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Tuesday 29 December 2015

I forgot the title. Heh.

Hot pink leather pants from Shelley, purple wool bell bottoms, pom pom hat, zig-zaggy tunic/dress, maxi denim coat - these are a few of my favourite things playing in heavy rotation lately. And big earrings. I don't have photos of everything but the following shots give you an idea of what I've been running around town in. 

Today: the shaggy boots. This is only the third time I've worn them, they take up lots of storage space, and I can't be fleet of foot when I wear them; I must consider whether they are keepers or not. I tried sticking-up-hair with my new cut. Meh, okay. The vintage tunic has gold lurex thread throughout and a space collar.

I bought the tunic-thing above at Talize - I have been thinking about that store. Sure, it has a bit of everything as a big box outlet, but when I get right down to it, I'd rather support a bunch of little businesses. I'd rather a world with 10,000 fishing boats owned by a bunch of families than 10,000 boats and families owned by one corporation. I'll still go to Talize but it will never be my mainstay - I like my local shops.

If you follow me on IG you've seen a big hat photo. This one is from a video clip I took on Christmas Day. As Connie of Snow in the Air commented on IG, the pom poms are like little fireworks. Hahaha, yes!! The hat was $2.99 from Talize, Marie Claire brand, which is a chain that specializes in kitschy accessories for tweens, middle-aged ones as well apparently. Heh.

On the right side with the red coat, a camera remote control test photo. Ta-dah - I'm walking, and more than just my left foot is in focus. It's a miracle!

Note the jumping skills, again courtesy of my remote and a faster-than-normal shutter speed on, gulp, Manual Setting (say that like Darth Vader). The purple wool cuffed bell bottoms, $5 at My Sister's Closet thrift boutique. All their proceeds go to Battered Women's Support Services - another great reason to shop small and local.

On the right side, my tubular wool maxi turtleneck dress, walnut colour, so comforting to wear on a cold day, like a clingy sleeping bag. And my ginormous earrings and stomping shoes. Pose borrowed from Sheila of Ephemera; I'm still in training. Remember when "tubular" was a thing? Instead of saying "Awesome!" you'd say "Tubular!" 

And above, a sample of the big earrings I've been wearing lately. The right side shows my hair before I got it cut. I always thought I couldn't wear big earrings. HAHAHA! I can and I do!! 

Yup, I've been stretching my style, trying things on, shrugging things off, always searching, always polishing that pure kernel of dissatisfaction that keeps my style eye agile. But even fleeting moments of style bliss are interrupted by the question: So what? It's not about the clothes; it's about what I do inside the clothes.

Time for some distraction with Edie Brickell: "Choke me in the shallow water before I get too deep." Listen HERE

I'll link up to Catherine for #iwillwearwhatiwant at her blog Not Dressed as Lamb, theme-free this week.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, YOU'S GUYS!! As I told Suzanne and Sue, I'll be spending the eve at home gnawing on white bread and sipping cartoonishly from old airline-sized bottles of wine. Hee hee.


  1. is your New Years Eve to be some kind of personal Holy Communion, love?

  2. Your Wookie boots are wonderful, as is your commitment to small and local. I agree. I love the bigass earrings, and you are a Mistress of the Stair Pose! How magical it is!

    You may picture me swanning about in emerald and rock crystal, drinking out of mini champagne bottles. I'm Klassy that way.

  3. a beautiful black dress and red fur. interesting styling clothes.

  4. Love those striped tights. They do my eyes in!
    Yay, for remote shutter thingies...must look mine out.
    What a languid sexy stair pose. I almost didn't recognise you.
    You most definitely CAN wear big earrings!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  5. when i was re-organizing storage.I found a box marked "leg warmers". A whole box of rave lag warmers things that look like those boots. I feel the same way about those huge "thrift stores". Love them because for jobs and second hand, wonder if they put small shops out of business.

    HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!

