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Saturday 26 September 2015

Brain sexy

Ooo-eee, isn't she some sexay biatch in those crazy-ass earth tones? Yeeeah baby, the sweet neutral boxiness of straight-cut vintage with baggy-butt high-waters. And whoa, don't look now - nubbly knee socks. Holy hot non-mama, I'm faint! Can she just stop ramping up the heat? 
Mel Kobayashi does androgeny with Jacqueline Conoir trousers
It's a brainporn outfit. I felt androgynous and sweetly outside the fray-for-pretty on the streets, partly because the glasses were a physical shield between my head, which is my primary residence, and Out There, where everyone else runs around. And while not hot, the cool oddity of the clothing mix still felt attractive and empowering, especially with the Einstein hair and ruby red lipstick. 

For me, this look says, I'm outside the market but you can still gape and be confounded. 

I wielded my toolbox handbag with the fierce abandon that comes from knowing I'm in charge. Of what, I don't really know. I  need staff when I wear this so I can order them around.
Mel Kobayashi in brown, vintage jacket and baggy pants
Wearing brown: boxy vintage wool suit jacket; high-waisted, short wool trousers by local designer Jacqueline Conoir; men's shoes, miraculously narrow, so pointy they have upturned toes; blue T-shirt; vintage men's tie knotted '70s style; magic loupe; brown knee socks. Except the socks, everything was thrifted or gifted, including the Firmoo prescription glasses, which sit low like reading glasses. 

I read an article about a psychological study done at the University of Minnesota, which said women use their luxury handbags as a signal to other women to back off their man.* Yeah, if a rival saw my toolbox handbag she'd be afraid I have a hammer inside. See? O, who gave me the bag, is all about the mind games: I win before the game is even on at a fraction of the price. Hahaha!

There are so many things wrong with the handbag finding - don't get me started - although sadly I don't doubt the result or their other conclusions.

*I found the link at Inside Out Style by Imogen Lamport, her Weekend Reading Sep. 12, but the link destination is persnickety. She always has cool links.
Melanie Kobayashi, cartoon, drawing at her desk
That's all. Happy weekend!
I'm linking this up to Patti's Visible Monday, of course, at Not Dead Yet Style when it goes live on Sunday. 

PS I've linked this up to TARDIS Tuesday as well because Kezzie thinks this is a very David Tennant Dr. Who look. Although I haven't watched the show, I'm happy to join the party! The more the merrier. You'll find me and the gang at KezzieAG and Maricel's My Closet Catalogue.


  1. I love it!!! You know, you could totally be David Tennant as Doctor Who in this so you could (pretty please) link up to TARDIS Tuesday in this!!!.; tool box handbag-mwa ha ha!!!!
    I like androgynous!!x

  2. I love how you tie and socks match...such a fantastic outfit! You wear it so well...and I do like your Einstein hair and your ruby red lipstick...madly stylish and perfect look.

    That research makes no sense...and I'm not sure I like how it sounds. I wear the kind of bags I feel like and I've worn pleanty of different ones or sometimes just one plain one for days because I was to lazy to think. i haven't noticed any relation of bags to man...besides the fact that some complained my DIY bags looked strange, but they were dumped so they don't count in the long run.

  3. You are doing a passable impersonation of Stephen Hawking in the black and white photo - good job!

  4. Fantastic Melanie! If Annie Hall had edge, she would be you. I remember buying old man togs at Salvation Army back in the seventies. I didn't look half as cool as you, but I really loved the vibe. I think I want to give this a go again.

  5. I Love This Outfit!!! LOVE IT!!!
    When Diane Keaton came out as Annie Hall, by world changed. I love that look. It is so comfortable, easy going and in my opinion very classy. My favorite way to dress.
    You never looked better.
    Keep Smiling!
    Connie :)

  6. I love it all! The Einstein hair (he has my favorite hair of any physicist), the trousers and specs - ev-er-ee-thing. The handbag poll is nutso; I am going to start carrying one of Sandy's socks so the other women will back off.

