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Wednesday 12 August 2015

Caught on tape! Ack!

Look, I'm baring my teeth again, I mean laughing. This selfie photographer cracks me up!
Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, spangles
If you are a regular visitor, you'll know I was pissed off that I didn't get a free breakfast at the media pre-launch party of the Ted Baker store in Vancouver in June, as offered, and I felt like a style freak there. You can read about it HERE.

It's the stuff of folklore, really. Next I'll write a Dylan-esque song about it. Maybe a play too. During the meetup I even took a group of bloggers on a tour of the site.
Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, sketch, I surrrender to the chaos dress
The dress I was going to wear to the opening
but changed my mind.
Well, I was in a crowded elevator yesterday with my neighbour, the actor who was in Chupacabra vs. the Alamo, an outstanding film, and our conversation went something like this:
Neighbour: Oh, I forgot to congratulate you.
Me: Oh? Uhhh, what did I do? (hesitant laugh)
Neighbour: Yeah, I saw you on TV. (everyone in the elevator wakes up)
Me: (pause, then alarm - did someone get that on tape!!?) I don't know what you're...
Neighbour: Yeah, Pacific Centre Mall opened a new section or something a while ago and you were there. They had a really big picture of you.
Me: Whaaaa...? You're joking. I was on TV?
Neighbour: You looked really good. Full screen, as the intro for the piece. I was meaning to say something to you for a while now but I...
Me: (zoning out in shock and relief that it wasn't for that other thing)
Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, spangles in doorless room
What a great reason to do the jazz hands pose!

Forget about Ted no-breakfast Baker - it turns out I was the face for the opening of the whole new wing of the mall. Oh, oh, I feel faint when I say it, but I was the...
Mall Wing Face

Hahaha, 50-plus, with everything on my back thrifted and vintage. Chalk one up for us, my fellow 40-plus friends and thrifters. Of course, finding this out now is kind of like winning Olympic bronze several years later when they find out the previous medalist was a drug fiend.
Bag and a Beret, spangles, oh yeah
Reflections. They radiated about 3 meters around me whenever I stepped into the sun.
Wearing: spangly top and rosy bottoms from My Sister's Closet, gorgeous necklace made by my friend Anja (xo!) of Curly Traveller, geta-style sandals, mechanical watch and magic loupe from O.

I searched the Net for the clip but couldn't find it, O helped too. My neighbour couldn't remember which station, just "the news." I'll need a stronger Ikea lamp to grill him under. Given that my TV is disconnected I wouldn't have even known had my neighbour not mentioned it. So take that! you twenty-something who ran away from me in fear, almost squeaking in your hasty retreat.
Bag and a Beret, Sylvia and Greetje at Ted Baker in Vancouver
Greetje didn't squeak. That's Sylvia (40+ Style) and Greetje (No Fear of Fashion) when we were shopping at Ted no-breakfast Baker. This is my therapy, one of my favourite photos of the recent Vancouver blogger meetup. This is what shopping at its best is all about: time spent laughing together. We had a blast at Mr. Baker. No yummy breakfast can match that feeling.

You can be pissed off about breakfast, but never, no NEVER, doubt yourself and your style. And the power of a good laugh. YEEEAH!!!
Melanie Kobayashi, cartoon, sketch, feck the shoes
Something eerie
The outfit I was wearing on the day of the Baker launch was the same one as in my Chupacabra post HERE. Get it?...It was the actor from that movie that told me... Okay, too many dots to connect? Trust me, neener neener.

Any weirdness in your life right now? Spangly maybe?



My friend Sandra of Lens is More has opened an Etsy store! You may remember her from my VOGOFF promo videos here and here, and her appearance as Diavola in VOGOFF magazine here.

Her shop is called Standard Deviations, heh, and she offers very cool custom-made pillows, coasters, cards, and more. Even Norman Reedus of the show The Walking Dead likes his deviant Sandra pillow. No lie. Check it out!

She inspires me to do something too. Now I have to go take a nap. Mall Wing Face must keep up appearances. Hahaha.


  1. You have beautiful teeth and beautiful eyes and more beautiful and unique style. You deserve to be EVERYWHERE. Congratulationssssssssssss

  2. WOW!!! Congratulations! you shtar you :) I agree with Mis Papelicos; you're beautiful and do deserve to be everywhere. (mwah)

  3. I like it when you snarl, it is a beautiful sunny sight. A bit like that Amazing top. I bet you bedazzled all the 20somwthings! Love it!!!! Hope you find that news piece. Pretty cool that you are the mall wing girl!!! Continue being you!!! I LOVE your beautiful illustrations!!!!x

  4. Of course you should show your teeth when you are wearing a Paco Rabanne-top (right?). And the fact that you are a celebrity in your city - makes total sense to me.

  5. I am two red wines into the evening and I just cannot believe I got to 50 without knowing your bad self!! SOOO much fun to bond with another crazy 40+ fashion-be-fucked style floozy from the other friendliest country in the world xoxo

  6. About time everyone else hopped onto the Melanie train. Pretty soon you will need body guards every time you leave your house. For more than just "that other thing".

    LOVE the bold colours and textures in this outfit...and your massive smile. You're looking all kinds of fantastic here.


