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Monday, 1 February 2016

Hickory dickory schlock and the crooked hat

This is for Judith's Hat Attack 31 linkup at Style Crone, my crooked hat. 

There was a cooked hat perched on a crooked head, 
It stopped the crooked rain with its lime and crooked reds, 
It shielded crooked eyes from crooked evil sights  
And when it got back home it cried, "Take me to New York!"

Hickory Dictory Schlock
Your mouse hued up her frock
The image froze
And wrecked my pose
Hickory Dickory Schlock

I'd been fermenting his mouseover idea for at least 24 hours, and although this resultant draft is not yet 100 proof, it's palatable with drunken overtones of Ghost/Muppet/Meanie and bits of pickle - anything to take the edge off and quench my self-defecating sense of humour. Moving right along...

Note: If you roll your mouse - or whatever else you use - across the above photo, the image should change, hence "mouseover," also known as "rollover." If it doesn't work, clearly you need to upgrade to an older device or drink more of my special brew.

I dressed to match my hair - too lazy to push the hair dryer ON switch. And too lazy to change for my morning walk - this is what I often wear at home.

After I saw my photos, I quickly realized I look exactly like Turnip Head, so I put her in there too. She is also a happy nursery-rhymie yet cynical creature.

I'm wearing a ghastly oversized men's shirt, thrifted, purchased when I was delusional thinking I would upcycle it. Pfff. It's so stiff it makes a crinkling sound. Soft cotton patchwork drawstring pants, oversized long-sleeve orange T-shirt, and reading glasses over my regular glasses with clip-on shades. Holy hot harridan!

And, just when you thought you'd made it to the end of the post, no!! Another few seconds of creepy vexation.


I made this tiny video message at the end of December. I wasn't going to show you, but why not? I suppose this is to celebrate Chinese New Year, February 8, heh. She is scary cool.

I've found a new favourite British sitcom on Netflix, Black Books, which ran from 2000 to 2004. I use it to de/retox at the end of my work-filled days and get trippy dreams. Watch it! Well, if you want to.

I'm of course linking to Patti at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, and
Catherine at #iwillwearwhatilike, Not Dressed as Lamb, and
Anne at 52 Pick-me-up: Ink Blue at SpyGirl.
Including Judith's Hat Attack, there nothing like hitting FOUR big parties on Monday morning to kick off the week. I hope I see you there. I'll be the one staggering into the bushes.


  1. I love your twisted nursery rhymes!!! Very cool. That hat is clearly wanting to be Queen Hat!!!! Very bright and funky. Turnip head is the dude!!!x

  2. Lovely to see Ms. Turnip Head again, she has such verve. And I love the nursery rhymes- if I's had any kids I would surely have made up our own poetry. Fab hat too - like a crown for a royal (you). xox


  3. I mousedover/mouseovered and it worked!!! And I LOVE Black Books. Every shop keeper has a day sometimes when they dream of having a megaphone to shout at customers from behind their desk. While drinking wine.

  4. You absolutely need your own TV show! xo

  5. Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod! Black Books is probably my favorite show EVAH! I bought a box set after we left Britain, and we watch it over and over. In fact, we watched a couple last night (including my favorite, from Season 1 - "Shall I come over, Fran? Shall I come, Fran?"). If you get a chance, you might also like Father Ted - same creator, same wackadoodle sense of surreality.

    Okay, now back to you, the Poet Lowerate. (So many ways to pronounce that. I was thinking of "lowering" as in a lowering sky, not Lower Rate.) A poet and techie - love the mouseover! Very clever. And yes, the video is slightly creepy, but all in a good way!

  6. I recognize that lady in the video. She was following me around at the St. Vincent de Paul thrift shop. I'm not kidding.

  7. I love the mouseover (how on earth do you do it!?) - I spent a good few minutes going, "Colour, no colour! Colour, no colour!" I'm easily amused.

  8. you when from black and white to color, just like the Wizard of Oz. SO cool.