  7. Love this! Nothing better than confounding the masses. And glasses, yeah. That shielding aspect of glasses is why I've never bothered with trying to get past my eyeball squeamishness to wear contacts.

  8. Absolutely wonderful, Melanie - and I am gaga over your glasses!

  9. Is that an eyeglass around your neck?! I love it. My husband would also like his shoes back, when you're finished of course. We call the type winklepickers here.

  10. I do like a woman with a bit of testosterone in her style. I know, that was a totally creepy thing to say, but I think you know what I mean. You rock this look! The trousers are so cool, and the jacket and tie and shoes are very classy and hip. Also loving your Einstein hair.

    I've never had a luxury handbag. Does that mean I'm into sharing my husband with women who have more money than me?

  11. love love love the trousers!!!
    and the whole ensemble! a boy-ish look done right can be muuuuch mooore sexy then a body-con dress and heels! and you did it perfectly!!!
    can´t afford a handbag with a high end label on it - so i chose what strikes my moods with a hang to weird
    hugs! xxx

  12. Great look! I see the Annie Hall thing too, I guess for those of us of a certain age, it was a seminal look in our younger days when androgyny was hip and feminist. I loved it then and I love it now. :)

  13. Dapper and dandy! Let's go on a road trip together in an open topped car and then have a picnic on a tartan rug. Those trousers are fantastic! You're a bit Bowie meets Brideshead Revisited actually! Two of my favourite for the handbag finding...wonder what they would say about my new alligator purse! Snap!

  14. Annie Hall with attitude! Love this. You definitely rock the androgynous look.
    Maybe that why I'm not into designer bags, I've got no issues with women eyeing up Jon. xxx

  15. Oh yes, it's all about the self-possession ( the 'sexy' aspect of dressing). And you are in full possession here.
    Wotta load of crap re handbags. I mean, really? Mine signal 'big enough to hold my laptop' or 'small enough to hold my notebook/pen/phone and purse without causing shoulder or neck ache'. Oh, but I've just re-read the paragraph. I see where I'm going wrong - mine aren't 'luxury' bags. No wonder I'm giving off such practical messages.

  16. You do this look so well , so much attitude happening here.Your hair, the glasses everything boss lady perfection.
    The study about the it bags sounds like a total load of shite , written by someone with nothing better to write about, I often wonder how these things start. Enjoy your week.

  17. You come up with such cool outfits.... You could earn a living as a stylist. I love this outfit. Again. And you have no idea how on trend you are. High waisted trousers which are too short, visible knee socks, cool long jacket, androgynous. The works. BUT... you took it up a notch. As this is still different from the more culotte type fashion at the moment. Soooo good.
    However, being en vogue is the last thing you want to be, so why am I telling you this? Perhaps now you will disregard it as too mainstream. Well it is not my dear. It is awesome.

  18. The most PERFECT outfit ever, IMHO. I had a high-waisted black wool skirt once. Loved that thing. Those trousers are amazing and those SOCKS! Now I want to knit a pair. That should take all winter, and you know how long winters are here! ;)

  19. yesssssss
    I am also interested in androgynous fashion and hope to explore more this fall.

    Looks SO good!

  20. my handbags say "I bought it myself". I don't get the tiny woman with the huge purse on her arm. To each her own.

  21. Brain Porn for sure! I used to buy men's jackets, shirts and pants at the Salvation Army and Goodwill stores back in the 80s. I had very short hair back then too, so a couple of times was mistaken for a guy (no breasts either). I am always so impressed by how you are able to create so many different "characters" with your outfits.

    Since I don't own any expensive designer bags, I guess I would be completely defenseless against a hot young thing trying to take away my man...WTF?

  22. From one sexy spectacle wearing biatch to another, I salute you in your crazy-ass earth tones. Uber dandy and darling all at the smokin' once.

  23. Holy f**k, this is one of my favourite outfits you've ever done - you are chic brain porn, wrapped in Diane Keaton. The men's shoes! Ack! So fabulous, and I have seen them in person.

