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Wednesday 2 September 2015

Is it comedy or is it simply life?

Melanie Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret wears old palatial palazzo pants
Look who's wearing the big pants now!
Pants as in trousers, but not just trousers: my palatial vintage palazzo pants, fully lined so they swish. The fuchsia of the ruffled blouse clashed madly with the red in the pants. Luckily, both sides surrendered in a detente refereed by an elastic orange neutral zone. Treaties were ratified and eaten. I was elected president. Hurrah.

No matter how I style these pants, I can never come close to Curtise of The Secondhand Years in her unforgettable RED Valentino pants, made even more so by her always-witty text. Here. Her pants are the stuff of blogging legend.
Next outfit:
Bag and a Beret, Mel wears an anime dress that's too short with loud tights
I'm standing in poo. I thought it was important to share that with you. Urban parkland. Man or beast, who's to know? Was this some of kind of cosmic life lesson on the dangers of veering off the beaten path? Or a comment on this selfie/outfit? Have you ever tried to clean poo from glitter booties?

I bought that anime denim tunic/dress from a consignment shop during the meetup. Now I know it's too short for comfort without jeggings or pants -  next time. But I love the psychedelic tights.

And a new comedy video. 
In it I'm recovering from the let-down of the awards ceremony and the discovery that my statuette is in fact a rubber glove over a dumbbell, not "gold made to look like rubber," which they told me.

The clip is also based on some emails with Suzanne Carillo and Sue of  A Colourful Canvas (we're bound for life after the meetup). This video is in part a response.
Oops! This video was a limited-run feature. It is now closed. These are stills from the video.

I also got a couple of AWESOME packages in the mail from Sheila of Ephemera and made a video of that, but I'll save it for the next post. I don't want you to barf from overload.
Bag and a Beret, Mel wears her vintage palazzo pants
You've come a long way baby! 
- referring to these pants for surviving the decades intact. Yeeeah. 

I'm linking this up to Anne of SpyGirl and her 52 Pick-me-up: Honey/Service/Loyalty. The pants have a couple of shades of honey and their service is keeping my lower half decent in a groovy way. Also, the day I wore this outfit I bought a cell phone - I promptly returned it the next day. Close call.

After my last couple of snarky and also crude posts, I lost a few followers. I'm afraid things will only get worse from here.

How's your week been?


  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you are wearing them , yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    Thank you for your wonderful inspiration, dear friend

  2. I saw a T-shirt with 'Kobyashi Ceramics' on it yesterday. I think it refers to some cult TV thing which I've never seen.

  3. Sorry, Kobayashi. I missed out an A

  4. Neutral orange is my sort of neutral. And snap on the frilly blouse day! Me too....and when do you get your own tv show??

  5. You won't loose this follower, I love your humour!! The pants by the way looked pretty amazing.

  6. I like how the pants lay in a perfectly symmetrical pattern. Kudos, mystery seamstress of yore.
    "Flu season" Hahahahahaha
    Thanks for linking!

  7. Some humor-less automatons dumped you? Bye then. This is a top-of-the-heap outfit, brilliant colors and glitter. And you managed to incorporate a touch of . . . earthiness on your shoes. You started my day with a happy. xox

  8. how do you do this! you look so smashing and your writing and video skillz are just awesome and strange in a wonderful way!!
    i still shrink in front of a camera.....
    as does my knowing of english words when i want to comment here. sometimes i only can admire you in silence....

  9. you made my morning (drizzly rain and humidity....yeah!)

    love the video and outfit.

  10. Look at you in all your outfits! Someone is on a bit of a blogging high lately! Can it be because you're no longer holding yourself back?

    You'll get more followers by being your authentic self than holding back. Look at Howard Stern! LOL Okay...don't...but you know what I mean.

    I hadn't seen Curtise's post thanks for that.

    Again...loved the video. Did you get my email about the suggestion? After I thought about it, since it was a frother and not a vibrator it didn't make sense. Never mind. I blame it on being sick.

    Those girdle/belts sure are coming in handy for you lately. I can see where I need one of those, apart from the laytex one I already own. {wink wink...say-no-more-say-no-more}


  11. Close call on the phone! Back away! Love the pants in their magnificence! Feck the followers - it's quality not quantity, baby (although quantity is usually nicer).

  12. Haha...if laughter really is the best medicine, I'm well and truly better! Thanks dahling!

  13. You are simply AWESOME! Why you don't have your own comedy show, I don't know. You are also extremely beautiful, even when you try to hide it...I STILL want to take up residence in your brain...

