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Saturday 23 January 2016

Yes and Yes, and dressing like a star

Sarah of Yes and Yes: Because Yes is More Fun than No blog interviewed me as part of her series REAL LIFE STYLE ICONs. Yes, that would be me. Heh! Aren't you itching to read all my secrets of the schtars?! Sarah describes her blog as a "lifestyle blog for smart, funny people," then winks and says, "So you're allowed to read it."

But why do my photos look so much better on her blog than mine!? Is it like in a restaurant where a friend's food always looks waaay better than your own order? Is her tomato sauce better than my alfredo because she has a bajillion site visitors every day? I would never let something like that influence me. Oh no, not one. little. bit. Nooo. But I've decided to move my blog over to Sarah's blog. I hope she doesn't mind.

To celebrate my new-found stardom, I decided at last to dress like a star. Like this.

All that other colourful stuff? FRAUDULENT stardom!! This is how a star really dresses. 

I am referring to some wildly successful mainstream +50 style bloggers, the kind with serious numbers for serious moolah potential, although the prices of their outfits probably have a few more zeros than mine. And O doesn't cut their hair. And they don't wear men's narrow shoes. Or run around with a toolbox handbag. Or go out without makeup. Or carry cash (that's what assistants are for, think the Queen). Minor details. Maybe no one will notice I'm in a concrete stairwell either. The point is, I'm dressed like a STAR!! You can call me Clarisse and shop in my boutique.

This pose of benediction is perfect for showing off what I'm wearing. I would never be a blasphemer and suggest that holy figures pose this way to show off their clothes. No, no, no. But look how easy it is to see those great bell sleeves on this turtleneck with my arms this way.

Despite the look on my face, I happily wore this when I went out for coffee with O, enjoying its comfort and simplicity. No joke. I really like it!! I dress like this a couple of times a week, usually in the evening, and cloak up with my black velvet opera coat and maybe sunglasses. But if I were a real star fashion blogger, I'd have to dress like this all the time, or variations of it, ditch the loud humour, and shore up on pithy quips that won't embarrass anyone at dinner parties. Puh. Who goes to dinner parties?

Earlier on the same day I wore this wildly, happily:

It's my vintage robe/dress/coat, I'm not really sure what. It's heavy fabric with a thick waffle texture, fully lined and so structured it sticks out like a tent. There is a front zipper from the neck to the waist partially concealed behind the button closure. It came with a detached button pinned to the collar but another one came off. I distinctly remember putting it in the pocket; trouble is, these are faux pockets.

The cool boots are from Sheila of Ephemera, part of a footwear care package she sent me a while ago. I made a video about it here. I got this white coatish thing and the earrings at My Sister's Closet.

I took these shots at the library, a tricky feat because there is lots of foot traffic. And my remote battery died this time so I was back to click and run. And then yesterday I wore this:

This outfit features a towering Dr. Seuss hat and a scrumptious, vintage plush velvet coat from my fairy thrift mother Su. Can you believe it?!! It's designed to bag out fit-wise but I wanted it tighter so I overlapped the front and mitten-clipped it shut.

The other day when I was out for coffee with Sandra of Lens is More (now also on Instagram HERE), a coffee shop barista gave me the best compliment but prefaced it with, "I hope you don't take this the wrong way but..." - I braced myself - "you look like Cruella de Vil." Hahaha!! I was wearing my red faux fur, red earrings, rrrred lipstick, green pants, purple ear muffs. You get the idea.

That's it. For now. I'm swamped with work in a good way so I'll be skulking for a while. Happy holidays! (Now you're wondering, what holiday? There is no holiday.)

And thanks for interviewing me for your series, Sarah!! It's an honour.


  1. Mel,

    You look fabulous and like a star what ever you wear!

    I love the black jumper and jeans - a very stylish look with a bit of quirkiness in the unusual jumper. The white coat is amazing and the red velvet ensemble - mmmm yes please!

    Don't work too hard,



  2. You are a star no matter what you wear. But I do especially love the Dr. Seuss hat on you. :-)

  3. I'm so happy I found your blog, you're amazing. 2015 was the year I decided to try and find some inspiration to update my ageing wardrobe. I wear a uniform every day at work which is a drag but means I don't have to choose, however what does this new me that has past 50yr threshold wear on her days off. How does a vintage loving fairy goth granny punk or what ever the hell I was looking like do when they can't fit the stuff they had, or it finally falls to bits, and the young people have adopted all your once radical outfits (as in the concepts not the actual clothes). I want to be me but who am I now. You are so you that it is inspiring me to dig a bit deeper into what it is I like and what my style actually is, cos it isn't just in the shops to go and buy and I'm still working on what it is I love and feel great in.

