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Sunday 22 November 2015

Lost in wrong translations

I told the world to roll over and... it did! - magical residue from Serena, my Halloween alter ego from Bewitched. The view is much better sideways in some respects. Not so much traffic either. I'm standing on the mall.

Melanie Kobayashi, fashion blogger in a sideways world

Apart from my warped perspective, what have I got for you? Brown. It's a phase - it's cold outside. 

Outfit 1
Oversized Diesel men's T and high-waisted brown stirrup cords, very soft, by German brand blutsschwester, both $5 at My Sister's Closet, booties from MSC, black under-T, and magic loupe. 

There is a deer embroidered on the front left hip of the pants and writing, "Landadel verpflichtet," which means "Rabid deer." Pfft. I have no idea what it means; I just like the pants. 

Bag and a Beret, brown stirrup pants, Diesel T, do you read these?

Maybe it means "Kill deer." They resemble hunting pants after all. That would be alarming to me. The stirrup foot loops are trimmed with stiff brown glittery lace, which is a bit weird, and there is red and white gingham fabric like a tablecloth(!) lining the front flap and edging the pockets. I don't want to kill deer. 

And look! - writing on the left shoulder of the T-shirt. One would assume it says Diesel, but maybe this is German, Dies El. Or maybe it's English, like "die hard" but instead it's "dies el." What does it mean?! Everything is abstruse in a sideways world.

Outfit 2
More brown, but it's mixed with dried mustard so it's not truly brown. I'm referring of course to my maxi muppet coat. There's no writing on it but the message is fairly clear, sometimes with expletives, sometimes not, depending on my mood. Here? With, despite the smile. I put an IG photo looking mean, here

Mel Kobayashi, fashion blogger, in a muppet coat

It's a whapping, flapping, flowing monster of goodness, grrr. The pants do have writing on them, embroidery on the back right waistband: "Sanchez." They used to belong to him; they're mine now. 

I love those tufts. And my tuxedo blouse, it's slightly stretchy, fits well. Thrifted. All thrifted.

Here I am walking swiftly towards the wall, coattails whapping. It looks like there's a small animal on my head; that's just my hair, although it too can be playful and do tricks like real animals. That day I saw a woman piling six rats onto her shoulders as I walked by - I counted them. 

Melanie Kobayashi in maxi muppet coat, bagandaberet

I bought a very pink swishy vintage gown for the gala (What gala? See previous post) and realized I'm an idiot. I got the gown home, then hand washed it, and portions of it disintegrated. That wouldn't bother me too much if it was only $5 but it was expensive, at least much more than I usually pay. 

Why can't there be an "Undo" button for life?

Among other things, I've been busy styling for the gala, which I'm enjoying immensely, working with some awesome people. I'm learning a lot. I'll show you photos of the outfits next week. 

That's all. I'm linking with Patti's superb Visible Monday party at Not Dead Yet Style. Yay, Patti!! Weren't the finger sandwiches last week faboo? I must ask where she gets her gherkins. This week, corn pudding! Hurrah, my favourite. Is there corn in that?

One more thing:
Kezzie of KezzieAG has entered Lady Vintage's Hall of Fame photo competition. In her submission, she is wearing a fantastic Lady V dress in front of Doddington Hall. If you love this shot as much as I do, you can vote for her on Facebook HERE. She definitely looks prizeworthy! (This info is entirely unsolicited.)


  1. Oooo, those corduroy pants do look soft, and I think they would look mighty fine with the maxi muppet coat. But I'm not the stylist - you are, and I can't wait to see what you've concocted for the gala! Too bad about the gown, but really, if it can't hold up to water then you wouldn't be able to wear it in the rain. Better it should fall apart in the sink than on the streets of Vancouver. Just sayin.

  2. I love your hair - its whackitude is elevated, yo. The muppet coat is magnifique. Don't you hate when you buy something and it falls apart? I feel like I should have known better.

  3. You have such a (positive) dramaqueen-look in your "Muppet maxi-coat". I envy your silhouette!

  4. It's quite wookie like, and fabulous! Great deer stalker pants too. ;-)

  5. My food is all made of corn - real corn, too! Fabulous outfits, as per always. I need high waisted pants with a deer saying on them (it probably means "we kiss baby deer.") You're a treasure, xox


  6. Those do look rather like hunting trousers. What a gillie would wear. I bet that is a word you don't know! Ha : ) Finally a word you don't know.

    I love your photos with the world on its side.

    I'm with Patti..."we kiss baby deer." SO much better. They are too soft looking to say otherwise.


  7. I've always loved a long-sleeved tee under a short-sleeved one. It used to be one of my go-to looks when I was still slim enough to carry it off. These days I don't need any extra layers. And stirrup pants - I haven't seen a pair of those since I was around thirteen! That was forty-sev... Never mind. It's not important. ;)

    Dies El. Sanchez. You crack me up, Melanie! Six rats - is that a record, one wonders? I'm excited to see pictures of the gala outfits!