  6. Would love to join you for the new year's eve activities! I do have some Grand Marnier in airline bottles, and it's lovely with coffee and cake. Love, love those earrings and your tubular dress. Sandy says tubular is a hot term among surfers, to this day. He is actually 16 years old. xox


  7. Can't find you on Instagram, so please help me. To follow you on Instagram would make my Life better!

  8. Look at you and your remote control running about downtown Van!

    Those shaggy boots remind me of Sweetums from the muppets. He always scared me.

    Talize supports the Children's Wish Foundation.

    We don't have any small family run thrift shops that I know of. They are all owned by Goodwill, Value Village or the Salvation Army. In Toronto we are more likely to find family owned consignment stores that I love to support.

    I am terribly disappointed to see 3 of my all time favourite vintage stores close this year. It seems it is too hard to make a go of it when they are competing against online shopping and fast fashion.

    I envy your tubular dress and those massive earrings.

    You are very alluring in your Sheila pose.

    It sounds like you are preaching to me when you write it is what you do in those clothes that is more important.

    Great reflective post!


  9. Gotta love your Star Wars inspired outfit - a half Chewbacca.


    Love you and your posts. Hope there is a blogger meetup in 2016~!

  10. How unique are those boots!!! awesome (or should I say turbular?) outfit...and I love how you matched them with thar furry coat instead of toning them down you made them even more it! I do imagine they take up a decent amount of storage place and I can see why that could be a problem (it always is).

    I love that jumping photo! It is so cool:) you got that remote thing down...I don't think I could multitask like that.

    That red coat is gorgeous on you...and I love that big hat!!! so cute!!!

    Big earrings look fantastic on you, the red ones are my personal fav.

    I didn't find any new family owned business to support lately (not the ones that I can afford)...I did found one store in Mostar that sells products (clothes, bags, necklaces etch) made by local artisans and designers so I do shop there when I can, mostly when I want to buy something for my girlfriends.

    I'm spending NYE at home as well...and I wouldn't have it any other way. I will probably spend the night painting.


    Happy New year!!!!!!!

  11. I really worry about the safety and the future of faux animals with all the pelts you seem to own. One of these days, PETFA will start boycotting you. Can you outrun them in those boots?

    Those ginormous earrings looks totally tubular with your short hair! I love it! I wear bigger earrings when my hair is shorter - ears like an art gallery. I also love the tunics, and the stripey tights.

    On New Year's, we'll probably be eating 'tovers (leftovers) and drinking box wine. Oooo, maybe we'll play Scrabble, too! I can't stand the excitement!!!

  12. Mel

    Some wonderful photos and clothes! I particularly like your maxi dress and big earrings and your lovely red coat. You look so interesting and elegant and I bet you turn a few heads!

    I like to shop in charity shops anywhere and will go there for what I need first (bar food!)and only go to the main shops if I can't find what I want or need it in a hurry.

    Have a fabulous New Year - I'll be babysitting and downing a few Baileys! xxx


  13. beautiful & funny inspirations, shaggy boots are my nr 1 ! Happy New Year Melanie ,you are the best in blogosphera :)

  14. Those are some excellent-sized dinner-plates you have going on in your ears- you will approve of the enormous acrylic gold jingle bell earrings I got in the sales!
    The furry boots are so you it's untrue (poet!) so they must surely stay.
    Loving the slinky on the stairs look!x

  15. That has got to be the most Canadian of titles ever, heh? I love your leg wear. Those stripedy tights are insane in the best way possible. Your perfect little face was made to show off big earrings. Keep 'em comin'. My favorite Edie Brikell lyric is "Philosophy is the talk on a cereal box."

  16. Happy New Year to you!!! My sister has a fluffy coat and fluffy boots similar to yours, wait until I tell her a hot chick in Canada wears the same!!

