artful accessorization is perfection.

    I find it kind of funny when trends (very occasionally, very briefly) overlap what I'm doing. But so "on trend" as to be The Actual Real Deal and therefore "off" anything so flimsy as a "trend"? I frequently bow to your awesomeness, and to our Vix's too! xoxoxo

  5. That first photo could be a magazine cover!

    Hello Melanie - hope you're having a wonderful Sunday.

    Oh, once I was told I was 'pre-hip'.And I must admit, I was quite flattered.

  6. The way you do your photos certainly works, also the low shot! The denim suit really suits you, and it's so fun to see those gigantic belt loop. From the 70s I remember seeing enormously wide belts almost the same size as the mini skirts some girl wore!

  7. rocking the trend like a super model. Only better. Normcore = boring.

  8. You know I love a Seventies groove, so that jumpsuit is working for me, "on trend" or not! I'm in a Giant Pants groove myself - does that count as a trend?
    Good coffee and people-watching opportunities are always welcome. xxx

  9. You. YOU will be never be off. You transcend trend Melanie!

    Sheesh, Hastings has forever's weird in a big way.

    I love your outfit, but you need to get yourself busy and make a macrame belt that fits those belt loops! What? You don't know how to macrame? Well I can fix that!

  10. The denim-lovin', thrift gods were definitely smiling on you when you found that beauty! Score!!!
    Like Amber trends seem to cross what I'm already doing. it's an accident never by design. xxx

  11. Wow, your street cred and your fame are growing exponentially! And rightly so. Of the icons they keep mentioning, you are the most cray-cray creative and most likely to take the piss (you're familiar with this British slang, aren't you?) while still putting together smashing outfits.

    And thank you for the links. The first one has a link on the sidebar for "attractive mullets" - and that's just the haircut I've been considering. If denim jumpsuits can be stylish again, surely mullets can, too.

  12. I love your style Melanie,you are great! Kisses

  13. You look bloomin awesome! And yes, the photo worked out so no need to get down on the floor again!!!
    Those belt loops are seriously of loopily large proportions- for a grande belt of course!!!
    You are seriously talented at the old doodle on a shoe affair- those look amazing and no doubt in 70 years will be sought after by Vintage enthusiasts seeking the one off Mel shoes!!x

  14. Melanie you are utterly gorgeous and, as is often the case with your posts, you make me laugh xx

  15. Dear Maman, the only way I'd dare go off-piste is by swishing along in your tracks. x

  16. So glad people are getting the word out about your fabulousness. Even here in Oz I notice!
    Your jumpsuit is too wonderful on your wonderful self.
    Bushy is terrified he will be mistaken for a hipster as bearded lumberjacks make a blip on the fashion radar! :-D xo Jazzy Jack

  17. Sweet denimy goodness! I love this wormhole of fashion that you've found! Congrats on the Fame and hopefully the Fortune will follow! Don't forget the "little" people.

  18. a young david bowie i thought first.... :-)
    who is a "gray mere" too now but like you and me not ready for hiding in dullness. you look fab in the jumpsuit and i´m fascinated with this boots every time you show them!!
    i´m "off" since i chose my clothes/looks myself - so most of my life. hubby makes fun of it by saying "wait a while and everyone will run around like this" - like it is the case with my gray hair. it was a bold statement 12 years ago (i was 34 - yes, genes), now it´s a trend that big that even non-natural gray haired women dye their hair in silver tones......

  19. Sooooo glad you are able to show those normcore- wearing sheep what REAL style looks like. One can only fervently hope that they might undertake some sartorial self-reflection as a result.
    Epic denim jumpsuit.

  20. You look amazing!! I love the wide low slung belted flared jumpsuit!!!! And the boots!

  21. If you're so on trend that you're off, really you're not following the're making them! Like Martha Stewart : ) I know that will make you cringe all the way down to your self designed booties.


  22. No matter what I wear, it's never on trend, mainly because I'm not on trend and never have been. I do have a shot at it now that Hillary is running for president and I could be her doppelganger (sp?). But pantsuits? I think not. There is nothing that could convince me to wear a pantsuit.

    That jumpsuit is a treasure, and your grey is charming. Have a coffee-whatzit for me!

  23. I may have been "on trend" at some point in my 20's, but I don't think it's happened since, at least not on purpose. Can I get a poster of that third photo of you because it makes me happy to look at it. You are killing the denim jumpsuit (not literally of course).

    I can't drink coffee, so I avoid the hipster fancy coffee places unless they have good hot chocolate.

  24. How FANTASTIC you look in your jumpsuit! All the better it's a "real thing". I most probably won't fit in any vintage jumpsuit, they started making fun clothes for plus sizes only in the last few years - so I'm just buying new jumpsuits like crazy! Once everyone will be bored with them, I'll still wear mine. :)

    Your shoes are great! You should do your own line of clothes/shoes, really you should!!!

    People like you, or Vix, or Beate, are trendsetters in the real sense of the word. That's probably why you feel "so on trend, that you're off". I don't think I'm ever too "on trend" or too off, maybe just a little bit here and there. Though, I am a pioneer woman in the sense of living my life - creating it from the inside out, and in that sense, I often feel off and feel like I can relate to you. :) xxx

  25. Gaaaaaah. I need your body. Wait. OK, that wasn't eloquent at all. What I meant was, I wish I had your figure? Bah. I don't know how to not sound like a creeper. Haha. You look amazing in those overalls! Also, I know I might have said this already, but those boots are killer!

    - Anna

  26. If you are on trend it is indeed acidental as you don't give a hoot. But is fun to know that you are aware of what is on trend. And indeed denim and jumpsuits are. I will stay well away from both as neither of them do me any favour. You, on the other hand, look terrific in it. What a nice figure you have. Perfect bum too.

  27. Incredible! Fabulous! Stunning! And more. You make this vintage denim jumpsuit sing! Your spirit is as amazing as your style. Thanks Mel, for making my morning! Xoxo

  28. Wow, I love your jumpsuit, it looks great on you!

    The boots are fab, too. ♥


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