  4. please promise not to become a normal blogger, kay?

  5. I don't think you could be normal if you tried, Mel! You're always a schtar in my books (which are all written in Top Secret code anyway). I love the waffley white coat and hey! my boots! look faboo on you!

  6. I like you better as you....
    As a star? Not so much.
    I prefer your wide smile.
    And vibrancy
    and humour
    and realness
    and concrete stairwell
    and gravity defying headgear.
    Please never change.
    Even when you have a gazillion followers
    Your own line of boutiques
    and 000000000's after your outfit price tags.


  7. You know you always looks fabulous, no matter what you wear or who cuts your hair. Dressed down or dressed up, you're a born schtar! So don't worry about your blog numbers - you win in the quality-over-quantity sweepstakes.

    Your motion shot in the red outfit reminds me of a Bowie video, I think for Ashes to Ashes? I'll have to look it up. And read Sarah's article about you. And check out Sandra on Instagram (Sandra's on Instagram! Yay!).

  8. Such a STAR in every sense of the word. Another brilliant DAZZLING post. LOVE! Mel, you're a gift. xx
    PS I want jeans with eyes on the knees, too. It's very...Lemony Snicket.

  9. Beat idea ever...move your blog over to a successful blogger's site!
    So while you're away gallivanting with work and Sarah's blog, I'm just moving into yours. OK?
    Love your arty and your crafty. Xo Jazzy Jack

  10. For a minute I thought the photo of you in the stairwell was a Uniglo or Gap commercial. Then I saw the knees. Far too creative for Gap. Gives a whole new meaning to the idea of a third eye. Forget four eyes when you can have six. Every time I see some of your super cool clothing transformations it makes me feel I need to get creative and do something fun with some jeans. I can never stayed focused long enough to carry it through.

    I wore a version of this same outfit but with my Mrs. Robinson coat today. I was channeling Clarisse. It was perfect for Star Wars. Darth Vader does The Graduate.

    That is hilarious about the Cruella de Vil remark. I'm sure you were able to give a great Cruella smirk with the one eyebrow lifted to abnormal heights.

    I'm so loving that last photo of you that is blurred. You are a STAR baby!

    BTW...I heard the best clip on TV tonight...creative orgasm. I think that is what you are.


  11. Your expression says it all. Cool, confident, cool...oh... right, I said that already. I love it all, actually. Somedays, a sweater and jeans are everything. Other days call for a Dr. Seuss hat or Star Trek dressing gown thingy. What makes it all work is you, pure and simple, listening to that little voice in your head that says WEAR THIS NOW!!!!!! I love the fact that you stylistically careen all over the place, channeling an Amish boy one day and a Hollywood matron another day.

    Choose my fave? You must be joking.

  12. Suzanne's right - whoever coined the phrase "Creative orgasm" did so after meeting you. You're the real deal, the unique source of originality we're all ending up being pale imitations of. Your face will soon be on billboards across the land, and your pithy irony on everyone's lips. All hail Mel.
    Anna's Island Style

  13. You are a true STAR and you even have a fairy thrift mother!! Total stardom, I'm off to find mine now, my FTM!!!

  14. It will come as no surprise that I love the top two outfits best. But the red velvel coat is great too (those mitten clips and you are a good match. Amazing what you can do with them). I read the interview... white click heel shoes... I would have loved them too.
    Wish I could hang out with you and become a bit more adventurous. I need that.

  15. Of course you love your work, but please don't stay skulked away for too long! Without regular exposure to the energising, stimulating fix of the Orgasmicly Creatiff Mel, I'd soon atrophy in my state of cold turkey. Most of us know we couldn't create what so effortlessly flows from you but we appreciate its genius, and that's why every single compliment written here by your readers is true and heartfelt.
    Love the white coat and the gay abandon with which you wear it.
    (Put your arms down now Clarisse before you get sanctimonious cramp).
    "Happy Hols" to you
    Baci Sxx

  16. Are those EYES embroidered onto your knees!!?!?! Damn, why didn't I think of that!!! You are every inch the star- from the simple black polo (and man, my shape jeans!!!) to the white coat and garden gnome hat (the Zeus one!!It says Garden Gnome to me- very cute garden gnome!!!)
    I'm off to read the interview!
    I am wearing a bright pink alpaca vintage jumper bequeathed to me by a 70 year old- I am every inch the star too! :-)

  17. You are already one of my favorite bloggers and I have a feeling your numbers are going to SOAR. Love your style and your sassy attitude. You have given me much great fashion advice (whether you realize it or not). Congrats on your continued success.