  7. Bwah! You are such a wanted celeb and still so humble. How much for a peek at the "other tape"??

  8. Ha! You were briefly flirting with fame (but not breakfast) and you didn't know it! I find that hilarious. I nearly bought L a Ted Baker shirt (thrift store, $15.00) but found it too boring ultimately.

    Must search for that spot!

  9. Of course they would pick you out when filming. You are different, you are daring. And beautiful. What a star combination. I am glad you took us to those glamourous premises. I could have spent even more time there (would have been bad for my financial situation though).
    I agree with you that laughter, laughing is the best. And we didn't buy anything at Ted Baker. All the more at Holt Renfrew, thanks to your friend Corey. He was good.
    You look splendid again with that yellow top. It will please Anja to see you wear her necklace.
    I had a look around Sandra's blog too. I can so understand why you are friends.

  10. I watched the first 15 or so minutes of Chupucabra vs. The Alamo before I gave up, so I probably didn't get to see your neighbor. I wish he would have had more details about your Television Debut! YAY Melanie, Face of the New Mall Wing!! And an awesome face it is. I love seeing your gleaming chompers on display ;)

    I don't know if this can be classified as interesting weirdness, but one of my rats (Ginger) has become obsessed with one of my rings, and every day she desperately tries to chew it off my finger - which for me is kind of weird and sort of painful.

  11. Great post Mel! You always make me laugh. Breakfast or no breakfast.

  12. Shit, you're funny!
    And I'm on the case.....clip to uncover! (The Mall Wing one....we agreed to never mention The Other).

    Thanks for the kind words about me and my didn't have to, but I thank you wholeheartedly!!

    Now I'm off to scour the net for BATWINGFACE footage.*Fucking hilarious*

  13. as a fan of cheesy Sci Fi movies, I loved the movie! See, that just proves to all those hipsters how cool you are. You'll be modded when they ask you back.

  14. You see...this is the thing.....when you are a world famous fashion model with the face that could launch a mall....they will not feed you because they want you looking skinny and desperate to shop. The shade from the youngsters is just jealousy. Congrats. You are my very favorite mall model EVER!!!!!

  15. My new addres of blog:
    Beautiful smile and good teeth :)

  16. Great story Melanie, you are famous, kinda. I love your blog. It's filled with great inspiration for fashion and for happiness. I admire your sense of self. Love the smiley pics too.

  17. Mall Wing Face, Chupacabra, Deviation, teeth, and skin too! That's the weirdness in my life, and it all makes life worthwhile! You rock! I wish you could find the tape, that is just amazing.

    And I think you should do Etsy or something - I'm planning to reopen my shop - I would LOVE to have a Melanie original drawing or top or sequin that fell off your shirt.

  18. Of course they choose you , they saw an original shining star amongst the mundane. Shame you haven't found the coverage. You shine as brightly as your sequins with your amazing smile.

  19. Of course you were the face of the new mall wing. Now all the hip kids will be heading there because they think it's full of cool things like YOU! Look forward to the Ballad of the Breakfast-free Baker.

  20. Looking fab, Mel!! Love the outfit and the pics! Glad that you like my necklace;-).

  21. All this time you had no idea!!! How hilarious!
    Maybe we all have footage like that. We can dream :-)
    How freaky you were wearing the same gear.
    I love those sequins, but they can't outshine your smile :-D
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  22. Tooo perfect!
    Though it is funny/odd that they didn't contact you.

  23. Oh you look fab wearing your smile !

  24. So now you are famous. Don't forget us little people.

    And DO let us know if you get a part in "Chupacabra Returns".

  25. Mall Wing Face. Serves those whippersnappers right, I tell ya. instant karma and all that. You simply must get a copy of the shot. Your public wants to see it. again. everywhere. and bigger than life, like mall wing-size.

  26. Though of course, to your loyal fans, you have always been a veritable schtar - shining brightly and beaming radiantly in the style galaxy. Just so pleased that this has been recognised, you glittery style-celeb you.

  27. Oh I do want to see your famous Mall Face! Of course you should be the face of the new Mall Wing because you should be the face of everything. If your face is selling it, I'll buy it!

    Weirdness, oh yeah! I got hit on by a young man a year older than my son. Cool. Maybe I could be a cougar. Do cougars roar- because I think I might like roaring.

  28. LOVE IT!!!! Way to go Melanie! My daughter is still in awe at your natural beauty and she just said, well of course they put you on the mall face, just look at her (and she is twenty something, so there you go!). I love your spirit and uniqueness, thank you for your inspiration to live life to the fullest.
    Oh, by the way, my hubby and I were out Saturday evening and on our way home drove my one of my favorite little boutiques which just happened to be having an outdoor sidewalk sale. My eyes kept gravitating towards this gorgeous robe which come on, who spends money for a gorgeous bathrobe just to be hidden, so I thought well Melanie would just put this number on with some killer pants and dance around the town. So that's exactly what I decided to do, can't wait to wear it!

  29. I'm so excited to hear that you were the mall face, and I can understand why! You are magnificent in every way and a total STAR!!!!!

  30. You're going to have to get yourself an entourage now! Yay for you for being Mall Wing Face. Show those young, wet behind the ears pups how it's done!

  31. How nice to see you wearing the necklace!!!

    You look fab in sequins. Or in anything else, for that matter.

    So you never found that footage in which you schtar?


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