  24. Ooh, you rock that androgynous look, Melanie, you look amazing! As for the handbag theory - really? I wonder what it means when I carry an old knitting bag - that I'll poke someone in the eye with a knitting needle if they look at my man? Ha, they're welcome to look, I doubt either of us would even notice! xxx

  25. Ha Ha. Einstein hair. Of course! Because your look is Genius! I love the high water pants with the elfen brogues. And the tie! You know how to tie a tie. Yep. You are a Genius.

  26. Yes, very brainy and sexy! Seriously loving the casual way you wore the tie with a tee shirt or instead of a button down (note to myself to try this). And that fun color of blue totally works magic paired with the brown and grey tones. I hear you loud and clear with your handbag, a toolbox is perfect!

  27. Brain porn! Awesome! And you're right, it's amazing how empowering it can feel to wear something not slinky or short or not obviously "sexy", probably because you're not intentionally dressing to seduce a man's eyes. Conversely, menswear does actually look very sexy on women too. Go figure! I love your whole ensemble, but those trousers are the bomb. You really are the queen of cool :)

  28. Great look! Love the high waist trousers. I often go for an androgynous style ... I love it. Pretty makes me feel stupid!

  29. I love a good menswear inspired outfit. Chocolate brown and baby blue are the coolest of friends.

    I have to share a comment that someone made a while back on my blog when I posted a menswear outfit...

    "Pathetically sad that these females feel inferior than males and that they have to cross-dress or become transvestites to feel good about themselves. What if males had the same cross-dressing needs ? What a attack on God’s natural plan. In my prayers to return to sanity."

    Isn't it amazing that these people function in the world? Amazing and scary!


  30., carrying an expensive handbag means...? That your man thinks you're so special that he spent a sh*t load of money on a purse?! And he couldn't possibly do this for another woman? I'm so confused!! Why can't a woman buy it for herself? This is such complete and utter idiocy that I'm downright exhausted. The pollsters must have a part time job in politics.

    You, on the other hand, should be running for office!! The corner office with the big window. I can see you on the tarmac jumping into a helicopter, toolbox purse and all, with very important papers tucked inside.

    Will you move to the States so you can be President? Pretty please?

  31. omg, I don't carry a purse at all! I use pockets. What does that mean??!!! Good thing I don't read the papers or watch the news so I know nothing about such things.

    I see a music video (for lack of a better descriptor) with this ensemble using the words/lyrics written up top. yeah. such a beat, man. yeah. it's got me going.

    Do it. do It. DO it. do IT. DO IT. yeah. okay?

  32. This is utterly brilliant! I especially like "I'm outside the market but you can still gape and be confounded". I think I'm gonna use that from now on, with your permission, of course. Of course, the outfit is very David Tennant as the 10th Doctor, as Kezzie proclaimed, and he is my fave doctor of them all so I'm honored that your first linkup with us pays homage - albeit unwitting - to him. :D

  33. You definitely need a staff in this outfit! I'm crazy about the shoes and the entire silhouette. Your hair inspires me!

  34. Yes, yes, yes! Hotness. I need this whole outfit, especially the pants and shoes. You look fantastic!

    - Anna

  35. very clever, indeed. Love this haberdashery look.

  36. I don't get it. Menswear on a delicate female frame (well, apparently physically delicate, dear Little White Cat! ) has always been hot ... at least for men who live in their heads like you do. Satire, you say. Well, then, okay! Nah, you do look great ... less corporate than Downton Abbey hunting togs.
    Word of the day ... sapiosexual: a person who is sexually attracted to intelligence in others.

  37. Love the drag!!! Mel, you make a very cool dude, btw... ;-)

  38. I'm afraid my handbags -though cute, pretty or handy- lack any kinda girl-fight powers:-(. Hahaha...

  39. This post reminds me how much I adore an androgynous look (even if I'm not too sure how to spell it!)
    Hey, are those my shoes you're wearing?!

  40. Mel, am only getting to know you and barely scratched the surface, but this is one of my fav get-ups so far. Wowser x


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