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Wednesday 15 April 2015

Through the looking glass

I wore this today. And below are the places it took me. Like Alice, I fell through the looking glass, or the modern day equivalent - the selfie camera lens. 
Outfit for my adventure in wonderland
My adventure started in the cafe when the barista handed me a cup of coffee, and said, "Drink it." That's odd, I thought, and when I sipped the brew it tasted freakishly like fruit and flowers, not coffee beans at all. To work off the foul taste I visited several thrift shops where I exhausted myself trying on clothes. When I got home I felt very sleepy, as though I had been drugged by a shopping and caffeine high. Then, as I was taking my outfit selfie, I fell into a deep nap.
Journal sketch of Turnip Head
When I woke up I discovered I had grown into a 6-inch-high two-dimensional card person, and was now in a strange land of artwork populated by turnip-headed people and other bizarre creatures. I realized with a fright that my frump shoes were not the least bit appropriate to navigate a terrain of muppets and sequins.
Oil pastel/acrylic, 31" x 30", "Camping at Square Fish Lake" (sequins as top and turf)
Suddenly a woman rushed past shrieking, "Off with her head! Off with her head!" I think her name was Miz Bagg, Queen of Tarts, so-named for her sleazy behaviour, predilection for stealing pastries, and making her minions pucker up. I ran into her again later at a fantastical fashion court where she pronounced that everyone has to dress the same! Everything became curiouser and curiouser.
Acrylic, 40" x 59", "Waiter, there's a lily pond in my soup."
There were Middle-aged Kittehs who lounged in trees. Their beguiling grins and colourful claws were camouflaged by acrylic and oil pastel leaves, but I sensed their whiskers twitching and their tails flicking when I stumbled past, as if we knew each other. I also encountered a stylish wise crone called the Hatter on her way to a wedding, wearing a pink flamingo-feathered cap.
Acrylic, 59" x 59", 004
Other flat creatures, all dressed the same in fear of fashion court, were feverishly rushing around in circles muttering, I'm late, I'm late, for very important dates, whilst peering down into lighted devices clutched in their hands. Sometimes they smooshed these devices against their ears and then started talking into the air!
When the crowd caught sight of my sequins, they began dragging me toward the volcano of doom. "Guilty, guilty, guilty," they chanted. But the sound of "guilty" was simply the insistent low-battery beep of my camera, and there I was, still at home, wearing what I had put on that morning: an old sample sale stretch skirt, gorgeous black sequin top with periwinkle stripes from Shelley of Forest City Fashionista (thank you!!), black tights, frumpy mended shoes, DIY broken-wristwatch choker with velvet ribbon, gifted lava pendant, magic loupe from O. To my relief, fashion court is just a bad dream.

For this mini project, I made a 6-inch-tall T-stand cut-out of myself from a photo printed on cardstock, then positioned it on piles of clothes in front of my artwork on a computer monitor. Except for very minor edits, these photos appear as they were taken. I used a similar photo technique in shoots here and here. Ironically, these photos of the mini me provide a snapshot of the bigger me, which includes my artwork and vision. I hope you enjoyed this little adventure.
In other news...
The wee flurry of fame I had is calming down, and I'm relieved that there are no stretch marks left on my head as it begins to deflate. What a great ride. Hehe. Thanks for bearing with me.


  1. Well, you're much more stylish than Alice in her gingham frock. Glad you made it back in one 6" piece! :-)

  2. An adventure down the bunny hole! I love this art, and yes it does show some of the "bigger" you. Delightful at any size. xo

  3. Loved this! I think this would be the only way I could do justice to the travelling yellow skirt...with a similar cut-out version of myself.

    What a fun way to play.


  4. What the hell was in that tea? Love your selfie paper doll. Have you ever drawn yourself with lipstick on a mirror tracing your reflection? It's strange fun. When it's finished it's amazing how it will look like yourself.

  5. Ooh, what a psychedelic dish you are, a dish to be eaten by a Queen of Tarts, indeed! I adore the sequin top and what a fun way to explore the environment of your creativity (and wardrobe!).

  6. The card person has that dazed look you would expect in Wonderland.
    A lovely walk through your works.
    As usual your vision is stimulating and oh so unsettling.
    I'm sure that's your aim! xo Jazzy Jack

  7. photo story week! (rush over to jazzy jack!)
    fabulous pics and storytelling - glad you escaped the fashion court!
    i´m not sure if i should recommend more care with your coffee consumption as it has such great posts as output.....

  8. Wonderful fairytale Melanie! I love how you've added the Hatter crone - and used your fantastic art works.

    Your sequin top is beautiful, I hope it isn't too uncomfortable wearing. I often find the backside to be scratchy. I hope the shoes are all right? You always manage to wear them in the most un-frumpish way!

  9. Loved your story, better than old Alice hands down. When do you make the movie?

  10. I'll have me a vat of that coffee, please! I'll make a packet selling it at Glastonbury.
    What ace art, I love it. Gimme that choker! xxx

  11. I love Alice!!! Your sequinned shirt is funnnn! I can only hope my morning tea will take me on an equally adventurous trip :D

  12. magic java, not happening around here. "Bold" is even frowned upon. Wonderland is calling

  13. Damn rabblerousers. Haters gunna hate on your bling. ;) Those cut-outs are hilarious. Haha. I kinda want to do that now (but just hide them in weird places around the house). I enjoyed those photos!

    - Anna

  14. Ha, Alice has nothing on you, welcome to Melanie's Adventures in Wonderland! xxx

  15. Cut-out -you needs to be put in an envelope and posted out for adventures Travelling Skirt style - in fact it could be a group project where Mini-Mees travel around the globe like some fashion murmuration. Plus it would piss off Ms Bagg.

  16. Like Alice, I aim to believe 10 impossible things before breakfast! You are such a hoot! I always have such a giggle reading your posts- you just make everything fun xx

  17. Ha! I love this post, the paper cut-out of you is brilliant and I'm loving your periwinkle striped top.

    Enjoy your weekend ♥

  18. Shopping is a hard work and must be paid for, I always say it. No wonder you needed a magic drink! :) Love your version of the classic fairy tale, and your collages are powerful! xxx

  19. That was quite scary for you. Especially the last bit where you were dragged of by an angry, frightened mob shouting guilty. Careful with these naps. And don't drink that kind of coffee anymore. You don't like it, you know that. And you are not a girl to do as you are told. So next time the guy says drink... refuse and have a snappy answer ready.
    Lovely sequined top. Nice of Shelley to give it to you.

  20. The mini version of you reminds me of the paper dolls I loved playing with when I was a kid. You would make a FAB paper doll, with all your fun clothing! If you ever decide to market that, remember I gave you the idea ;)

    The sequined top looks much better on you than me and I'm happy it got to take a trip to Wonderland.

  21. Encore! Encore!
    Frankly, I think Tim Burton should snap up the rights on your screenplay version of Wonderland immediately, as an infinitely superior follow up to his first effort.

  22. Haha! Love your unique post. And I so adore the watch choker, such fun. Definitely brings back my paper doll days.

    Style Nudge

  23. I love following your adventures.

  24. I love this. You are freaking amazing.

  25. amazing candy for my eyes!!, you're a vision of amusement and art!!, this funky Alicia tale is fabulous!!


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