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Sunday 3 January 2016

My hat malfunctioned

OOPs. I had a post here with a grey faux fur hat I bought in a vintage store. I loooved it! Its construction was exquisite. But there were starting to be references to it as an afro on Instagram, and while they were all supportive - thanks for your comments, by the way - I was startled because I saw it in the vein of the huge fur hats you used to see around.

I would never wear an afro wig so I can't wear a hat that is seen as afro hair either. It was bad judgment on my part not to have a wider vision about how it would come across - I get caught up in my little vibe. That's why I removed the post.

But onwards and upwards. I have a lot more cool stuff to wear and post about that will hopefully bring joy to all!! I'll be back soon!! Hee hee.

I have also removed my Instagram account. I couldn't delete the hat photo so I just took down my whole account. Bwhaha! No big deal.

I'm not sure when/if I'll be back, but it was a ride! THANK YOU for your support!!


I got my Instagram back! Sylvia (40+ Style) saved me. She removed that photo for me and reset everything. It's a miracle. I'm deeply thankful. 

I shouldn't start pressing buttons if I don't know what will happen. In fact, I set Instagram to take a temporary break, not delete everything, but when everything disappeared I figured, okay, whatever.

AND, try to think about other people's perceptions about what I'm wearing before I trot it out into the wide open world. It's better to be more sensitive in advance than have regrets later.

THE RIDE CONTINUES!!! Thank you for your patience. Hahaha! Pass me another drink, would ya? And keep 'em coming.

For the record, nobody was critical of my hat in their comments. The comments were awesome!! You are all awesome!! As suggested, yes, I think I can repurpose the hat into something else.

Henceforth, this shall be known as the Great Hat Fiasco.


  1. OMG, that hat and Karen Carpenter in the same post! You are daring and devilishly gorgeous in your 70's look. Ha - Love American Style, now you've given me a song : >
    Happy new year, and no thimbles here, xox


  2. I'm so glad you linked up so I am not the only one showing a totally different tact on fashion. I save these funky outfits for when the inspiration strikes.

    I have to behave myself with thrifting for awhile - I have been fabric hoarding and I think I might have to have an intervention (or at least get to getting on quilting). Don't make me wear a quilted outfit ... THAT would be fashion hari kiri.

  3. Oh what a marvelous hat! It's hattage, I tell you! It may even have its own weather system, and it certainly wants to attack other hats (what? that's not what "Hat Attack" is?).

    Love the swingin' stripes as well - my mom had a chevron printed sleeveless maxi dress with a hood in the 70s (I wish she'd kept it!) very much like this. Fabulous, dahling!

    Here's to another year of funky outfits, thrifting and scandalous adventures (btw, we are coming to Van in March as usual!).

  4. Fresca! Do they even sell that any more?

    I haven't been buying any new and/or used clothes lately. Five years working in a clothing boutique has rendered my closet stuffed to the brim. I doubt I'll need to buy anything except unmentionables ever again. :)

  5. Fresca...hahahaha! Yep they still sell it, at least here.

    That hat looks like it would scoop up any stray radio waves from deepest space. And shallowest too. :-) In your hands, a work of haute couture.

  6. It is truly a wonderful world we live in where someone would actually design and make such an amazing hat and that you would find it and buy it and wear it with such style that we mere earthlings are filled with feelings of joy. Why do birds suddenly appear?

  7. Thanks for your comments but I took the original content down, bwahaha! There are other interpretations of that grey hat that I didn't anticipate beforehand, which was very stupid of me...

    I still want my Fresca and Love, American Style, although at the time I didn't really like that show. Hahaha.

  8. What a ride??? What do you mean??? I want to see the hat! I bet it fits you like a glove I mean a hat. I love your thrift finds no matter what they look like!!!!

  9. Coming late to the party as usual...looking around wondering what everyone is laughing about!
    My dear, your vision is the most important. If you can't stomach it, then don't do it.
    Loved your Ig interactions as did many others I'm sure. A wild ride is the word for it!
    Will still enjoy you on the blog :-)
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  10. I'm sad about you closing down your IG account - I hope you come back soon.
    But as Jazzy Jack has so wisely said if something doesn't fit comfortably with you then you have to reassess. Don't be hard on yourself when you say it was bad judgment on your part not to have a wider vision as that's always so easy to say after an event. You didn't originally wear it in that context - it was just a hat after all. I didn't see it but I'm sure it was totally your own original style and that's the good place it was coming from.

  11. It is unfortunate. Clothing can be vindictive at times. xo

  12. huh? gosh darn it. I missed the whole shebang. A hat attacks? Oh Melanie, we all know your intentions are toward the good. geez. oh well about instagram as far as I'm concerned, since I don't have it/use it/whatever it. More time for enjoying your blogness then. Do carry on, don't let them stop you now, etc. Power to the people...

  13. I look forward to seeing your fur hat transformed into something magical using electric clippers and unwanted hair product. It could also be this year's travelling yellow skirt in hat form.

  14. Aw, bad hat, go to your room until you get a better hattitude.

    Glad that I caught it -- it was glorious!
    I'll miss you on IG as well. Boohoo.

  15. Dang, I missed it. I'll miss you on Instagram too.

  16. Damn. :/ I *just* tried to find you on there and I couldn't. I actually panicked. Yes. Panic. You really brightened up my feed. It's only been like 5 minutes and I miss you, already, dude. I hope you consider coming back, some day! <3

    - Anna

  17. Oh My Gosh. The dilemmas of social media. We are not robots.

  18. I've got a black furry Lara from Dr Shivago hat that looks a bit afro-ish but I'd never thought I might offend someone by wearing it!
    Anyway, it's lovely to hear from you even if you are not visible!x

  19. Oh Melanie, what a darned shame. I didn't see it as I don't/can't/won/t (not sure which is most appropriate) do IG, and I'm feeling deprived.
    I love that you were wooed by its construction; what about giving it a proper Miz Bagg farking? Same construction but made-over hat-hairdo!

  20. Wow, you can't delete a photo on IG? That's kind of frightening, isn't it? I'll have to be very careful what I post from here on in. Sorry to see you go on there.:(

  21. Amusing, wise, Beautiful, cute combined with a wonderful extra everything taste when it comes to way of dressing.

  22. Dang, I wish I'd seen that hat! We were up to our elbows in shredding paper yesterday - all top secret stuff - and I didn't go online at all. Thanks for sharing your lessons with us anyway. From now on I'll be very circumspect about what buttons and keys I click (before I throw my laptop through the window).

  23. It really didn't look like an afro! But whatevs, drama, Hattitude, IGnominy, etc.

  24. it might be worth saving the hat for another look. it was the combo of hat and clothes maybe. you were channeling some iconic Hendrix images, maybe. (can't seem to post an image link here but google images of him and you'll see what i mean). wear the hat w something else and it might look like what it is: a fur hat.

  25. I apologize for being one of the "afro" commenters - I really didn't mean anything negative by it and certainly didn't think you were showing cultural insensitivity. I just thought it was cool. I'm sorry you had to hide your IG account to get rid of the photo, so good for Sylvia for coming to the rescue. I would have missed seeing your smile on my phone.

  26. Shelley, my goodness, no need to apologize!! After you mentioned it (and I read in the positive spirit you wrote it in), it widened my vision as well - which is a good thing. You added clarity.

    And you weren't the only one. O saw it too when I asked him later. I was fixated on something else. It's a hat but there are references that I need to be more mindful of.

    So huge hugs, Shelley! I have to thank you for your comment.

  27. Honey, not being on social media of any form, I don't even know what you're talking about. But I'll have that next drink with you!


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