Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Interplanetary pom poms!

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Coat from the mmmarvelous Su Bennett, co-stylist at My Sister's Closet fashion show; Italian soft pants with huge front snaps $5 at My Sister's Closet; leather booties My Sister's Closet; blouse/tunic My Sister's Closet; hat from Talize; earrings My Sister's Closet. I had coffee with Su today and she was wearing a smashing Balenciaga tunic from My Sister's Closet, smashing! I took my camera but forgot to pull it out - typical.

I'm tired. My tempest in a thimble (re. previous post) has tuckered me out. But I'm feeling all-round joyful in this outfit.

Happy closet hunting!!


  1. Fabulous outfit. It is blazing hot here today however and the cross seasoal layering is making me feel a bit warm!

  2. Nothing says success quite like some big kick arse pom poms!!

  3. Pom poms rule!! As do those trousers! Brilliant trousers!!!x

  4. Lovely happy outfit - and that is the most gorgeous elegant coat. Pom poms - oh I spent many a happy hour as a child making them.....Happy New Year Mel! x


  5. "Feeling all round joyful" - yes, that's a perfect summing up of the power of a great outfit, especially when charity-shop sourced. There's also something joyful about the word pom-pom.

  6. Lurving your glamazon coat - so fun and graphically graphic. I have been inspired by your ginormous earrings and am wearing pink ones today!

  7. Every time I see those fuzzy balls I just want to stroke and fondle them! Don't take that out of context though ; P

    So happy you are feeling your joyful self again and that little bump in IG didn't burst your hot air balloon.

    Is it bad to say I really like that photo where you cut off your head? It just focuses the eyes so well on the outfit details which are like looking at one of those hypnotic paintings where if you stare long enough you'll see a unicorn riding a pug.


  8. Pom poms forever - and I love those trousers. You're a schtar living among us mortals. xo


  9. You've created such a fun closet for hunting, Melanie - every single time it's a feast for my eyes to see your outfits. The colors! the prints! the textures! Really joyous outfit!

  10. Fabyoolass and lively outfit, even without the pompoms! I love the Brobdinagian snaps and the way their round shape is echoed in that marvelous coat, and I also love the smirky Melanie face in the last photo. Your smile is gorgeous, but it's good to see your mischievous side. ;-)

  11. Ooooh I just want to lie my head on those soft Italian pants and stroke the material. In a comforting, wrap me up in warmth kinda way - nothing sexual (although, of course, your sexual allure is immense). You can really feel the fabric through the screen! And such a wonderful green too.
    Glad you're feeling all-round joyful in this outfit. Your joy is certainly infectious! I do not wish to be quarantined from it - ha,ha. Ok, so enough with the appalling play on words!


  12. You're happy, anyone can see that here; and rightly so given your abilty to put together items from all-over-the-place and create such a look. I keep studying it and wondering if the blouse was your starting point - or the POM-POMS? (capitals requisite)
    Delighted to see you sporting my Roman earrings again! Oops, no, my mistake, mine were fuscia pink :D
    baci Sxx


  13. Ooooo, brilliant outfit creation Mel! Damn, those are big-ass awesome pom poms. Glad to hear you've settled down and feeling joyful XO

  14. Crazy in LOVE with those gargantuan POM POM's!!
    God knows I love the things at any size, but HUGE and multicoloured....AND attached to headgear??!!
    Fake Fabulous

  15. The red lining and the pointy boots! Yes. Xo Jazzy Jack

  16. You might be tired but you look happy. And Su's coat is such a marvel. I want to be friends with Su too hahaha.

  17. Your pom pons are a delight and your coat from Su is incredible. Your usual magnificence! Thank you so much for sharing with Hat Attack

  18. If am so glad you're back in all your magnificent splendor. I was a little worried that you might flit away. Why do stars fall down from the sky?

  19. Huge waves of envy for boots and velvet trousers daahling! Coat not too shabby either x
    Anna's Island Style

  20. you look magnificent and love your mixed prints and your always fabulous coats! and your hat!! that's my kind of hat!! colorful rainbow pompoms!! that's Fabulousness!!!!!

  21. Glad to hear this outfit brings you back to your old joyful self and I can see why. Those soft as butter velvet pants , a hat with pompoms just has to make you smile and that stunning black and white coat.
    So glad to see you back on Instagram, thanks Sylvia.

  22. Love the pants, love the pom poms, love the whole thing. Chaos and order all at once. Well played, madame!

  23. I must confess I was a little worried about you, but so glad you are back and in one incredible outfit. That is one great hat! Stay Happy!!!

  24. If one should wear pom poms, one should wear pom poms your way.

  25. Don't know what I like more: that crazy hat or those awesome pants

  26. What a wonderful post dear :) I wish you a happy healthy 2016 with lots of fun!

    Check out my new post - My amazing kitchen floor makeover :)

    LOVE Maria Inredning - it's Swedish for decor

  27. I just bought the same pair of flares only in orange...I was shocked that I found them in a regularly store but supposedly they're in right now. I feel kind of guilty for not fining them in some cool second hand, it feels like I've cheated or sth...plus, this also means that everyone will wear them now, which I'm only kind of happy about.

    Anyhow, you look gorgeous!!!!!!


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