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Wednesday 23 September 2015

How to Unfollow Someone on Google Friend Connect, 2015

Oh dear, oh dear. How many times has this happened to you?

When you started following "Natasha's" blog on Google Friend Connect she fed your appetite for Satan worship, but now her blog is full of angel food cake with pink sprinkles and glitter tiaras. No more devil's food! So, you want to boot Natasha out of your feed, and Google Friend Connect laughs in your face.

You may have seen tons of helpful posts telling you to simply click the little gear thingy that appears on the right side of your "Reading list" page in Blogger.

Unfollow a blog on GFC in 2015

When you mouse-over it, it says, "Manage Reading list." Ooh, lovely. With high hopes you click it. And then this pops up.

How to unfollow someone on Google Friend Connect

The "Please try again shortly" tends to lose its promise after several years of BIG MASSIVE COLOSSAL FAILURE. THIS DOES NOT WORK!

So here's what you do.

How to Unfollow Someone
on Google Friend Connect

Type the following address in your location bar:

Click Settings, shown below, for any one of the sites you've joined.

Unfollow a blog on Google Friend Connect, 2015

You'll then be asked to sign in using your Google, Twitter, Yahoo or other account.

After you've signed in, the following window pops up. On the right side you'll see the elusive miracle link called Stop following this site.  CLICK IT IMMEDIATELY before GFC shuts down this feature.

Un-follow a blog on GFC, 2015

Ta-da!! You're free! FREE!!

I am braced for my GFC numbers to plummet now; I won't force you to stay at my party if you're feeling sick and it's time to go home, and, really, I'd rather you work off that hangover in your own bathroom. 

On the other hand, if I've answered this vexing Unfollow question, maybe you will Follow me on GFC as a reward! - especially now that you know where the Exit door is. Heh. "What care I about Follower numbers?" I trill, biting my own hand with anxiety. 

I leave you now to sweep out your Reading list. Cheers. (Please don't leave me, please don't leave me. Ow, my hand!) If you already know all this, well, yeah, you just wasted your time here, didn't you? Oops, did I just hear an Unfollow click? Gaaa!

Since I'm posting, this what I wore today. I call it:
"White by any other name is okay after Labour Day"
Scandalour white after Labour Day, Mel at Bag and a Beret
Wearing: Is it off-white, winter white, antique white, eggshell white, chemical white, snow-white, alabaster, chalk white, lily white...? Feck that. I'm wearing white: white moto jacket, white long-sleeve T-shirt, way-too-big white silk/linen blend trousers, fully lined (also worn here), men's black leather belt, and black Steve Madden army boots.
"No White after Labour Day" is one of those quaint rules/rituals from simpler, earlier times, kind of like, oh, burning witches at the stake. There doesn't seem to be one clear reason for it (the no-white-clothing rule or the witch-burning for that matter) and most of those reasons I've come across originate with the upper classes. 

I suspect that if I were a housewife in olden times without the luxury of help, human or machine, I would rejoice in a rule of No White After Labour Day too, given the seasonal onset of harvest in cold and muddy fields. 

For the first time a few days ago, I heard someone walking by me say to her friend, "That guy was so hot." I've only ever heard the phrase in media or read it in magazines or books, never first-hand. I was beginning to think it was an urban legend. Okay, I don't get out much. Cut me some slack.

That's all. See ya! What am I forgetting? I must be forgetting something.


  1. I have tried to unfollow blogs (not yours!) in Google Friend Connect and sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn't. Thank you for the detailed instructions - I will have to test them later.

    I have in fact said, out loud, "That guy was so hot", so the phrase is not an urban legend, even old broads like me use it.

    I don't usually wear white any time of the year - I'm prone to spillage so it's just safer all round if I stick to actual colours.

  2. Ha ha! I too have said, "That guy is HOT!" In fact I might have said, "smokin'" Yes...I'm tacky like that.

    I've never followed anyone in Google Friend. I was so lame the first 7 years of blogging I didn't even know about it up until about 2 years ago. Yes...I am the dumb and dumber of bloggers. I aim high.

    I rarely wear white but bought some white jeans this year that I have worn out a couple of times. I'm still worried about getting them dirty though.


