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Wednesday 2 December 2015

Bring on the hounds, and Hat Attack 29

Did I the mention the post-gala party? (what gala? see here) The wild frickin' partying all frickin' night long?!! Boozing on dregs, semi-nude prancing on linen-topped tables, catwalk histrionics with dirty cutlery aids, drunken Chicken Dance-ing down gold-foiled halls hung with dour portraits of past presidents, Carol Burnett-style yodelling in the men's bathroom, giggly Hide & Seek with security, and boisterous kitchen raids for more dessert. Did I mention that?

No? Maybe because in reality I staggered home early in exhaustion and slept, collated my photos, and got a cold three days later like a respectable middle-aged tween. Such a wuss!! One tablespoon of wine these days and I'm out. But I can dream, can't I? - if that kind of drunken debauchery still counts as a dream...

Melanie Kobayashi, houndstooth jacket and pants, and a beret

I was feeling better today so it was time to call in the hounds. Yes, nothing like double-dose houndsteeth for extra bite and snarl - that's good medicine. But no more muzzling with my facemask - that phase of my cold is past, thank goodness. I try to mask up to keep my germs to myself, plus the mask is like a little security blankie for my face. I put a photo of me in one of my masks on Instagram here

Mel Kobayashi, houndstooth jacket and a beret

And it's time to join Judith's 29th Hat Attack at Style Crone - I can't miss it. I made sure to wear this lovely thrifted indigo felt beret. I used to wear it all the time and it felt good jamming it down over my ears again today. It still fits! - I was worried because of the massive head bloat I got from all your generous comments about the fashion show. (Thank you, by the way!)

Mel Kobayashi, houndstooth jacket and pants, and a beret

I don't like the gloves with this, but, hey, it was cold. And the belt is sticking out - drats. My PA is fired!! The coat is a high-end cashmere-wool blend from My Sister's Closet, $5 rack; the Italian slip-on leather booties are from there too, so pointy the toes turn up. And thrifted houndstooth Steve Madden stretch ankle-zip pants, O's real rockstar button down from Tokyo days, and my magic loupe from O.

I'm linking these hungry hounds up to Patti's fabulous Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style, where she's serving up ice cream cake. Woo-hoo!! That's something to party about.

Speaking of O, he made me another ruby and stainless steel ring with a tension mount. It's the third in a set of three rings made from chunks of stainless steel, each with increasing difficulty to make. The first one is here, the second is here, and this one.

ruby and stainless steel ring by O, bag and a beret

This beauty really, really glows like an LED when the light hits it, there is so little contact between the stone and the mount with a very narrow band, which lets in even more light. Also, because the stone has such an elevated setting, sometimes I get an intense red reflection on my finger underneath. Again, he has polished the steel to a black finish.

I was excited so I had to show you. You'll see this ring frequently in my photos in the future.

I'm still coming down from the high of the fashion show. I obsess about all the things I could have done better. Live and learn. But I found out that I love styling other people, which I wasn't sure I would enjoy. Good to know.

I must mention my great thanks to Still Weird Zine for featuring me in "10 Fashion Bloggers Who are Keeping it Weird." Yesss. I am honoured to wear the weirdness banner, especially in such august company. Cool blog full of music, arts, and weirdness. Hurrah! Have a look.

And Sally at Already Pretty gave me a fantastic shout-out on her Lovely Links on Nov. 20 for my patterny outfit that refused to go wrong, here. Thank you, Sally!

I hope you are all well and dressing every day like you're on the catwalk. Yee haw!!


  1. Love this look! So long and lean topped with the black cherry...a fab beret that looks like it was made for you. This is one of my favourite looks of yours. It has Hollywood stylist written all over it.


  2. You are too freaking cool.
    The rings O has made are so beautiful. He's amazingly talented.

  3. Stay freaking cool forever, Mel. And now that i know you only need a tablespoon of vino, you are my very favorite drinking partner (I'll help you finish). Your new ring is spectacular! xox


  4. I could picture you holding the leashes of two lovely black greyhounds in the last photo (although two black panthers would be waaay cool). The coat looks supremely sassy on you; houndstooth is not a pattern I wear, not sure why.

    Can you stack the rings that O made you and wear them all at once? I think that would be beautiful, and with the three stones, you could probably project a laser beam from your finger.

  5. The houndstooth mix is brilliant. I love the indigo felt beret, which tops off the black and white to perfection. Thank you so much for the Hat Attack mention and for sharing your beauty and your headwear with the 29th edition.

    O's new ring is another magnificent work of art. How wonderful to have a set of three!

  6. Ooh, I'm wearing houndstooth today! It's like we're twiiiins. Wow, another fabulous ring - O is so talented!

  7. Keep those crazy cold weather outfits coming, Melanie. I need your help. With snow on the ground and freezing temps, I am at a complete loss with what to wear. Getting out my felt beret today and plastering over my ears!