  8. That whipping, flapping, flowing monster of goodness, I want wrap myself right into it also! It's delicious. And your first outfit, are you sure it wasn't a copy from Voque? I'm terribly in love with the tee shirt. Probably on the lookout now for a men's oversize crazy graphic tee. What a great idea. But, then I do know I won't come close to pulling it off like you, but it's still a great idea. Actually love the pants as well. You do realize that your the street style fashionista of Vancouver and people are secretly waiting each day for you to emerge with camera in hand, right?
    So excited for your fashion show, sure wish I could fly up and watch.

  9. I'm looking for a winter coat in all the wrong stores. Making a list of thrift shops in Portland this morning. The search continues. I love love love that long Sasquatch Coat--so much better than a puffer!

  10. You'll resurrect that gown, I know you will. How about writing "bit of a fuck up" in a Sharpie, pointing to the bits that got trashed? All the cool kids wikll be doing the same this time next year, mark my words.
    I've found a plethora of vintage German clothes lately, what's going on? The trousers are ace but I'd seriously hunt you down for the coat. xxx

  11. I love your 'Grizzly bear ate a leopard' coat-it looks SO wonderfully cosy!!! The tuxedo is super stylish.
    What happened to the wretched dress?????? That's rubbish!!!
    Dies El. Mwa ya ha. dies is German for 'This'!!!
    And sooo sweet to put that message about me down the bottom-thank you, that is so nice!!! (what does unsolicited mean??) X

  12. Wow, Melanie, those pants are the best!
    I'm trying to remember the movie that your first photo reminds me of....hold on....*google search* ... okay yeah! "Inception"!

  13. Ouch. That so hurts to spend your hard earned cash on said mighty fine gown and for it to let you down so badly. Could you not have dried it off and worn it in a kind of Cinders-does-go-the-ball way? Your breeches are wonderful and I have severe furry coat envy with your yeti stlyle offering.
    Anna's Island Style

  14. Oh no to the dress disaster (though Vix's idea is brilliant!) I like your androgynous girl-as-gillie trousers, whatever they say, and of course the monster muppet coat is monstrously fabulous.
    HOW many rats?! xxxx

  15. Ich bin so happy to see your Dies El tee shirt up close because it is pretty kuhl. Instagram is fun but the photos are so teeny tiny. Perhaps the words on your clothing are merely suggestions on how to wear each garment. Though it looks like you cracked the code. No instructions necessary for the Muppet coat because it and you are Perfektion.

  16. The COAT ! YOU wear it so well !!! I gotta quote Sheila on the Whackitude hair in the stairwell - amazing :-) Thank you !!!

  17. You put a smile on my face! I love your looks.

  18. Your "brown" post is quite inspiring. I've always loved high-waisted pants, and these have the added detail of embroidered writing. There's mystery in all of that.

    Your maxi muppet coat is glorious yet functional, with the warmth that it provides this time of year.

    Too bad about the swishy vintage gown, but I'm sure you will come up with a glamorous alternative for the gala. Can't wait to see photos!

  19. Kezzie: I hope the meaning I conveyed with "unsolicited" is that you didn't ask me to put this information here. I did it independently because I think you're awesome!

  20. There will be no Killing Deer! Even though I know they can be destructive and there may be too many of them, but they are so pretty...

    Anyway...fabtastic pants, and you know I luuuuv your muppet coats. Now that I don't have a swatch of hair left to swirl you will have to take up the torch for the sticky-up haired gals (I like Sheila's description).

    I'm so sorry your intended outfit for tomorrow night fell apart - Vix's suggestion is rather genius but it depends on how much of the actual dress is left. I'm sure you will come up with something brilliant. XX

  21. I have to come back to comment. Husband commands me to come to bed

  22. Such a shame about your dress , hoping your clever self can save some part of it . Those pants look great on you , can see you in a hunting lodge , to view the deer only , no shooting allowed, along with your fuzzy muppett coat.

  23. My grandma had a 70s carpet (in the bedroom that used to be my dad's) that looked remarkably similar to the texture of your super-amazing muppet coat. I actually used to think it looked more like something that someone would wear - and here you are: proof!

  24. Here I am. Back again another day. As most of the Dutch speak a bit of German as well (our countries are ajoint), I will tell you what those words mean.
    Landadel= country nobility. And "verpflichtet" means: bound; committed; obliged; obligatory; compulsory; forced; tied; indebted; involuntary.
    What do you make of that? Were those trousers a given for the country nobility? Were others not allowed to wear them? They do look like German or Austrian hunting trousers... So glad you gave them a better life. They look very good with Dies el. Is there a white/red trim around the pockets? Nice touch.
    The coat has always been such a good little (long) coat. Were you wearing this one when somebody asked you whether it was made from dead muskus rats? And you said something very funny along the lines of no 12 muppets or so?
    As for your hair: although that small animal on your head is cute, I don't mind it if it lies down once in a while haha.

  25. Your figure. Jesus Christ, man. You look so good in both outfits. Your pants always look custom tailored. Hehe. That first outfit slays me. I'd wear the hell out if it!

    - Anna

  26. What a cool looks! Those trousers are awesome, with all the intriguing and surprising details. Text and trimming. And that know me by now: want!!!!!


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