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Friday 30 October 2015

The power of the hair

I was in a foul, furry-mouthed, fingernails-on-the-chalkboard mood so I paired the bright fuchsia ruffled blouse with these ketchup-red polka-dot trousers hoping for something on the awful side, but surprisingly they kind of matched - I let it slide. 

Bag and a Beret empties her closet on her body

So I threw on my vintage zigzag coat that I took in a whole bunch (see here) thinking it might deliver that missing expletive, but no, that backfired too because I kind of liked it. What the hell?! In a last-ditch attempt I put on the dangly earrings and polka-dot ankle boots: @#$% - they were curiously matching as well. 

Mel Kobayashi in ruffles, zigzags, and polka dots, vintage and new

I blame the hair - wearing it up made everything seem bright, cheerful, and matchy whether I liked it or not. Crabby to content in under ten minutes. Not bad.

And O recently completed another ring for me, below. I know, he spoils me! I took this photo during my walk this morning. Those are my DIY knee-eye jeans. I should have moisturized my hands and done something about my nails, but, puh.

Usually I wear the ring on my other hand but I had to switch so I could hold the camera. At least you can also see the wedding rings O made as well.

The ring is scratch-made from a chunk of stainless steel and features a black finish, which means the metal has been polished so much it appears black, and a tension-mount diamond that looks like it's floating. Diamonds - with time, pressure, and heat, look how dazzling they are! Me - with time, pressure, and heat, okaaay, moving right along... 

O used a square-cut diamond, one of my few real ones, from an old piece - without asking! He said he was "freeing" the diamond. I'm so glad he did; I love this ring.

Tension-mount diamond ring set in stainless steel, Kobayashi

Finally, O holding the ring. Don't worry, the diamond won't fall out, it's really in there.

That's all. Not an exciting post I'm afraid but I did make a simple video for later. I'm singing in it - so sorry about that... Heh.


  1. O is a genius - what a gorgeous ring he has made for you. "Free the diamond" should be your life's motto, Mel! And he made your wedding rings too? That's just lovely.
    I am smiling like a ninny looking at all that gorgeous colour you're wearing, not to mention the delicious ruffle-age. Spots, chevrons, ruffles, perky hair and a huge grin - guaranteed to get you over a bad mood, I reckon! xxx

  2. I seriously love your attempt at not matching and ending up matching in your very own spectacular way that you do it. I love a mish mash of colours and patterns, I say throw the rule book out, and I also love your HAIR! NOW, the ring!! OMFG your O is super duper clever. That is truely gorgeous and what a wicked way to set a diamond free!!

  3. I am having a hard job wondering how that diamond will not fall out - how is it secured at those two tiny points? Pressure alone?

  4. You should get own exhibition dedicated to you and your style. Or ... you may already have had several?

  5. That ring! so fantastic and gorgeous on your finger. And you have defied yourself by matching! but in the most Melanie-esque way. xox

  6. You make any ensemble shine. And I do love your hair. And your smile. And the gorgeous rings made for you by your beloved O!

  7. I love all those patterns you've got going on there, Melanie! Probably you're the only person in the whole world who could carry that look off.

    Wow, O does amazing work. I'd be scared to wear that ring because it really does look as if the diamond's going to fall out. I had no idea you could polish stainless steel so much it looks black ... **runs to cutlery drawer with a rag **

  8. That ring...WOWOWOWOW! Simply gorgeous. Your "updo" is divine, as it your mix of reds and patterns.

  9. That ring is INSANE!!! And I don't even like diamond rings! I hope O has a backlog of orders for this type of ring. You should both be rich from this amazing design.

    This outfit of yours is also one of my favourites. A pattern orgy! That ruffle blouse perfect. Was that a thrift find? Gah. I LOVE it!


  10. That ring is astounding - it's a real work of art. O is hugely talented!

    I love this outfit - now we have matching red polka dot pants!

  11. Obviously you can't stay cranky when assembling the perfect outfit! And that ring (and of course O) is definitely amazing. Bet I could lose the diamond though - I'm famous in our family for destroying jewelry. (Or it destroys me! There's a reason why I don't even wear my wedding ring.) Good thing it's yours and not mine, eh?

  12. What a ring! So beautiful...It is so incredibly simple but requires such precision of design and construction.
    The simplest things are sometimes the most striking.

