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Sunday 6 September 2015

Friends wigging out, and Hat Attack

Mel Kobayashi in a straw hat and big sunglasses, Bag and a Beret
Hat Attack! 
This is my contribution to Judith's excellent Hat Attack #26 on Style Crone. I've worn this straw hat before for Hat Attack but not with these zingy clothes. Blam! A blast of sunshine!! The sunglasses and pants are new to me and the belt has been in regular rotation lately. 

AND - 
At the 40+ blogger meetup in Vancouver in July, Shawna of The Director of Awesome invited the last women standing - Sheila of Ephemera, Sylvia of 40+ Style, and me - to her room for a little pyjama party after the jazz bar. We were determined to stretch out the merriment for at least one more hour. 

Of course I brought my satchel of wigs. As we know, wigs are to a blogger photo shoot what monkey bars are to a playground. Here are a few of the shots I took - I messed with them slightly to enhance a particular mood. Aren't these women stunning?! 
Shawna, The Director of Awesome, supermodel '60s
Above, Shawna, quintessential woman of the '60s. I love this long-legged sophisticate look. In her hand is a blue wig (also on Sylvia later), but in black and white you might think it's Fifi (or a tribble). She's wearing a faux fur stole, also from my bag, and those are the ties hanging off the bed.
Sheila of Ephemera, meow-tastic in pink wig, Bag and a Beret
Sheila of Ephemera, meow-tastic in blue wig, Bag and a Beret
Sheila is the best sex kitten! She is a fearless model and I had to be quick to keep up. She looked spectacular in every wig and every shot.
Sylvia, 40-plus style, wigged out and supermodel cool, Bag and a Beret
"The Supermodel." Sylvia put on "Fifi" and then wrapped the fur stole around it. I never would have thought of it. She was a natural in front of the camera but I'm not showing you all of the photos I took, except to say we laughed a lot.

Below are Sheila's pink bossy pants - she calls them that. I love her confidence but I don't think she's bossy - that would be me with my camera. 
Sheila, Ephemera, working motel look with pink wig, Bag and a Beret
If you hang around me with my wigs and camera, you're bound to end up in compromising situations. Of course, I obtained permission from everyone here to post these photos. And thank you, Shawna, for being such a mod, gracious hostess. 

I feel like a cat who nonchalantly drops dead birds and other little animals at my human's doorstep when I post unexpected photos and videos. You are summoned by my meowing, poke at my offering to see if it's still alive, and think, oh, she's been at it again, as you watch me saunter away. 

Which brings me to this.
Sheila sent me three pairs of shoes during her closet overhaul: Fluevog (correction: Gold Button, but I love them like Vogs) booties, heeled granny shoes, and sandals from the Mountains of Italy! Her gift inspired this 30sec video.
I had some cool footage from an outing on an elevated train so I wanted to play with green screen. The sound is poor but it's betta' than nuttin' ya sorry mutts. Heh. Thank you, Sheila!!

Have a great weekend, everyone, as if you need me to tell you. It's a long one here with Labour Day on Monday. I'm so jealous of those dames having a meetup with Sylvia in New York. Ya wise guys!

Edit: I just found out that Catherine of Not Dressed as Lamb has a new Link-up thingy under the theme "I Will Wear What I Like" in response to hideous style rules for women over 30. Thirty? Bwahahaha!! For me dressing is as much a political act as a statement of aesthetic preference, so I shall wear exactly what I please.
"Use it or lose it"
We must cherish our right to freedom of expression 
and not be cowed by cows

Catherine's last round was only for Instagrammers but she has broadened it to include blog posts as well, so I'm goin'! - at least this time because I happen to meet this week's theme: Colour. 
Not Dressed As Lamb
Maybe I'll see you there. 


  1. You are. Why yes, you ARE cat-like. (Love your simile. And your smile). So many feline traits: playfulness. creative agility, expressive eyes, a stylish nonchalance in carrying off every outfit with self-possessed aplomb. Yep, cat woman.
    Love the wig fun with friends. Envious of the dressing up fun.

  2. Cute post! You look fantastic in that hat, those sunglasses and those colorful stripes!!

  3. Agreed, you are a cat women, the fiercest, wisest, most unflappable animal in the kingdom. Wonderful little film - I'll be nominating it for an Academy, so get out those gloves. xox

  4. You are the middle-aged Kitteh so I expect to see the artistic equivalent of birds and little mousey feet in my blogger feed. Sheila does sex kitten very well!! You do an excellent 30's gangster moll voice (is there no end to your talents?)

  5. You are the middle-aged Kitteh so I expect to see the artistic equivalent of birds and little mousey feet in my blogger feed. Sheila does sex kitten very well!! You do an excellent 30's gangster moll voice (is there no end to your talents?)

  6. I might need those I seeing Iris Apfel in that first pic?

    'an outing on an elevated train...' Um, most of us mere mortals here in Vancouver are simply getting from A to B on public transit, LOL.