    PS: Black Books is a very funny show

  9. I think I have to drink some of your special brew!Lol

  10. Dang, I left a comment from my iPhone but it doesn't seem to ever save correctly, so I'll try again. As you and Patti both know, I did raise a couple of kiddos and even taught school for some time and during those years I wrote plenty of fun poetry or made up some, but never , no never, once did I even come close to this kind of creativity. Where were you when I needed a guess poet??? I do believe you must begin your new book. It was so nice to see Ms. Turnip head visit once again, I've missed her. Melanie, is this seriously how you dress while lounging around your home? I really need to step up my game plan around here. You look gorgeous as always. Thanks for another smiling and entertaining time!

  11. "Take me to New York!" A wonderful way to end your "Crooked Hat Poem!" Does your talent never end???

    Of course I adore your outfit of many colors and the video is to live for!

    Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous headwear with Hat Attack!

  12. I wonder if Black Books is also on the Dutch Netflix as they give each country different content. Sounds like something I'd like very much. I read Mrs.C's comment. It reminded me of a book with the stories of a Dutch shopkeeper at the Cote d'Azur. She had English customers in her gift shop who had touched everything while commenting and bought nothing. When they were on their way out, the husband said to his wife: "Where shall we go now?". The shopkeeper replied from behind her paper: "Straight back to England please!" Whahaha.
    I thought I saw the likeness between you and Turnip Head.
    The hat is cute and I noticed that the blue of your eye (a strange, rare beautiful kind of blue) is exactly the same blue as in your scarf. Details my dear, are the things I notice.

  13. My!! That was fun on so many levels --- need to channel your brand of joy more often. Thank you!

  14. A Mel mouseover is a truly excellent thing. And Black Books - oh - it's sheer delight isn't it? Probably my favourite. And when you reach the bereft stage of having watched all the episodes (three times), have you watched Green Wing? Or Spaced? Or Big Train?
    Mwah mwah Miz Bagg. Mwah mwah.

  15. Oh my, you leave me gasping for breath with your too cool ness factors. Will try Black Books. Spaced was fabulous as Rosalind mentioned.

  16. You are so much fun!

  17. Love your humour! And your photos.

  18. Your aqua eye
    Peeped out
    And colour matched
    Your scarf
    Morphing mice and mouth
    Mel makes quite a splash!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  19. My text to speech ready hated your hickory dickory schlock poem. She was confused and it was awesome to hear.

  20. Another shaggy coat for me to covet, but this may be my most perfect as I adore pistachio, very big sigh. These coats are as rare as silver unicorns here in the UK.
    Anna's Island style

  21. The mouseover is magical, and I'm always on the lookout for new British sitcoms. Thanks!

  22. You know, half the time I haven't got a bloody clue what you're on about, but no matter - I can appreciate a furry coat, patchwork trousers, and Ms Turnip Head! Black Books was fantastic, I'm glad you've found it! xxx

  23. Ha ha! That mouse-over trick is fun : ) Along with the poem.

    I'm savouring each episode of Black Books. Especially the one with the repair man with the little man in his hair. LOL!

    The green muppet coat is one of my favs.


  24. I have no idea how you did the "mouseover" trick, but it was very entertaining. Like Sheila, I did the "colour, black and white, colour, black and white" thing!

    Your little Happy New Year video makes me laugh, and wish I could make videos like that too.

    I'm into the second season of Black Books, and am learning to ignore the laugh track. Manny is definitely my favourite character.

  25. Yay, you've discovered Black Boots! I adore Dylan, Tamsin and Bill. In fact, I took Tall Brown Fox to see Bill perform his latest comedy show during it's London run for his birthday just before Christmas as a surprise! Second time we've seen him live. Brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

    Very cool mouseover trick. And I love the touch of the 'Matrix' look in the face with the stare and the glasses!

  26. Whoa I have a sweater that EXACTLY matches your crooked hat at the top ... I will demonstrate once I finally, finally kick off my blog. Maybe they were a set? (purchased years ago on eBay).


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