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Friday 13 November 2015

News Flash: Yellow Skirt Freak Show storms New York!!

LOOK Who'S Back! Bwahahaha! It's our friend, Freakish Yellow Skirt (FYS). Hurrah! Such a jet-setter she is, having stopped in New York City for a little quality hobnobbing, R&R and...

...another heap of love, added this time by NYC artist and doyenne of style Debra Rapoport. I'm so happy that Debra has joined the FYS show to spread our message of positivity and acceptance All Around the World. Thank you!

Debra's fruitally fun additions to the waist (shoulder, heh) of the skirt are excellent extensions of her brilliant creativity.  You may also notice her artistry shining like a BEACON (yes, a beacon!) on her head. Debra is the 26th woman to style FYS.

Many thanks go to Shelley of Forest City Fashionista, an early FYS adopter and stellar FYS travel coordinator for some years, for snapping these photos during a party of arty glitterati hosted by Debra.

Debra is renowned for her hat- and jewellery-making with paper towels and other recycled materials, as well as her joie de vivre expressed in inspiring styling of thrifted clothing. Hurrah! Not surprisingly, she co-starred in the internationally-acclaimed documentary Advanced Style, released by Lina Plioplyte and Ari Seth Cohen, creator of the Advanced Style blog.

Debra currently does not have any active social media hubs - apart from her hyperactive hub in real life - even better. Just a quick search online will net you thousands of sources where you can read more about this fascinating New Yorker.

The skirt is still in New York, living it up. If you would like to know more about the Travelling Yellow Freak Show project or even join in, details are here. A Gallery of the 25 previous FYS stylists is here or click the sidebar.

Thanks again, Debra! And Shelley! And thank you, Suzanne, for getting FYS back on the road with a BANG.

Edit: This post went up before I knew about Paris, but I would like to think of this cooperative project as a tiny reminder that there is a whole lot of love still in the world. I wrote that Debra's hat is a beacon - maybe it is even more so now. 


  1. Oh, hurray! I'm so happy to see the FYS back in action! I love the innovation of the strap - so chic. Wonderful to be in such company. Thank you, dearest, for this wonderful ongoing piece of art.

  2. Yay!!! It's back and looking fabulous.

  3. Wow, she has made it look absolutely stunning!!!!Xx

  4. Whoo hoooo!
    I love seeing the FYS' journey!

  5. So happy the skirt was able to get out on the town in NYC!

    Deborah has most certainly brought her artistic talents to the skirt, both in styling and what she added to the skirt.

    Great post!


  6. Can't wait til it's shipped to me. Debra: Amazing!!! I'm a thinkin' it's not so much how I am going to style it, but WHERE I'm going to take it. Skiing down Mt. Hood, maybe??? Or to the bottom of an ice cave???

  7. glad to see the fabulous FYS once again! even more fabulous to see Debra looking gorgeous and colorful and awesome wearing that FYS!, and yes, she's a beacon, all the amazing ladies creating art and dressing up and sharing their creativitiy, all of them are like beacons in the darkness!, hurrah for that!

  8. Glad to see Debra in the FYS and see her creative touches, She is indeed a beacon of sunshine at this dark time.

  9. Gorgeous interpretation of the FYS! Debra's a creative goddess. And yes there is still light in the world, and sometimes the light wins (credit to True Detective's Rusty Cohle). xox


  10. fabulous take on the yellow skirt!!!!
    interesting HOW different all the stylings are! you may say "no wonder with all that different women" - yes of cause - but the wonder is that all the different women love each other - BECAUSE OF THE DIFFERENCES!!!
    if this is not a sign for the world - then i do not know....
    i drop you a mail if snow is in sight!!! xxxxxx

  11. I loved Patti's comment that included the quote from True Detective ( I loved the first season, the second, not so much). There is still light in the world, even with the horror of the attacks in Paris on Friday night. Creative, compassionate people like Debra, who bring people together are part of that light.

    I thought the shoulder strap was a brilliant addition, and I'm glad the photos turned out ok.

  12. Oh you cannot beat this.... Debra truly showed her creativity. I bow my head and am humble.

  13. That's so awesome! Debra is very inspirational and the yellow skirt features are so fun. I am envious about the trip to New York, but then I might prefer to go in warmer weather. Have fun, skirt! xoxo

  14. Ok, this is just fabulous! That new addition, well lets face it, who else could and would create this other than Debra. And seriously, doesn't it just look as if it should have been this way all along? This latest addition is the whimsy the FYS needed at this stage of its life.

  15. How creative and fun! Yeah, Debra is a real artist. I adore her style and her creativity!

  16. She is rocking the HECK outta that skirt! YES!

  17. How exciting to see Debra shine in the FYS. She looks glorious in floating yellow, and her hat is the perfect accessory to her stunning rendition, which has been creatively worn by many across the world. Great photos by Shelley, of course. This entire project is a beacon of hope, as you state.

  18. So similar to Anna Piaggi! And I would pay dearly to get a similar compliment to the one I just gave ...


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