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Monday 16 November 2015

My secret life revealed

I've been lying to you. I'm ashamed of myself. But you'll forgive me when you find out why - I hope. It also explains why my shoes stay in great shape and why I'm wearing vintage welding goggles. And looking so tough.

Melanie Kobayashi, serious welding goggles face, Bag and a Beret

You know how I said I go on inspiration walks every morning? This video finally reveals my secret identity, 15 seconds of pure action. I'm not sure why I wear welding goggles though; I can't see a frickin' thing. Seriously.

I guess the goggles are for when I get close to the sun, but I don't go there very often. I prefer to leave my winged sandals and wax wings at home - they're hard to lug around when I land. And people keep asking me, hey, where'd you get those gigantic candles that look like wings? Plus, my fall/winter clothes are for cruising in cool air.

As usual, a few birds caught a free ride on my platform shoes, which accounts for the rear drag in the video. I'll need to do something about that. Fake owls maybe.

Melanie Kobayashi, welding goggles, very essential accessories

I tried shooting the video myselfie, flying single-handed, but it threw me off course.

I finally asked a group of three passersby to help out, reasoning it might be harder to run off with my camera in a group than alone. They thought I was odd, flying like a dork in my heels and my Alaia dress, and while the guy did an okay job, it wasn't until weeks later that I coerced O into filming these scenes. So happy.

And a SECOND secret to reveal:


I'm very excited - I was asked if I'd like to style a fashion show for My Sister's Closet (MSC) at a swanky fundraising gala for Battered Women's Support Services. Heck, yeah. I bought my tutu at MSC in the summer and mentioned to the manager that I had finally styled it. She checked my blog on the spot (she didn't know I blogged) and then immediately asked if I'd like the job. I knew the tutu was magic. Hurrah!

The gala is being held at a swanky downtown venue and will feature a TV celebrity MC, a gourmet meal, a talk by Severn Cullis-Suzuki, and other stuff. Best thing of all is the ticket proceeds (@$100) go to BWSS, which operates MSC as a social enterprise. You can find details here.

FINALLY, a superhero coat. My hair fell over.  All that flying, you see.

Melanie Kobayashi in shaggy red coat, heh, bag and a beret

I bought the coat last year for next-to-nothing at MSC when I was on the brink of spending truckloads of money on Etsy for a similar inferior coat. Check out those humongous buttons. Hahaha! The princess-heel burgundy boots are from MSC too, lightly insulated and waterproof, made by Montreal brand La Canadienne - very fine, oh yes.

Oooh, I just got a 'dis dress call from a thrift shop. I must fly. Superheros never rest. Wheee! Heh. Meanwhile, it's raining and dark and I just want to eat chips and watch old movies. How are you doing?

And, you know what's next, right?
I'm linking up with Patti's energy-giving Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style to hang out with all the other women with superpowers. And with Catherine at Not Dressed as Lamb for her #iwillwearwhatilike. Yesh, I will wear what I like, dagblammit!


  1. Of course you are a stylist. Your super powers are finally getting recognized. It's about time! I love the video. Especially the bird sound effects. Squawk! Props to your talented cinematographer. A such a lovely furry coat. "Rear drag" happens to me every single day. BUMmer.

  2. Hahahahahahaha! I want you to fly over to Toronto! I have a fashion emergency! My pug's furry pants are so "last year" I just know you'll have the perfect suggestion Style Superhero!

    I LOVED that video! Brilliant!!!

    Kudos to you for asking other people to film you. I'd NEVER have the guts.

    I need to borrow those welding glasses for my new lights for indoor photos. No joke.

    How cool is it to see your name up there as the famous Stylist to the stars??? Damn cool!

    Just remember us little folk when you're rich and famous with your endless supplies of designer gowns and buff young men to fetching you whiskey and Cheesies.

    It's sunny and warm out this way. Pass by for a quick fly by! I've just made some double chocolate healthy muffins that are fresh out of the oven waiting for you.


  3. Whoa Nelly! That is cool, man. You're going to be breaking silos? woo-whee. I know, I know, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. But still....I'm so excited. Can't wait for the movie.

  4. You fly, you weld, you style - you've got super duper powers! Nice to get the fashion show gig - I have a feeling the outfits will be extraordinary.
    Loving that fuzzy coat! xxx.

  5. You are the dude! This is cool and I am so pleased you are involved in the show!!!xx

  6. Super-Mel! Able to wear huge coats with aplomb! Can leap tall tourists with a flourish of her fab boots! Can style a show full of people and still have time to blog!

    Congrats on the chi-chi venue in which to take over the world! I mean, to show your madd stylin' skillz, yo. :)

  7. I always knew you had superpowers and it is fun discovering one of them...that flying video is hillarious...and you're right fall and winter clothes are perfect for flying and crusing above the city light...and naturally goggles are a must!!!

    Congrats on being the stylish for that fashion show for battered women, that is such a worthy cause...and I'm sure you'll nail it. I can't wait to read it....

    and I bet that gorgeous red coat will come in handy for your next should keep you nice and warm. Plus, you don't have to worry about wearing out those fabulous boots. Lucky you!

