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Monday 14 December 2015

Lurching forward with up and down hair

This is what I wore to the "Putting Together the Big Crane Down the Street" show.
I hadn't booked tickets but I got lucky and scored a VIP curbside spot. 
Lots of heavy metal and hard hats - post-modern constructionism.
The road was shut down and everything! (I see you rolling your eyes - don't think I can't.)

Then I went to an eco boutique, where my personal shopper browsed the $5 rack. 
And then I had coffee and a crueller served to me by a cadre of attentive servers.
And I drew a turnip head in my journal. It's a life of glamour, yesh.

Melanie Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, farked T-shirt and necklace, bathmat coat

It's all about perspective.

The torso was the best part of this outfit so that's all I'm going to show you. 
The T-shirt is one I did with googly eyes and it's a farked necklace.
The black part is my ancient dickie untucked. 
My photos sucked big time, but that was my face today. Bathroom selfie.

Starkish. Bemused/perplexed. This photo should rotate and speak like a robot.
That's what happens when I let my hair down.

Melanie Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, The Jericho Fluevog boots, mitten clips

The boots I wore a couple days ago - the lawn-mower runaways. 
They are fancy-schmancy bought new a few years ago on super discount. Maybe green wasn't selling?
This outfit looks better in motion. And this is what happens when I let my hair up.
How's THAT...?
Melanie Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, want to buy some mitten clips?
"Wanna buy a mitten clip?"
I spotted this dress on the $5 rack last week. Love that mod vibe 
which I boosted with quick mitten clipping to go mini-high and to show off those freaky tights. 
I'm also wearing my black and white spirograph turtleneck under the dress and
earrings from a whack-load of new big ones I bought.

Tip:  Big Earrings = Instant Rock Star
But some of you already know that. Vix, Mis Papelicos...
Melanie Kobayashi, maxi faux fur coat and Fluevog boots

 Great coat action. I got to whip it - whip it good!

I love the way my left boot up there is so focused. Artistry, my friends. And in one take.
With a self-timer. While walking.
Who else could have focused with such absolute precision on that one spot? 

Melanie Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, maxi faux fur coat and Fluevog boots

I put the above photo on Instagram. I was falling over when the shutter snapped.

Clearly, I've got nothing for you. Nothing. My creativity train stops at my station, blowing all its whistles, then lurches ahead, then stops, blows, and lurches. Is it too much to ask for a little synchronicity here?!

Hope you're well, doing what you do.

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  1. How do you do it? White eyeshadow and pale lips and you are a 60's supermodel. Those boots, may they live forever. xox


  2. The black and white stripes are hypnotizing! Especially on the legs. I cannot. stop. staring. I feel like I'm looking at one of those 3D eye puzzles. I think I see a pug in there if I squint and try not to focus. A pug riding a unicycle with a baby goat on her head juggling pomegranates.

    WOW! I need some of those tights. And the earrings, but my lobes would hate me after 5 minutes.

    I really like your little mitten clips on the dress. I need some of those, for my face. I'll just clip one part to my sagging neck and chin and the other part behind my hair. Voilà I'm 10 years younger!

    We can go on the Shopping Channel and sell millions of them with one pair free mittens for the traditional types or people that are too young. Why am I not rich and famous yet?

    Oh yeah...this is supposed to be about you. Ha!

    My fav is the black and white outfit ; P


  3. Hey, luv that lining! Furry coats with luscious, shiny linings. And ombre stripey sox. ooo. They make me dizzy, and you, cool. And green suede fringe! Anymore dazzling and surely you'd be arrested, or paparazzed.

  4. Ha, I love your adventures in posing! Fabulous in black and white, and even more fabulous in living colour. Am hideously jealous of the fringed green sandals. I will give them a home if you ever get tired of them.

  5. Your creativity train never stops, darling! It pulls into a depot (ok, maybe with a lurch) and you jump on ready to rock n roll. Sheila gets your boots, but can I have your coat when you're done with it?

  6. craziest shoes ever. And those insane tights, think I'm dizzy now

  7. Fabulous outfit and the boots are so amazing - good name 'Lawnmower' boots! I love the striped tights with the striped dress, I bet passers by were made dizzy by all that tricky perspective.

    Your lovely black coat reminds of a similar jacket I had in the 70s, it was cobalt blue and I wore it everywhere - wish I still had it.

    Have a lovely week


  8. What does Farked mean???
    That tee is the bees knees (or the alien's eyes-whatever!!). The crane putting together sounds just sensational, I bet you were thrilled by the scintillating view of engineers and builders doing their thang!!!! And the focus on yon green-fringed boot?? An Oscar-worthy depiction!!!Xx

  9. You are an unstoppable force wearing those lawnmower boots! And the stripes! The blow out party of the stripes with those magnificent 'you don't get on the wrong side of me' striped tights!

    I'm so jealous you got a VIP curbside spot - they just must have known you were going to grace them with your presence!

  10. You got to go to the Putting Together the Big Crane Down the Street show? Man, you go to the coolest events. Whip it good. Haven't heard that one in a while!