  18. Looking like Cruella De Vil is like the nicest thing anyone could ever say to you! IMHO. :)

  19. Oh Melanie! You ARE a Schtar!! Applause. Although those of us who have known you since the olden days when our blogs were babies, have always known that. You were the one person that inspired me to post pictures of myself instead of just the contents of my cupboards. Yes. It's YOUR fault!! I am, however, a bit disappointed in your toilet paper hanging skills. The paper hangs under. Sheesh!

  20. At first glance I thought, Wow, Melanie is advertising for some company! But then I realized, of course she is, she's advertising for all the women who dare to be themselves, their unique, creative, it's me baby self! Thank goodness we have you as our model, you speak volumes more than all those "I'll just wear what's in". Just look at your jeans, those patches are the best! Way to bring this everyday attire to a Melanie level. Better hide that vintage coat (robe) if and when I make it back up there.

  21. Turtle neck fisherman's jersey in Telepohne Black by Guccicuzzi, $3,750.
    Distressed stove pipe rusticated explicated jean by Mossssississimomo, $8,942.87
    Leather "Chucks" by Vomiton, kissed by Michael Jordan, $9,874.59.
    Model Melanie from Bagnberet Agency. Photo: Annie Liebestraumowikz.

    Meh, fashion is wank, for wankers. STYLE DAHLING is for everyone xo

  22. I'm more than a little in love with your white coat! And I totally hear you on the foot traffic in that area. We had the added interest of a few homeless souls that don't actually move very fast, if at all.

    I really enjoyed the interview. CONGRATS on that Melanie! And, I totally love the schtar look. I know it might feel blendable, but trust me, you are a standout, in a good way, every day!

  23. Happy Holliedays. I wonder if I'm too young to be an over 50 fashion blogger. Wait... what?

  24. We all know that you're a style icon, and so happy to hear that Sarah's interview honored this truth. Love your ensembles, as always, and your smile becomes more brilliant with every post.

  25. I agree with Thorne Garnet, please promise not to become a normal blogger.

  26. Stars are boring, YOU are NOT. (And don't get me started on Queenie, who is never well dressed and whose hairstyle is a disaster. Frumpy Britain rules.) Second outfit, how amazingly smart. Third outfit, oh, hello, it's Melanie! Stop, I'm getting dizzy.

  27. I also like your jeans and sweater outfit very much! And the white coat is so chic, and yes, you are a real life star, shining star! I think it is because you freed yourself up from other's expectations, and just live. I'd love to learn your story one day. Much love!

  28. That first outfit is a bit toned down than the outfits you usually rock, but when I saw the detail on the knees, I knew it was you:):) It is a lovely outfit even if it is a bit simplier and you rock it.

    That second one is wow! That white coat (dress) is phenomenal....such a darling look...and you've got a winning smile.

    The third outfit I also really always look stunning!!!!!!

  29. Even your most casual (and subdued) outfits look chic. Gah! Hehe. I truly believe that fashion is largely how one carries herself. The clothing really is just a small percentage of the whole package. The way that a garment is worn really makes all the difference and you totally exemplify that. Also, that white coat dress. Omfg. I can't get it out of my mind, now. Wow! Love the boots you wore with it, too!

    - Anna

  30. uh - being a star sounds soo....boring!
    no beautiful clothes, no smiles, dinners with other bored people. i´m very glad you´r still in your colorful, whimsical mode - i will stay there too :-)

  31. I agree about the dressed-down star. Dressed up, most people look like hillbillies in Vegas. Better the "off-duty" look, which you do SO well.

  32. mwahaha, your Star-like attire is Really Realistic!. Anyway, you rock it!
    And I'm amazed and delighted by your dress-coat, such a magnificent piece, that shape and fabric!! and it's white!, and you're wearing big white earrings!, gorgeous!!!
    And Obviously I'm loving your big hat and velvet coat and all those fabulousness involved!, lovely that a barista told you look like Cruella, she is a fashion icon (in my book)!!
    besos & stardom


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