    Going to bed early? Why not? Tonight I plan to do some blogging while listening to Samuele Berslani:) going to bed early sounds attractive:)

  8. Do you sometime leave white splashes on the ordinary humans and statues below?

  9. Your superpowers continue to amaze and delight! So glad you took us to MSC, a very fine place indeed. And your shaggy orange-red coat is the WINNER, congrats. Await word on your winnings.
    Thanks for linking up, xox


  10. Awesome superhero in our midst. Love the fluffy coat, love the crazy video and love your latest accolade as stylist extraordinaire.
    Anna x

  11. Now that's a fashion show I'd love to see! And I'd even pay a hundred bucks to see it cause it's such a darn good cause ... well, but mostly because you're stylin' it so it's totes gonna be amazing, amirite?

    You are MY hero! The sky's the limit once word gets out about your mad styling skillz, you know. Jeez, this sounds pretty gushy. Should I delete it? Puh.

  12. The cat is out of the bag , not only talented but with super powers too.
    Enjoy styling the event, it will be quite something.
    You look quite stunning in your furry coat, just the thing to brighten a drab day.

  13. congratulation - you superhero!!!
    what a great job! styling a show - but not for xyz-women-abusing-fashion-brand - instead for a GOOD THING!
    the video is totally cute!!!!

  14. A stylist with super powers! Congratulations! Can't wait to hear more about your fashion show debut. With your creative skills, this will be the show of the year, I'm sure.

    Love the video and the welding goggles are brilliant. What will you think of next? How could I possible EVER miss a post!

  15. How wonderfull that you may style a fashionshow! I cant wait for the pictures.

  16. Omg there's so much to love in this post. That zipper jacket is so rad! The flip goggles (flip goggles!!?!) are the best thing ever. That giant orange coat...magnifique! Congrats on the stylist gig, too!

    - Anna

  17. ohhh, fabulous googles are a perfect accessory, particularly if you're a flying superheroin!
    Glad you're going to rock a fashion show!!, it looks amazing and cool!
    And your new coat is another piece of fabulousness which I adore, ohhh, those Buttons!! love them!!
    wishing you lots of adventures!

  18. I can't think of a better stylist PLEASE ask O to film it! xxx

  19. I KNEW you had a secret life! You're just too frackin' fabulous to be just a regular human.

    The poster looks good and I love that your name is right there, all bold and noticeable. If I lived closer, and could come up with the cash before next week I would love to see your stylist debut. Will you be filming it? Your readers want photos, and video if possible.

    Finally, I get to see The Coat after hearing about it. It IS a marvelous colour and matches your lipstick, which is oh-so-important, in case you didn't know.

  20. I knew it you have superpowers.

    I want a coat like that so I can snuggle up in it.

  21. Pretty sure we all ready new you were a superhero, and I love your video. You are a ballsy gal asking strangers to film you, I like that a lot, your 'dilligaf' attitude!! While you are off sorting out dis-dress calls I am chasing a farkin chicken that thinks it lives indoors, dam Joan!! Oh LOOOOOOOVE your coat and can buttons really ever be too big? I think not!!

  22. Oh, so much happiness and hair in that post! Now that your secret identity is finally out, you can put your superpowers to good styling use. Soon you'll be Stylist to the Stars (if Miz Bagg lets you out of your contract).

    I'm in awe of your big buttons, and your chutzpah in asking strangers to take your video. Forget what I said about being Stylist to the Stars - you ARE the star!

  23. Looking forward to see Pictures from the show (with such good theme)

  24. I am very surprised MSC didn't know you blogged. Surely you must have talked to them about your blog? With me, shop assistants get about 15 minutes before I start dishing out that kind of information. They have to be polite you see. I take advantage of that.
    Of course you are a stylist. We all knew that. Take that blue sweater you are wearing. It is a totally different patern and colour than the trousers and coat but it works. You put a white shirt underneath it (I presume) and it peeps out at the top and the bottom, making it look even better. And the coat...!! what a cosy wintercoat.
    Did I mention the spot on fashion item boots? NO? That is because you don't give a hoot whether it is fashionable or not LOL>
    Bye darling. Got to fly.
    PS are your wings up for a challenge? Like flying across the ocean(s) to Amsterdam?

  25. Yay, now that the revelation of your secret super-power is out, you'll be able to flit off anywhere, globally to attend to style distress calls. How long do you reckon it might take you to nip over the water to Oxford??

  26. Wow! Superhero and SuperSTAR, conquering the world with good deeds. In boca al lupo, and I can't wait to see the out-takes.

    (I prefer an inspiration shower, myself. Good thing I don't live in California.)

  27. That video killed me! I can't wait to see your runway creations!!

  28. You are my super-hero! Seriously!!! Talk about a woman with super positive energy, a heart of gold, and unique style all in one and I've found my super hero. Yep, and I'm just grateful I can call you my friend as well.
    Ok, now just a little talk about this amazing ensemble, how do you manage to pull it all together and make one tee shirt so magical. Oh, maybe its mixing it with checked pants, funky boots, and layering a one-of-a -kind super hero coat over it? Love it!

    YAY for the fashion show!!!

  29. I'm with Greetje: use your wings to fly to Amsterdam! And don't forget to stuff a few furry, fluffy, colorful coats from MSC in your suitcase for me. I'll reimburse you;-). Hahaha....


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