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Thursday 28 January 2016

Vintage tails

original design by Simon Chang

It's waay too big, but hey, it has linebacker '80s shoulders so who cares? And there are wonderful accordion pleats in the back. This is the somewhat conservative styling, partly because I had no time to do my face and hair. Just wait...

I in fact passed this jacket and a matching skirt on to Sandra (Lens is More) about a year-and-a-half ago because I knew it might fit her better and it's got that cool rocker vibe that she wears so well, but I had to borrow it a few days ago after having a tux attack. It was $5 at My Sister's Closet. I kept the pants, though, which I wore here - these are different tux-style pants.

I'm behind on everything - browsing, digging, commenting. I'm barely squeaking into Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style and Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb. But this is how my life is at the moment. 

And thanks, Catherine for including me in your monthly roundup of blog posts for my highly instructional and professional advice on how to use a camera remote control here. Bwahaha.

See you all soon. Must dash!


  1. I have never ever had a tux attack but if it looks this good, bring it on!!! Tres chic Mme. Bagg.

  2. Such an earnest look on your face - or are you merely practising to be a mannequin? If so, you've nailed it.
    Anna x
    Anna's Island Style

  3. I love it!!!! Plus you look hot stuff in front of that swanky building!!!! Sooooo glamorous!!!! Me too, too much to do!x

  4. More! More! Bravo, etc. Now a white tutu with that...I'm just saying.
    Hey, my comment got stuck somewhere where it can't be seen (apparently) regarding your last post. pfft. just like that, I'm annulled. ah well. Here I am now, admiring you and your tux attack. Well done as always. Cheers.

  5. Love the cut of that jacket! You look ready to dance.

  6. Before I read your post: I came here to inform you that you were in my dream last night. You were taking group selfies with two other bloggers in the weedy seedy lot behind my home. When I came out to investigate, you recognized me and came over and gave me a hug. You smelled great and your skin was super smooth but you had a strange cartoonish rubber-leg gait. Your legs stretched out to a ridiculous length that brought you forward about eight feet per step. I was happy to see you, but slightly afraid of you and your rubber legs.

  7. LOLOLOLOL I'm laughing like crazy at Hollie's comment. She cracks me up! You rubber legs have always scared me.

    You are a pro at modelling. The jacket is such a find. Too bad it is very large, mind you, you are very tiny. Well, not your EGO!!! We all know that's HUGE!

    I wrote more on your IG photo : )


  8. OMG! MY secret rubber legs have been revealed!!! Now WHAT? LOLOL. I'm glad I smelled good, the smooth skin is a by-product of having rubber legs.
    How did you know, Suzanne, that my ego feels restricted by this coat! Yes, it's a drama piece suitable for a movie. I just need someone who wants to cast me as their huge rubber-leg woman star in their movie. The prime location will be the weedy seedy lot behind Hollie's place. Anyone who comments can be in the movie too but you need to have rubber parts.

  9. HAHAHA a TUX ATTACK!! I love it!! You look like an amzing mannequin in that photo. Freaking awesome! I shall have to go and spend a happy half hour looking at your previous posts that I have missed.. (also had a lengthy blogging break..) x

  10. I know how you feel, 2016 has been busy and it's barely even started. I've been a terribly lapse blogger of late, it's tricky to find the time between everything else! That jacket is great, tails are something I've always hankered after owning but they are tricky to find in small sizes. XXX

  11. You look chique! I like your hair like that.

  12. Cure for the tux attack! This is splendid and I do love the serious modeling face (we all know what lurks beneath) : > xox


  13. love tuxes, they make everybody look stylish. Alas, I can't wear menswear. (my top half is too womanly, haha)

  14. I love tuxes. And I have several tuxy (is that a word? If not I have just invented it; you know what I mean) items. So great attack.
    Now... are you going to keep your hand there forever? Like a variation on Napoleon? Or are you going to cut the jacket up and redo it like the tartan jacket? Or are you going to give it back?

  15. I like the idea of being Napoleon! Haha. You're right - I have to keep my hand there to keep the jacket shut, although it wouldn't be hard to put on another button or velcro. Sandra generously said I could keep it and alter it but I just can't - I spotted it with her in mind, especially with a top hat and big black feather. I took some photos with it open and messy shirttails, for later.

  16. I want to be in the movie too, but I do not currently have any rubber parts. I could find some, and have them surgically grafted onto my body though. I've always thought your legs seemed longer than the average human's - this explains it.

    I like the idea of you being swaddled in a tux jacket, but sometimes if a piece is going to take a butt-load of work to alter, it's better to pass it on to someone else. At least you have this cool photo of you looking all fancy in front of your office tower.

  17. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my magic friend what would art do without you.
    .Love and besos.
    Still haven´t decided how to wear the yellow skirt, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

  18. Even in way too big Tux you look pretty marvelous!! In fact the cross over look is probably about to make an instant come back due to you.

  19. Nothing like a tux with tails! You are one class act!!! Brava!

  20. HO WE indeed.
    I have my father's evening jacket - and now I want your tails too. I'm thinking I'll have to run it up though. Too narrow shouldered and amply chested to hope to find one discarded by a real man!
    Baci Sxx


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