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Sunday 6 December 2015

My coats made me do it

I was leaping at the courthouse. You'd be forgiven for thinking I'd been hauled in by the fashion police for wearing garish clashing patterns, but even if I had, one magic word whispered in my accuser's ear would have sprung me free: Versace. It can soothe even the most ruffled fashionista. I'd keep quiet that these pants were thrifted for around $25. And that I could care less what brand they are. 

Melanie Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, leaping at the courthouse

As for the leaping, this crazy-ass coat is hopped up on circles and stripes and some serious red. Of course I'm airborne! On me it's a goofy/cool femme fatale coat that says jump, vamp, drink martinis, throw caramel corn in the air and catch it with your mouth even though you know it will probably stick to your eyelids instead. It says drive a Bugatti with the top down in winter. Okay! Clearly my lifestyle needs to catch up with my wardrobe. 

Su Bennett, my mad stylist partner on the recent fashion show, gave me this ga-ga-gaaageous vintage beauty. Such glee! She is a self-confessed fairy-clothes-mother. No kidding. Thank you, Su!! Below I am undercover like Johnny English (James Bond spoof starring Rowan Atkinson).

Melanie Kobayashi goes undercover as Ms. Bean, Bag and a Beret

The leaping was also instrumental in scientifically testing my new got2b hair product. I'd give it an A-, which is not bad considering my former got2b (A+) had 15 to 20 years of aging to achieve it's gluey superiority. In another ten years this new one should be just right.

I'm wearing the coat with my favourite graphic T - "Dressed to PISS YOU OFF" - custom-made by another favourite woman, Suzanne Carillo. She gave it to me when we met the first time, with Sue of A Colourful Canvas, almost a year ago (here), although it feels like I've known her and Sue forever.

Bag and a Beret, vintage graphic coat and thrifted Versace pants

I'm also wearing thrifted Miu Miu boots, a black under-T, and my magic loupe from O. (O says thank you for your comments on his rings!) The only label on the coat says ILGWU, International Ladies' Garment Workers' Union of the US, size 10.

And below, what I wore the next day. The graffiti behind me says "The goal isn't to last forever. The goal is to create something that will." It's a quote from Chuck Palahniuk, the man who wrote Fight Club, which was made into a movie.

Melanie Kobayashi, Bag and a Beret, groovin' at Fight Club graffiti

Wearing: thrifted muppet coat, thrifted silk velvet scarf, thrifted pants, but the chenille top was from H&M - I sometimes get supplies there for farking. So far I've only  "adjusted" this one around the neckline.

Detail of the silk scarf. An elegant woman, a bamboo grove, a full moon. You can seen the sheen on it, which makes it difficult to photograph. It's slidey and ultra-soft. The tag says 100% silk. Thrifted.

I'm linking something up to:
  1. Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for her Visible Monday, as usual - thank you Patti! 
  2. Catherine's #iwillwearwhatilike at Not Dressed as Lamb when it goes live. This week's prompt is faux fur, which I remembered after I took these photos. Good timing.
  3. Anne at SpyGirl, 52 Pick-me-up with the theme Reflection/Integration. These outfits have a bit of both.

A: But why is she laughing like that?
B: She better be careful she doesn't sprain anything.
A: These narcissistic bloggers, I just don't know what they're thinking.
B: Hmm.
A: I wonder does her husband know what she's up to?
[silent pause]
A: Let's check out the next blog.
B: Oooh, yes! More tea?
A: Lovely, with a wee splash of a little extra maybe...?
B: Coming right up.


  1. I'm a got2b user myself...couldn't live without it! NO MORE HAT HAIR!!!!!! You are so cool, Mel...I wish we could hang out sometime!

  2. I was going to shamelessly beg to be next in line for that spectacular coat, but after reading that it's a gift from Su....well....I can totally see that ain't gonna happen. I mean...a prezzie from fairy-clothes-mother!! And a PERFECT one at that!

    And ditto ARE SO so cool. It's always fun to hang out with you my friend.

  3. That elegant lady on the scarf probably had no idea what she was in for when she met you. Leaping and thrifting and farming -augh! Autocorrect won't let me say farking. Oh there. It worked. Well maybe you were farming. You can do ANYTHING! I really like your prissy ballet flat/groovy fashion lady boots.

  4. Two fabulous coats in on post - I'm suffering true coat envy now. Those crazy multi-colour jeans are amazing. And the knee high boots are pretty scrummy too. Where did you find these? Your posts are such a highlight, an injection of fun and madness x
    Anna's Island Style

  5. I love the black and white coat. It is beautiful. And you say you don't care about a brand or a label. I fully agree with you. But... if a brand supplies really good CONSISTENT quality, I may become a fan. Those boots are really quirky and fun and the silk scarf is a treasure. Well... That's enough feathers up you behind.
    I am interested in your got2b hair product. I might come back to you on that one.

  6. Well you're not dressed to piss me off! Clashing patterns and sticking up hair are a few of my favourite things. And you could never go undercover....all eyes are on you baby.

  7. Adorable silk, velvet scarves. Copy the fabric and make one more coat!

  8. Not pissed off! I'm dancing around with joy after seeing these looks. The velvet scarf is a treasure. I always thought got2b was equivalent to Elmer's glue (do you have that way up north?)

