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Saturday 29 August 2015

White moto jacket two ways, casual AND executive

Ready? Brace yourself! It's two outfits with one jacket. But can I pull it off?! What do you bloody think? It's a frickin' jacket.

The other morning I was compelled by an unseen force (no, I'm sure it was the huge SALE sign that did it) to go into the store across the street and I left with that white moto jacket. After I paid.

Look 1: Moto Jacket Casual Style (subcategory Rocker Lite)
Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, these poses are so boring
Real rockers and fake real rockers scowl and wear black. Only fake fake rockers smile and wear white jackets. I wish I hadn't rolled up jeans, but note the double-belt action. Oh yeeeeah.
Wearing: Bardot jeans from sample sale, Miu Miu boots thrifted, Gap t-shirt thrifted, magic loupe and two magic pendants from O, two belts both thrifted, mechanical watch from O, white motorcycle jacket from sale
This look is majorly mainstream so I pumped it up with lighthouse hair and mega-'tude - works every time. I was influenced to get my rock-on by two scholarly YouTube videos I watched recently: 
  1. "How to look like a Rockstar on stage with a Guitar," taught by a man who doesn't play guitar. Excellent. And then I couldn't stop myself watching - 
  2. "Rockstar Fashion: How To Dress Like A Rockstar" by Make Me That Guy. The female-version videos I saw were so wussy. Pitui. (says the woman in the white moto jacket)
Sketch, turnip head, Are you feeling it?, Mel Kobayashi
Poor Kitty has a pain in his neck. My dance moves can have that effect.
What those video guys say makes sense. My take: is dressing to look like a rockstar any different than, say, dressing to look like a magazine trend or, how do the snobs put it, au courant? Both looks are costumes of a sort.

I can't appreciate the many loops drawn by these questions in my brain until I've fully recovered from my 'tude hangover, but seriously, we all pull the threads we like until the whole logic unravels anyway. You feel good? You wear it. How do the snobs put it? - feckin' eh.

Look 2: Moto Jacket Executive(ish) Style 
As promised, yes, another iteration!! A second look!!! I'm giddy with non-frigging excitement. Actually, I was excited. I can wear this stinkin' outfit to the office, to the supermarket, to the dry cleaners, to police headquarters, but never, ever, ever to a daycare!!!
Wearing: Cirque du Soleil graphic cotton tank gift, pinstripe pencil skirt thrifted, stretch kitten-heel shoes retail, white moto jacket
White motorcycle jacket, Mel Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret
That's it. That's the piece right there close up. It's so frigging fantastic. 

Fake leather, how appropriate. I thought it would be like wearing a mini sauna or miracle body wrap - bonus! I tucked a fake rocker handkerchief in my bag to mop up the melting poundage just in case. Too real? A bit gross? But it was cool outside. No sweat! 

The stores are maggoty with moto jackets. I thought this trend was done. Wrong. 

I lost my keys in the abyss of my bag the other day and had to empty the entire contents onto the hood of my car. O said it was like watching one of those cop shows. I was ready to be arrested when one pink rubber glove flopped out. He didn't raise an eyebrow. Heh. 


  1. GAH!!! I *almost* broke down about 3 years ago and bought a white leather jacket. Pretty weird for someone that doesn't wear white! LOL But I too got sucked into the vortex of completely impractical white leather. Only rock stars and rich people can wear white leather. We already know you're THE rock schtar of Vancouver so it makes sense you own one.

    I am so so jealous Biatch!

    I love how you wrote you bought the jacket at "a sale". Ha ha! Suckers! Mis Baggs doesn't reveal where she gets her loot.

    I think it'll be better than leather since it is pleather. You can wash it off with some Mr. Clean.

    O isn't fazed by anything. Mind you, living with you might make a person like that over time. "Is this your astronaut suit or mine honey?"


  2. TWO outfits, crikey woman, I can't cope with your awesome rockstarness in 2 outfits! I braced but clearly didn't brace enough. By the time the pencil skirt came up, (my god that is one helleva outfit with the slit - eat your heart out Angelina Jolie - THIS is how it's done) my pelvic floor had given way in surrender. I'm recovering now with a large vodka. It's medicinal.

    Enjoy your jacket. You outshine them all in it.

  3. This post has everything! Rock schtar you, cool moto jacket, YouTube links, drawing of Kitteh, references to maggots and a pink rubber glove (your award!). Oh, I forgot, those fab jeans! I need to find some sample sales, and go shopping more often, and have your 'tude. Then my life would be pretty much perfect.

  4. You can find so many advise on Youtube. The other day I googled "what to say at the opening of an art exhibition (I received the honor). All I had planned to say was on no list. So smile dressed in white biker jacket - continue!

  5. Both outfits are freaking fantastic!! My jaw dropped when I saw you. Hell girl, you are a super model. Where did this come from? I want to be your size again. But with hips. Not having hips means I cannot copy this look, no matter how much weight I lose (which is nothing, not a gram, after six days of being on a diet... Still at least 3 kilos to go). You see, I can copy perfectly. You can create. That is the difference between us. Brilliant how you threw in that multi coloured tank top. And the two belts. if you don't like the rolled up hem, then perhaps try my jeans? Although I think the jeans you have on in this rock star outfit are perfect. No problem at all with the rolled up bit. Quite the contrary. As for the pendants O made. They look terrific. And also well suited with this outfit. They do deserve a close-up though. Next time?