  17. OK, I've got a title for this Melanie ... "Lobe decor? - Gladiator Shields V Red Toilet Seats" Not being rude, (I love them both) - but the red ones remind me of a fuscia pair I wore as a youth - and continued to wear even after they'd been dubbed "tavolette del water (pronounced vater)" Clearly too kitsch for stylish Romans.
    You've surpassed yourself on this multitudinous offering of wonderlooks. Really love the stomping shoes, zigzag tunic; and the thigh-slimming effect tights which are wasted on already slim you. Got to get a pair of those.
    Happy New Year to One and All
    Baci Sxx

  18. But those boots go with that coat so well though! I can see where I'd be flipping over on them and twisting an ankle. And for the amount of space they take up in a closet, you could fit in a pair or two of Docs and ten pairs of Converse. It's a tough decision, for sure.

    Love your new haircut! :)

  19. I think styling with camera remote could be your latest art form. Love your new haircut and humungeous earrings. Also in love with shaggy coat and think if I ever come across one again that I'll have to get it regardless of your copyright. Will be at home supping on Lemsip tonight as I fight the battle of the lingering virus - something akin to a Star Wars but taking place in the privacy of my sitting room while hubby nods sleepily at the TV celebrations. Happy New Year x
    Anna's Island Style

  20. Love it!!! (man oh man, those boots are cool!)
    Hope you and yours have a wonderful New Year, Melanie!!

  21. It's going to be a quiet New Year's over here too, just me and the girls, watching NetFlix with snacks.

    The boots are fiercely awesome,but if they impede your normal walking pace, that would make me consider whether they are worth the storage space. They do go awfully well with the muppet coat though. My fave is the zig-zaggy gold dress with the stripey tights; the colour and pattern mixing is stupendous. Of course you can wear giant earrings! When you have short hair like ours, the earrings don't get caught in our hair.

    I agree completely about supporting owner run small thrift stores, but sometimes if I feel like I need a thrift fix, I will head out to Talize. As Suzanne mentioned, they do support the Children's Wish Foundation. I am going to attempt to restrict the thrifting trips to once a month as my bedroom is bulging at the seams with clothing, and I absolutely, positively need nothing (she says now).

  22. This post is a perfect example of styles where you sometimes go left (the top outfits) when I go right. And outfits where we walk the same direction: red coat, turtleneck dress. And we know this. From the start. I love how you push boundries. I am nowhere near that far. The striped tights are in the middle. I would buy and wear them but would feel very bold haha.
    The big earrings are fantastic and make me a little envious. Your hair looks great in both left and right picture. I have a slight preference for a bit more fringe on your forehead, but it is only a slight preference. I said it before, you can do anything with your hair as you have a classic beautiful face and the best smile ever. Beautiful lips and beautiful white teeth (another envy).
    Have a great 2016 Melanie. I think this year your creativity will bloom as never before. Wanna bet?

  23. Love your soul-searching, uh, style-searching. And love your style. Furry, fluffy stuff in bold colors makes for an instant diva-esque look, me thinks.

  24. I'm doing a two-for-the-price-of-one comment here as I've also just read you holiday gift ideas in the previous post and I'm still shaking with hysterical merriment. Write a book Mel. PLeeeeeeease. Write a book.
    Always wowed by the drama of your dressing. Here's to more (MORE! ENCORE!) of everything you do so well in 2016.

  25. It often taxes the grey cells to come up with post titles and frankly, there are often more important things to do, like rocking huge earrings and getting one's hair cut!
    Looking forward to much sartorial high jinx from you this year. Happy New Year!

  26. I'm glad you are wearing big earrings - you look fantastic!! All of these outfits are breathtaking, they are wearable artful collages. Tubular! :) (I haven't heard that before.) You are a uniquely beautiful and talented woman, Melanie! Happy New Year to you!

  27. Your maxi coats are to die for. Wowza! I love that purple one! Love the ombre lined tights in the second photo, too. That whole outfit is fantastic! Oh and Happy New Year! :D <3

    - Anna

  28. Love the boots. But I would have ROCKED the tights back in the '80s. Had I worn them clubbing, I never would have made it home alive.


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