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Monday 2 November 2015

Chipmunk Blogger Country-Western Blues

"Ooo-eee! You hair smells like stinky socks!" That's a phrase you don't want to hear, which is why, when I was stuffing the crown of this wig, I used clean knee socks, not soggy or crunchy ones. If I don't put them in there, this beehive hair hat falls smack in my face, which could be useful on a bad face day, but not on a day I'm wearing false eyelashes.

I dressed this morning clutching that free pass that comes with Halloween, the thought that I can wear whatever the feck I want, not that I don't usually, but I felt greater safety pushing my boundaries, which for me included wearing this fabulous beehive wig. 

Surveying the results, I decided I was Serena, a guest character on the American TV series Bewitched from the '60s/'70s. She was the dark-haired fun-loving witch cousin of the show's star, Samantha, the suburban blonde witch married to a bungling ad executive. 

Except for the wig and the heavy-handed makeup, this look is not terribly out of the ordinary. Check out the wig's pointy splendour in the photo below. Don't you just swoon for it? One part hair, one part sock. One of the best compliments I got from a stranger today was, "Wow, you look awesome, but your costume is bordering normal." 

This Serena look would have fit well with my new country and western music video but I went with my fall-back: sequins and earrings. A really, really stupid song about blogging that I made up lodged in my head and I needed to purge it fast so I spit it up in a little video. 

I had grandiose plans, shooting here, shooting there, close-ups, far-outs, and, as a result, I preemptively exhausted myself. So I present this modest ditty, 41sec. Hats off to people with real musical talent!


*** Chipmunk Blogger *** 
 *** Country & Western Blues ***

And more gratuitous shots of Serena. How could I not include them? I had too much fun wearing this. 

The full ensemble above. Jeez, I look normal there. Who knew those dials and knobs on my camera were not just decorative. Yes, I tried a new setting at ISO eleventy-eleven, but I don't like the grainy quality. I guess I'll have to fark around with that stuff some more.

And that's a selfie I took at the coffee shop with my standard camera setting. Double glasses again: sunglasses in my hair and reading glasses on my face for journaling. See the cute doggie print on the scarf? Click for bigger.

That's all. I'm linking this post up to:
Thank you for all these parties, you wild women! I'm bringing my Halloween candy. Get ready for a sugar high.


  1. This wig suits you! Although I'm sure if you put on a Marge Simpson wig you'd make it look like you were born with blue hair as well. You've really taken on Serena. Your pattern mixing is of epic and magical proportions.

    That last line of the song is brilliant! Ha ha! How did you come up with it?

    I want to be you when I never grow up!


  2. Ha ha! I love the video, your chipmunk voice is spectacular. I hope you achieve the 1,000,000 views you so rightly deserve :)

    I chuckled at "One part hair, one part sock", but the wig actually looks fabulous on you, as does the whole ensemble.

  3. Heehee. Thanks for linking. You are so kind to bring candy. I'll take five of those chocolates.

    I have a good stinky hair story. It was on a trip to NYC during the summer. Hot and muggy weather. I still had long hair and was deploying my solution to the discomfort by getting my hair wet, then piling it up in a bun. The dampness would keep my head cool. I slept with it up too. After a few days of this, I debunned my hair to remoisten and smelled... something bad. It was my hair! It smelled like dirty sneakers!

  4. OMG! "It's the altar of my ego"!
    The wig/Serena is absolutely perfect.
    *standing ovation!*

  5. Part sock, part wig - there's an advertising slogan right there. The chipmunk song make me choke on my organic, gluten-free, tasteless oatmeal. Never stop, Mel, never stop! You are the best


  6. I have to agree with Carol - the best line (IMHO) is "the altar of my ego." The last line does make me want to hear more, though. Please keep composing and singing for us!

    I loved Serena, and also Sabrina on I Dream of Jeannie. As a brunette child, I loved seeing the darker, naughtier side of the blonde stars. Zebra coat - squeeeee! And your bombshell beehive is fantastic! Next time you wear it, you should put a kitten in it, and it would meow as you walked down the street. Or you could get the same effect electronically, and avoid incurring the wrath of PETA.

  7. Well, no doubt about it, you are a big hit in the chipmunk genre. But, i'm a thinkin' you better stick to bloggin'!!! haha Can't believe how different you look in a black wig. Fun. Fun.