    Thanks for making my day happier, you. xox

  9. As a narcissist I'm delighted you are wearing MY t-shirt. Ha : )

    Your modelling moves put me to shame. Truly you need to give a course on how to let your inner freak fly and just be one with the outside world. Mine only comes out to play when I coax it with 3 martinis.

    I love those bold bright pants and your new coat.

    The textures in the second outfit are delicious.


  10. You own a Bugatti? That and that amazing scarf are making me green with envy! And green is NOT a good colour on me - only black. You are the mistress of ALL colours and patterns, mixed together in terrible (on me), and yet somehow wonderful (on you), ways. Again, kinda jealous. ;)

  11. coats. I freaking love coats. I have way too many for someone that lives almost in Florida. You looks amazing as always

  12. It's extraordinary the naughtiness that some coats will get up into! And these are like naughty non-identical twins that natter and chatter away to each other in the back of a car on a long journey, cooking up all sorts of mischief.
    And I say more mischief, more leaping around like the gazelle you are, more running through a library yelling half price book sale!!!
    And I can't tell you how happy those technicolour trousers make me in the first outfit. I love the vividness of the colours. Um, I'm going to have to track down a similar pair.
    And lady I've not finished yet. Oh, the delicacy of the scarf. Exquisite.

  13. What a fabulous pair of coats! I particularly like the black and white vintage one - black and white always looks classy methinks.

    The scarf is so beautiful too.

    Keep leaping!

    Veronica x

  14. That coat is super!!!! How wonderfully it suits your whole cool, clashy, stylish, zany aesthetic! Hurrah for the grizzly bear coat too!! Oh yes, cup of tea please!!!Xx

  15. You got given that coat? It's utterly fabulous and definitely not pissing me off - that's just reserved for people who wear sportswear in public. xxx

  16. The thing is, in the first photo there's a sign that says No Smoking. But there you are, smoking hot and sizzling like a tub of got2b in the sun. Or in the microwave, since it doesn't look like it was sunny that day.

    Damn, that's a nice coat! But the scarf really takes my breath away - what a treasure. The thrifting universe smiles on you!

  17. That scarf!!!
    Your hair stands still? I thought it was jumping too!
    Love the pants tucked into boots.
    You rock! Xo Jazzy Jack

  18. You look great Mel and just imagining how much fun you must have been having taking these pictures and not giving a sh about any people around you always make me wish that I could join in the photoshoots. Love your happy photos and those coats are just fabulous! By the way the ring your husband made is just amazing.

  19. Dam fine coat of circles and stripes, a little fav of my own!! You know an awful lot of Sue's you do, must be a sign, (as far as I know I have never met a Sue I haven't got on with, must be a sign). Popcorn on your eyelids could be a new fashionable thing to do you know.

  20. Dots AND stripes - no wonder you love that coat! Sue is a wonderful Fairy Clothes-Mother.

    I sooooo love the photo of you in front of the Chuck Palahniuk quote - I think you could sell posters of that photo to your blog fans and make some $$. I would buy one, but only if it was life size.

  21. Black and white with those bright mix pants , fantastic on you of course. Generous fairy god mother, she knew you would make it your own. Love the shaggy coat and those boots and of course your attitude , I so admire your ability to own the space you are in.

  22. wonderful b&w coat!!!
    and that scarf! awww... my clothes usually fit my lifestyle - but my budget is not willing....

  23. I'm with Shelley! Posters. Magazines. Times Square! You're going to be there! The "jumping" photo is a miracle. I don't know how you do it.

    Your ensembles are perfection and your writing magnificent. And I'm having scarf lust.

  24. mwahaha, that coat makes me want to squeeze you, yes!, lovely print and fabulous pants! you're amazing!
    And obviously, a girl can't have too many muppet coats, hurrah!, and that lovely silk scarf!, it's a fabulous piece of art!
    You rock!!

  25. Whooo hoooo, Melanie!! I want to jump with you!

  26. You are just about to jump off the screen into my room, Melanie! What a great coat - well, both coats actually, and both pants, and the boots, and the silk scarf. You created such fun outfits, and they created such a fun mood for you! :)

  27. ROFL! You wonderful girl. adore it all. the clothes , the WORDS, too too funny and exuberant. I want that coat (of course) and that t-shirt. Can a children's author wear something like that???? You make me want to rebel. Thanks for being you, Mel. xx

  28. You are like a magical canvas. You really are. Haha. I love both outfits, but the watercolors mixed with the chunky blots really speaks to me. Wearable art, dude. Really fantastic!

    - Anna

  29. you are like a breath of fresh air darling! Those Versaci pants scream good times and that coat is utterly fabulous...such an awesome combo. You get extra points for thrifting designer pants for 25 dollars.

    The second outfit I also really like..the print on those pants is so playful..and those boots are so cool. Plus, that silk scarf is a work of art.

    I do love your style! and keep make me want to smile too and I've had a rough week.

  30. What a beautiful silk scarf, love it. :)

  31. Yes they did, and thank goodness for it, I say. Coats are like that. Especially ones that come your way. yay.

  32. What a beautiful scarf! And I want that coat!


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