  8. HOUNDSTOOTH!!! <3 <3 <3
    That is all.
    Fake Fabulous

    P.S. Ahem...Not actually all......I love your hound meets check combo...with a smige of blue.
    And that ring...beautiful.
    I love a beret and that blue one looks like a go-with-everything type of hat.
    I have a "Baw Heed" ...Translates to a big head like a football... and struggle to find hats.
    My trilby is a gent's XL.
    I still love hats though.

  9. Yay, Melanie in a Beret!!!!!!!!!!! That houndstooth is grrrrrrrrrrrrrrsome!!!! Love it! In fact, I suddenly crave a Houndstooth item!!!!! Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! (Wolf baying in case you didn't get that!)

  10. The beret but no bag?...I know, old joke.
    Sorry I lost touch for a moment, but now all caught up!
    Thanks for all your comments on my comment-light BeautyScopes. I'm glad someone sees their worth :-)
    Your rings are heart stoppingly gorgeous. I get vertigo thinking of the gem dropping out. Part of its charm. Such lightness of being.
    Oh, and you look great in a beret! Xo Jazzy Jack

  11. This mix in prints is perfect. I gotta experiment with different sizes of the same pattern. Very cool! Sounds like you had a blast, too. You earned it, babe! :DDD

    - Anna

  12. Keeping it Weird is better than an Academy Award or a Nobel Prize or Camper of the Week! Well done. Soooooo Proud of You. Love the houndstooth and the drop of blood Ruby Ring. You and O are officially the coolest couple in North America.Yodeling in the bathroom is always called for. Old Laaaady Whoooooooo.

  13. Oh no, you were sick too? That plague must be making it's way across Canada. Glad you were able to get out without your mask on today. :)

  14. You Canadians have such colo(u)rful language - "catwalk histrionics with dirty cutlery aids"! I have no idea what you're talking about. But I can totally dig your outfit. That hounds tooth is double dog dandy!

  15. Oh where do I begin with this outfit. RARRRRR it's fierce and fabulous. And as one beret lovin' nay, obsessed beret wearer, (maybe possessed!), I salute your beret, especially as we're both wearing berets this week! And pointy toe boots (same). Don't fire the PA, I kinda like the belt sticking out. Has an insouciant air about it!
    And best that the fingers don't get frostbite!
    Oh, the ring, so elegant, so timeless and so beautiful. You lucky gal.

  16. Sounds like you had a grand old time. I am starting to get the same feeling - a boozy night out turns into a 4 day headache fest... ARGH!
    Maybe we should get those hounds to chase the bloody hangover out of here!

  17. Loving the funky beatnik look. What a bummer that you got sick and the first paragraph wasn't a reality.
    O is a genius, I adore his masterpiece. xxx

  18. Love the pied de poule. You are really funny! And O maken incredible gorgious pieces!

  19. It's so good to see you rocking the beret again - I've missed it, it was such a feature of your early blog posts, your trademark, in fact!
    Loving the long lean houndstooth mixture, and Oh Oh Oh, I adore O's new ring, he is GOOD at this! xxx

  20. I don't have enough houndstooth in my wardrobe. In fact, I don't have any. I can see I need to remedy that!
    Man, that ring is extraordinary. Looks like it could shoot out a laser beam, or transport you to another dimension...

  21. Love this monochrome look. You are every inch, stylist to the stars. These rings by O are extraordinary, you're some lucky gal!
    Anna's Island Style

  22. This is a super. I am so jealous of your flat tummy and perfectly sized hips. I usually hide this area. The jacket is fantastic. I cannot believe it was only $ 5. I mean... Tsss... I would have bought it for 250 too. (Don't tell MSC... you don't want them to raise the prices.)
    The whole outfit is another example of your styling abilities.
    As for the ring..... I am so hoping that O goes commercial and I can purchase one. I know I should only ve pleased bpfor you and not turn everything into "I want this too" (imagine a whining tone with it). Boy oh boy, this is a beauty of a ring. Congratulations.
    PS when you link to previous posts, you should tick the box "open in a new window", so your readers stay with your page. Just saying.

  23. I think pose 3 might be the very definition of louche elegance - all that long-limbed-languid dog-toothiness going on simultaneously.
    And the ring. THE ring. Another truly extraordinary piece. It looks museum-worthy, not that you'd want it behind glass as it needs to glow when worn.

  24. I continue to be a fan of debauchery, so if you ever want to get your chops back, let me know. BTW, you do look fabulous in a beret.

    And can I borrow your husband?

  25. I love this double houndstooth print combo! I like how it is a different type of houndsprint. You always look so energetic and fantastic!!!

    The third ring is simply divine. They are all stunning. O. is an artist.

  26. great outfit!adore the coat and ring is perfectly stylish

  27. You look great, love the outfit. Thank you for sharing it. Go and check my blog, maybe you like it :)

    Camy xx

  28. Parisian chic, dear weirdo;-). Houndstooth glam. Very fashionable look!


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