  8. I lolled with happiness all over my couch, my boys are thinking this is confirmation of my insanity..! Many thnaks from a medium length lurker...Carroll

  9. bordering it. Old knee hi's stuffed with fiber fill works well instead of socks. Lovely song and video

  10. Anne: Your hair story cracked me up.
    Thorne Garnet: Thanks for the tip!
    Val: The name Sabrina kept popping into my head instead of Serena. How weird that both magic TV women have fun brunette relatives - so much more interesting.

    I agonized over the last line of the song, until I hit this winning combination. Heh.

  11. you are such a starrrr!!!!!

  12. mwahaha, Big Hair and false eyelashes are really amazing!!, and you look like a mystery woman and also very funky!! That 60's psychedelic fabulousness is all around!
    And your little piece of poetry in motion is the most funny thing I've watched these days, and it's also absolutely right!!

  13. You're one third of the Shangri-las, and a bit of Loretta Lynn - but ALL fabulous! The chipmunk voice made me laugh, you're rocking the wig/sock ensemble, and I think you rather like being Serena! She needs to come out to play more often. xxx

  14. Holy smolley that wig is awesome on you and I want your pants - literally please give them to me!!!

  15. Your video cracked me up! Why does it seem perfectly acceptable to me that a chipmunk voice would come out of your mouth? Excellent lyrics, by the way.

    Yes, Serena, not Sabrina. Your outfit gave me a full "Bewitched" flashback as I fondly remembered all the characters - Uncle Arthur, Endora, Aunt Clara, etc.

  16. You're the best. I know I'm no longer blogging but I think you're an inspiration and I'll try and pop by more often. Xxxxx

  17. Melanie, is that really you? LOL

    HOW did you do that chipmunk-voiced video? I believe I might just need to enlist the help of the taxidermy and make something like that myself. They might already be stuffed with socks, I don't know for sure. Excellent song-writing, by the way. Can you compose a good one suitable for dead things that I could use in my video? ;)

  18. Did you bark at the end of that song? LOLOLOLOLOL.

  19. A costume bordering on normal. Isn't that how we'd like to dress every day? Such a wonderful video. And you should be proud of the last part. It is pure chipmunk poetry. I'd never thought of using socks as hair falsies. Magical.

  20. As made for a musicvideo with ... let's say B-52!

  21. I just love youre creativity!

  22. The video!!! Choked on my coffee! Should go viral, in my opinion. Serena is beyond fabulous!

    Spectacular always. The beehive wig stuffed with socks is the perfect addition to Hat Attack. Thank you for sharing. And as Patti states, "Never stop! You are the best."

  23. You are like a blanc canvas. Anything you put on is art and fabulous. You would be a spectacular model. Love the video. I am off to see it again. (Sorry, I have no witty comment. You deserve it but I am braindead because of hard work.)

  24. We sooooooooooooooo need to be in a band together!

  25. Is there nothing you don't look good in? And is there no end to your creative comic talents?? All brilliant (again).

  26. You are too much! Do you seriously record these hilarious videos totally normal? (JK). I'm so glad I finally got to know you this past summer because I enjoy your blog so much more now that I know the real Mel. You are talent galore! And I must say, you make a terrific Selena (she was my favorite character), loved her fun and crazy attitude. The compliment you received was the best ever, but my favorite part of this entire post was the phrase, 'bad face day", thats a good one!

  27. So enjoyed your video, chipmunk voice really does suit. Looking good in sock stuffed wig, and those great pants.

  28. I loved watching Bewitched!!! A sock stuffed wig, how perfect! Thank you for making me laugh, your video was exceptional!

  29. I always liked Serena better than Samantha. That's why we're friends. And Sam's mother was right. Darrin (sp?) WAS a dork.

  30. How did I miss this?? I also want to be you when I grow up. Or maybe just stand near you and absorb your schtar quality.

  31. I think we all want to be your best friend after the chipmunk video. Love your Serena persona, and that comment on borderline normal. Am wondering if we could have a mud wrestling competition to win those trousers?

  32. Hahaha...!!!

    Loved this post.

    The wig and whole look are bewitchingly cool. And that video is hilarious!

    Such creativity floating around everything you do!


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