    Of all your furry muppet coats, this burgundy one is my personal favourite. :)

  11. Oh oh oh how I love a bathroom selfie! I think you live a very exciting life. Today I spent most of my time looking for an extension cord. The fun just never ends around here. I've already kvelled over your outstanding outfit on the gram but I'd like to give you another round of applause. That is so interesting that your hair goes up and down cuz mine goes forward and back.

  12. Blowing and lurching, up hair or down hair, stripes and mitten clips you are fabulous all around and so rock star I wanna be your groupie and throw myself at you for some backstage sex and drugs only I'm much too ladylike for that. I will toss roses onto your stage and unworn lacy underwear because then if it is unworn you can refashion it into a hat. Well....I should just go and have another drink now...hic... ;-) xoxoxoxo

  13. Djee, you even look good with minimum makeup and youre hair down. What a stunning boots.i love peeptoe!

  14. Whaddaya mean, you've got nothing for us? You've introduced me to a whole new world where things like mitten clips exist (who knew?)
    Loving how you're flashing with that shaggy beast of a coat, you look like a bad ass gangsta rapper. Those tights are insane, in a good way. xxx

  15. Crazy woman! I am using clown white on my eyes these days. Cheap, opaque and I put white shiny eyeshadow over it. Because I can!

  16. Super,more super & most super hahaha! I love your stylizations ( they makes me happy for all day). Best :)

  17. Your talent knows no bounds , both your styling and photography. Amazing fuzzy coats , lawnmower boots , black and white stripes and those tights worn as only you can.

  18. I completely love that coat and those tights.
    Heck the whole ensemble looks awesome on you!

  19. What do you mean, you've got nothing. There's so much to love about this post and it's wonderful creativity. Letting your hair up and down, fuzzy coats, big earrings! The fun never stops!!!

  20. Your "I've got nothing" and my "I've got nothing" are completely different things. Just look at all this great stuff!! Tantalizing torsos, optic-nerve stressing tights (LUUURV them), fringey boots, yummy raspberry and chocolate coat, etc. etc. And yet another photo that would make the best poster (the one with your left foot in focus). I need to find me a mitten clip. XO

  21. I have been on the hunt for fringe boots solely from your inspiration and gursh durn it they look tres magnifique!

    I also need minions, many many minions to do my bidding.

  22. Where did you find mitten clips!?!?
    (and of course now I have that Barney Google song stuck in my head - thanks a lot! :)

  23. Hi Kezzie - "Farked": it's a word that I use when I'm lazy, a cross between fecked (variant of swearword) and fiddled with, in reference to a garment or other item of self-adornment which I have upcycled or remade in a slapdash manner. Did that help?

  24. Thank you Kezzie for asking the question I had shaped in my mouth but not dared to spit out. I think I may be farking, here, there and everywhere now that I know.

    I love your notion of nothing to give. It may be crumbs for us, but we will suck 'em up and live on them until nex time. I adore this endless stream of fuzzy coats. I bid on one the other day on eBay without success - probably just as well, cos I'd only look like me trying to look like you x
    Anna's Island Style

  25. You look great in graphic
    Über in big earrings
    Hair here, hair there
    Stolen grass
    Stripey underwear?
    Mitten handcuffs
    Never better
    You can do inspiration
    With every letter!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  26. That's my girl... You will get noticed in this my dear. Your ability to fark the dress into mini with mitten clips... priceless. So easy and the result is better than neatly sewed. It adds interest. The striped turtleneck and fantastic tights are working so well. Wouldn't have thought that. What really pulls the outfit to a higher level are the earrings. I would love to wear earrings like that, but.... little earlobes, longer hair a bla bla... No can do but being envious.
    And I think your hair looks just as nice down as up. I am sorry, but I do. You have a classic face and whatever you do with your hair, it will look good. Lucky you.

  27. Mitten clips? I'm as bemused as Kezzie was about the meaning of farked! But I'm loving all the stripes and the fringing and the furriness and the big ass earrings. Like you, I feel I'm on a downward slide to Nothing To Say, but I'm hoping it'll be OK in the end and I'll come up with a riot of texture, colour and freakery, just as you have! xxxx

  28. Shoes that look to be worth a million (and might be?) Perfect make-up. I'm jealous and shall immediately search you on Instagram

  29. love your furry, striped and fringed outfit, and obviously, I'm loving big earrings, yes, instant rock star boost is provided by big earrings!!
    Your green boots are fabulous with a *#% Capital F, and you Rock!

  30. Now this is my kind of sewing, yes! send me some mitten clips!!! Fantastic, all of it. And I agree with Greetje, you look fabulous with your hair up or down, it's no secret we all wish for a face like yours and to be able to pull off the hair style you have. As for the creativity, seriously girl friend, I don't think yours ever take a break.

  31. I feel positively static, the yin to your yang. How you manage to get all that motion into a timed shot is a mystery to me. I would be flat on my face. Then again, I'm so clumsy that I move very slowly so as not to knock things over or run into walls.

    I love everything. As always.

    Here's to a new chapter!!! Haven't forgotten about Turnip Head and stories; I just move slowly around obstacles. The tortoise and the hare. :-)

    LOVE YOU FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Stripes, fluf and wear it well and schtar-lett-like;-)


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