  14. If you lost a couple of followers by being AWESOME then sorry for them. Keep the faith, we love you!

  15. Ohhhh. I love your Big Girl Pants. They will no doubt protect you from all sorts of evils. I was laughing as I watched your video and my daughter asked me --insert Valley Girl accent-- "Ew..Mom! What are you watching???" And I explained that it was an "instructional video."

  16. I thought I was getting the flu, but it was just because I was laughing so hard that I was crying and my nose was running! Now my "sinuses" really need some attention. We used to have one of those little mixers - my husband always called it a (more quotes here) "marital aid."

    This is why I will always read your blog! Love the big pants, love the shirt (it looks orange on my computer), love the giant belt, love the video, love the hair. I will buy you that piece of cake if we ever meet!

  17. Haha ... you're so cute! Those pants! FAB FAB FAB!!! (Sign me up for the award that gets the vibrator! lol)

    Dawn Lucy
    Fashion Should Be Fun

  18. I can HEAR the swish of those palazzo pants in my head! Now where did that come from, I wonder? I don't think I've ever worn palazzo pants in my life .. oh, wait ... I think I made myself a plaid pair when I was around fourteen. They must have been lined with cheap sateen. ;)

    You lost followers? Buh Byeeee. :)

  19. The "Flu Season" air-quotes and delivery is guffaw worthy!

    You made more of an imapact on health care than Dr.Oz- maybe you should submit this clip to his show?
    I think you'd be an very popular "Guest Medical Expert"....perhaps a recurring Skype installment???

  20. You lost followers? The loss is most definitely theirs.

    I love your posts, you often make me chuckle out loud (thank goodness I'm home alone when that happens).

    You look amazing in that outfit ♥

  21. wouuu, you're rocking and inspiring once more, and I'm loving those Big Printed Palazzo Pants!, colorful and massive!!!
    (even standing in poo, you're a Rock'Star. And a Comedy Queen!)
    besos & arte

  22. The mix of colors is brilliant. Fuchsia, red and orange have never looked so good, But then you are brilliant in every way. I have become an even more loyal follower over the last few posts!

  23. Nobody does pants 'n poo better than you, dear Mel. Add a good dose of snark 'n crude and you really, really, should have got the award. We're all rooting for you.

  24. Pleeeeeease will you take a trip to the UK and come and wander around London or Oxford - in those pants/trousers - as well as in your many other many fabulous concoctions. And can I be your personal photographer when you do?? As I said, pleeeeeease?
    Eeek, poo and glitter - a much worse combo than the mud and glitter I returned from Shambala wearing in several layers. (And thank you for the clear tape tip on glitter removal).

  25. Those vintage pallazzo pattern pants are absolutely fabulous and I love the way you styled them!!!!!

    you bought and returned a cell phone? does that mean you don't own a cell phone:)? it seems kind of cool thing to do.

    sorry to hear about the incident with the glitter boots....these things happen.

    fantastic post!

    I think losing followers often has to do with those people who only follow to unfollow and in any case, it is the quality of the followers that counts.

  26. The huge pants are fantastic, that corset/belt is divine, and I am dying over the ruffles. DYING, I tell you! (Also dying over my Valentino labia trousers, but that's another story... I do still have them though, so maybe they should make another appearance soon?)
    You lost followers? Well, feck 'em, their loss.
    You're a star! xxxx

  27. Flippin' 'eck Melanie, you're looking awfully upper crust these days!

  28. Whew, close call on that cell phone! Those are the biggest big girl pants I've ever seen, and obviously, they must provide some magical powers to the wearer (such as pairing fuschia ruffles and tangerine orange into something fantastically fab).

    You obviously need to keep doing snarky posts to weed out those weak-stomached followers. "Those are the losers and we are the Champions....of the (Blogging)world" Thank you, Freddy Mercury.

    Always beware of the Poo my friend.

  29. And with flamenco ruffles! Nothing can go wrong wearing that outfit!

  30. Hahaha. You are, girl. You are. (To answer your question.) ;P Wicked print!

    - Anna

  31. I envy your tiny waistline and your tall slimnessnessness... Everything you wear looks super cool!

  32. I recently found a vintage fuchsia blouse and now want to drag out my summer clothes to find my palazzo pants too! Crazy, fab, wonderful musings x


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