    I love your hair-based mood shifting. When I am crabbit (Scottish version of crabby) I wear colour and/or something short and just go for it! Like is much to short to be unhappy. Your pattern-fest is right up my street!
    Fake Fabulous

  13. here's to uplifting hair! the higher the hair...the closer to jesus. p.s. that ring is freaking gasp-worthy divine. are you affianced?

  14. I'm in a bit of a foul mood tonight, so I think I'll make my hair high and see if that helps!
    Fabulous! xo

  15. Here's Cheers to Mixed Prints, High Hair and Free Diamonds. Beautiful and Amazing all the way around.

  16. Wauw i love your hair this wat. And the blouse!! And that ring......omg what a piece. Gorgious.

  17. The ring is completely lovely. I'd be too scared to wear it though in case the diamond did fall out.

    I love that all the polka dots, ruffles and zig-zags work so well together.

  18. If you want a clash, a mismatch wi your outfit, ask me to put one together. LOL i only survice due to very good shop assistants and good stylish friends to help me. You just throw something together and it f.... looks like AWESOME. Really good. You've got talent my dear.
    And the ring O made... again... mouthwatering. Can you say that about things that are not food? It is so beautiful. And so are your wedding rings. All in all... glad you are a happy girl.

  19. That top photo just shows why you have one of the Seven Best Blogs for Older Women, or just for Women, period. I love that photo! And I love the way the blouse creates a bib that looks like a rose garden on your chest. Honest! It looks really cool!

    The ring - O my god! In fact, O should start a jewelry line and call it that - O my god. Stunning!

  20. beautiful ring. I've never seen anything like that before. And your outfit rocks as well

  21. WHAT?! "Not an exciting post" !! A diamond in free fall, I call that VERY exciting. And, Melanie, you are getting very smart looking. Your comments on mis-matching remind me of an art school exercise that we spent one week on, mixing colour combinations to be as unpleasant as possible. The harder we tried to make ghastly relationships the more beautiful the colours became!

  22. Hey Melanie. You wanna follow somebody funny on Instagram? Check out @thefatjewish. If you think he's too wierd I apologize. I have way too much time I my hands.

  23. not exiting?! if someone made you a diamond ring??!!!
    O made it very beautiful - so airy and perfect! lucky you!!
    and once we trow away all "fashion rules" everything matches with everything. it is really that easy - but shhh - don´t tell the fashion victims ;-)

  24. love your casually-matchy ensemble, fuchsia, red polka dots and zig zags all together and it's a work of art! Bold colors are fabulous all of them, so obviously they have to match!
    And your ring is another work of art!. Love how the steel holds the diamond in a delicate way, even if it's strong!
    besos & arte

  25. Ruffles and dots and zig zags, Oh MY!! I am totally digging the colours and patterns in this outfit. I will agree that when your hair is sticking up just the way you want it too, it makes everything you're wearing look 10 times better.

    The ring is absolutely lovely - how is O not swamped with orders for these? Such a talented artist!

  26. O makes RINGS??!!? Oh, girl, you scored big time.

  27. Your ring is just so simple and stunning, what a clever artist O is.
    Your combination works so well frills , spots and zigzag stripes with your updo , no wonder you felt good at the end.

  28. Whaddya mean not an exciting post. O made a ring for you - a ring! And you went from crabby to content with dots and fushia and zig zag and big hair! That's one helluva day, madam, in my book.

  29. The zigzag coat is mesmerizing. Hehe. I still can't get over those pants! They look amazing on you. Now, I feel like I need them, even though, I know I'd look ridiculous in them. Heh.

    - Anna

  30. I'm quite speechless to the creativity and brilliant design O came up with for your ring design. "Free the Diamond" is a wonderful name and motto to live by. You are one lucky woman!
    As for your attempt to combat or join in your crazy mood, I do believe your clothes were just thinking for themselves as letting you know that the day was made for dancing and celebrating! This is an ensemble I would carefully put together for an array of creative pattern mixing, love every single bit of this. That jacket, well, I would take it off your cute little shoulders any day.

  31. That ring, that ruffled delight of a blouse, that fab zig zag coat, those dotty trousers - all too exciting x

  32. That is the single most awsomely friggin gawjuss ring I've ever seen in my life.

    I know there was some awesomeness posted before the ring, but now I don't want to see anything else.

  33. Love this -accidentally;-)- matching outfit. And that ring is wowza!!!! Envy!


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