  6. Rock star goddess diva - you. Loved the video on how to act like a rock star on stage - let's all do that at our next meetup.

    Pink rubber glove? Oh, it's your academy award! I thought for a moment there was a more scandalous story behind it. xox

  7. I always knew that you were a rock Schtar. I can see the laser beams shooting out of your elbows. This is a massive cool look for a long lean bad ass such as yourself. Those youtube videos were hysterical!! I actually learned that I have to take a LOT more time to look like I don't give a shit. Who knew? Now. Will you please go pick up my kids from day care?

  8. love your fake fake moto jacket (doubled fake, doubled fabulousness!!) and all that mega-'tude (because I love apostrophes, even if I'm not able to use them properly)
    Obviously, you rock white. And jeans. And striped pencil skirts!. You rock indeed!

  9. You know what that jacket is missing? Your cool kitty painted on the back. All the best rock stars own a custom jacket and you are the best friggin' rock star I know. xxx

  10. I laughed out loud at the pink glove - you are so hilarious. Love the jacket, it's such a badass piece of badassery! You are a schtar!

  11. INCREDIBLE jacket. I love it both ways, but it's one of those great pieces that works with everything.

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

  13. These are both great looks. Love the jacket and the photos! You just have the most gorgeous and beautiful smile and I'm so happy you show it to us more! How I wish you were in New York with me. Just saw standup comedy 2 nights in a row and a comedy show before that. You would have loved it!

  14. I was trying to figure out if the jacket was leather or not; somehow the fact that it's pleather makes it even more awesome. I agree with Vix, it really does need to be "Melanie-d" on the back with a middle age Kitteh. Can't believe you were able to get TWO, count em, TWO outfits out of this - what will you pull out of your hat after this?

    Your hair looks wickedly fecktastic!

    I'm sure O must be so used to going with the flow-that-is-Melanie that nothing fazes him by now.

  15. I love that you went for the fake fake rock star, and you NAILED IT! Yes I did notice the double belt, sneaky. You make me laugh with your stories, especially tipping your bags contents onto the bonnet of your car. Smoking hot in White!! Feck eh!

  16. OMG, I can't believe how awesome this looks with the black zips. I totally and utterly love it. You have The Eye, my friend, you sure have The Eye. *zooms out to the fabric store for white pleather and black zips*

  17. 2 photos of the same jacket? You trend setter you. Not a fan of white clothes, but you look like a rockstar(whatever that means)

  18. I come here for awesomeness and when I have a strong urge to gush. You look maahhhhvalous, Dahling. I love the double belt and I am so envious of svelte people who can pull off a moto jacket. My boobs and squishy arms do not like motos but my brain does. I suspect the moto is about to be (or already is) declared a modern classic along with the trench, denim jacket and pea coat). Trenches don't work for me either but pea coats do. I digress....back to how fabulous you look and how hilarious you are. Mwah Mwah! Two Parisian Rock star air kisses for you. xoxo

  19. Ha, Rock Star Mel looks completely at home in white (p)leather, whatever you wear with it. But I think that like MJ and his white glove, you need to add that pink rubber one to complete the look! xxx

  20. Rock star Queen! I don't even need to watch Youtube now, you've shown us all how it's done. And with white, you go GIRL! It screams modern Rockin Roll with Mega-'tude alright. You are one natural model. Love the double belts, pretty sure I just might give that a go and those jeans are to die for!
    As for the executive look, YES! This baby could go anywhere, ok I agree, not the daycare.
    I need to start purchasing some of you fun art work, it just makes me smile.

  21. whoa baby! hey, I didn't know you had a car. That's just a story isn't it? But it's a good one - I laughed out loud during it. Moto City Girl is cool as ice. yeah. at work or play, she knows her way, say it loud, say it proud. she's got the beat, beat. yeahhhhhhh.

  22. Lighthouse hair and 'tude - you sure rock that look! Moto jacket not bad either...

  23. If only we lived in the same city. We'd so be starting a band together.

  24. LOVe those poses and white leather works for you brilliantly!!!!!
    I'm presuming that errant pink rubber glove is the partner to the trophy from your last post!?X?X

  25. That jacket is what dreams are made of, dude! I think it looks great on you and it will go with pretty much anything. :D I'm digging the pinstripes with it!

    - Anna

  26. You could wear that second look and get into any club in the world.

    I envy and admire people who wear white. They look smashing. And they obviously never spill food on themselves.


  27. Both outfits are styled to perfection my dear! Ever so well done and such rich style inspiration! Thank you for sharing your fabulous fashion mojo!! xox

  28. Melanie, you do badass rocker elegance like no other. I dig this and your painted jeans look among my favorite of all your varied and creative looks.

  29. That's one super cool jacket!!! And you wear it well, in whatever way you style it. I expected nothing less of you!


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