  7. greeeaaaat ensemble!!!
    love the hotelroom shoots - pure art! i want to be your model!!!
    vancouver should start collecting your work - THAT museum will be very famous in the future!
    hugs!! xxxxx

  8. Such a fun party. No pillow fights in lingerie for you classy dames. I Must Have Your Glasses. Are they made out of Popsicles?

  9. Hey, where's the long red hair wig? Those are terrific shots. I mean really, those wigs bring out the dames in those gals. hmmm, I don't think it brought out anything in me, maybe an old gypsy/fortune teller?... great video, now I want to see the shoes too. What a moll you are. As for the hat, speechless, I tell ya.

  10. You're welcome any time to come purr on my doorstep. Your feline wiles are irresistible, so say the least. Great to see you girls having fun big time. No one could ever accuse you of being flatfooted, dear Mel!

  11. Ha, ha! I love those pictures! My goodness. Those booties aren't Fluevog, sorry, m'dear! They are a brand called Gold Button.

  12. Gosh you have all the fun, Melanie!
    And that video was hilarious!

  13. Which shooting. deserve front page and a great story in the glossigaste of the magazine!

  14. Your outfit is stunning, Melanie, and the video is so fun! I love that you girls had fun in Shawna's room. She is the director of awesome, after all. :)

  15. I'm so sorry I missed that party at the Playboy mansion AKA Shawna's room. It looks like it was a scream.

    That first photo of Shawna is FABULOUS! It's like Jackie O after 3 martinis.

    I love your video technique with the floating shoes.


  16. seems like you ladies had a lovely time! I love all the photos, all of them are so playful and gorgeous...but my fav is the photo you took of Shawna. I love it that you thought of carrying wigs and never know when they can come in handy, especially for blogger meet ups. Your creativity always amazes me.
    Love that hat btw..and those enormous sunnies!

  17. Now I see those great wig party photos again. And again I regret not having joined you lot. Oh well...
    You got some great shoes from Sheila. Very nice of her. I am sure you know you to style them.
    And yes I know about Catherine's cruisade and I am participating on Instagram.
    Next Sunday I will have a colourful contribute (if I am not too late).
    Nice goggles Melanie. And your trousers and top look fab too. Could have done with another photo of them....

  18. That night is one of my best memories of the weekend! I am also wearing Sheila's shoes in that photo. My shoes were not elegant. Your hat is trés divine! And that waist? 12 inches? A waist, yes I remember when I had one of those. I traded it in for a really cool son.

    I love hats-but they make my head too hot so I don't wear them as much as I would like to. Perhaps I should try lining them with an ice pack. xoxoxo

  19. Ha, this, ALL of it, is brilliant!!! You are so cool! LOVE the hats and the kittenish poses from these two lovely bloggers!!!! The video is just briilliant too!x

  20. Shawna, Sheila and Sylvia all make spectacular models! It always helps to have a stellar photographer who brings wigs and stuff.

    Your videos are so much fun, and I'm starting to look forward to them! Keep them coming, cause now you have me hooked.

    So happy to see your headwear and your beauty on Hat Attack! Thank You!

  21. Meow! What a host of be-wigged beauties you've treated us to and talk about sex kitten, check your pneumatic boobs out in that top photo.
    We went out to see The Sleaford Mods play along with a chap in a blue wig on Saturday night, he looked harmless until some w*nker stood in front of us recording the gig on their phone then his wig took on a menacing tone. xxx

  22. Another great little video , I agree with others keep them coming .
    The wig party looks so much fun , captured for all time by a talented photographer.

  23. Hmmm...I was just talking about that particular trait of cats, and here you are!!! I adore cats and their thoughtfulness (I mean, they have no idea that I really don't enjoy small dead creatures), and I have to say your tidbits are thoroughly enjoyable. Now I see what you were talking about. Everyone looks INCREDIBLE!! We should ALL do this EVERY DAY!!

    Your colorful get-up is the cat's meow, too. (I can see why that belt is in heavy rotation.) You made my night, Dear One. XO

  24. P.S. Ahem. Please don't forget we wear the same shoe size. Oh, you know, when you get tired of ALL those shoes. :-)

  25. Ahh, what fun that dress-up session looks like! Fur stoles, cameras, wigs, friends and a hotel room? Sounds like a blast. Thank you for sharing the fabulous photos. LOVE that first picture of you; your clothes and smile are glorious (as usual).

  26. Ha, you are all clearly bonkers, and I love you all the more for it! Isn't messing about with wigs great fun? You took some wonderful photos.
    Lucky you, great shoes from Sheila.
    Thankfully, wearing what I like is just an every day occurrence for me, too automatic and customary to be described revolutionary! xxx

  27. Fun looks, great pics!

    I love dressing up for fun. Have a lot of wigs and props too. They sat on quite some different heads and we had loud laughter.


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