  3. OMG, you've saved me! I have been following some since-disappeared people since 200-frickin'-eight! and they never post, and I want all their blogs gone. Done, gone, done!

    You look fab in your white!

  4. Ha!!! I had to try and unfollow someone a few years ago as they'd stopped blogging and their blog was taken over by some seriously nasty porn poster and they posyed about 600 posts in one go so my GFC reading list was full of horrid porn pics@!! Luckily I hit a mythically good day where I could unfollow-Phew!!!!x

  5. Well natch, our seasons are around the other way, and so it's no white after Easter, only really I never hear anyone say stuff like that. White shoes have been known to be mentioned sniffingly as inappropriate for between Easter and Labour Day.
    Life, on the other hand, is too short to deny oneself gorgeous garments based on arbitrary rules!

  6. P.S. There are a couple of blogs I would unfollow if I could be bothered but then mostly I'd just be depriving myself of a dyspepsic moment of ire as I let their listing pass unopened... ;-)

  7. I'm sure that you write extremely fun. Wish I could express something amusing back, but I can't. But I can write (and I also mean it) that you're looking good in white and that the rules above are ridiculous.

  8. On all our minds: please, don't let it be me you want to un-follow! You look fab in near-white, off-white and not yet white. xox

  9. Ooh, I don't know a damn thing about Google Friend Connect, I include the blogs I follow in my sidebar and delete anyone who stop posting or I stop following from there. That's it! Low tech all; the way for me...

    There are lots of "rules" in life which might have made sense when they were first initiated (not wanting white hems trailing along muddy streets being one) but which have little relevance these days. Where white whenever you want, Mel - you look amazing in it, like a cool biker angel. In fact, I'd go so far as to say you're sooooo hot! xxx

  10. I'm rebelling against rebelling. In my youth, I longed to be free of rules. In my geezerhood, I can ignore them with impunity and who's gonna say no? But I feel like an unswaddled baby sometimes. I miss the structure, the seasons. And September is all about back to school, uniforms, dark colors, nuns,...yeah, okay, I don't miss that.

  11. Like Curtise, I know nothing of Google Friend Connect. Does that make me antique????

    You look fabulous in white. I wear white whenever I feel like it, which means all seasons. I remember when that rule was in place, but I've lived through so many rules that no longer apply. xo

  12. Thanks, Melanie, for your tech support. I have had the same trouble and just gave up. I'm trying hard not to get too cluttered. Ok, now my fashionista guru, how can I stop my comment replies from appearing twice????

  13. Hey, I never got into google friend so I've always been free! or goggle+, google circles, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile you are such a rebel, breaking all the rules. ef to white wearing by the calendar. You look spectacular and very clean too.

  14. If I were organized I'd be bookmarking this useful info so I could come back and organize my cyber life. But I see a problem here ... Nonetheless, I thank you and who knows, perhaps someday....

  15. If I were organized I'd be bookmarking this useful info so I could come back and organize my cyber life. But I see a problem here ... Nonetheless, I thank you and who knows, perhaps someday....

  16. Good to know. I handle it by completely ignoring my list feeds!
    I love your zippy white suit and black combatty boots. Red lip makes it even better!
    The only teeny-tiny, minuscule, completely minor and absolutely subjective downside I see to this outfit is this; I kept thinking it reminded me of something else, maybe a film. Then it hit me. Yikes. The white and black reminds me of the get up Malcolm McDowell and his only a vicious mates wore in "A Clockwork Orange". I wasn't going to tell you, but then I decided you'd love it. You're so much prettier than McDowell!

  17. .....and white tennis socks! you are the only one who looks stylish and elegant with tennis socks on her feet! (thought that already about your last outfit!)
    this white rule is one of the useless late 19.cent. upperclass rules. in fact - white linen or nettles/hemp clothes were the only washable in ancient times - the textile colors made from plants would get faded if washed regularly. and no one wanted to run around in a mud crusted yet colored garment for weeks. farmers wore washable white pants and only their white shirts for dirty work. the colorful wool clothes and bright silky accessories were for sunday! (i´m studying european folk costumes as a hobby)

  18. the internet is so easy, because we all know all the tricks, right? Right?

  19. Luckily this white rule never made it to The Netherlands, so it doesn't bother me at all. As a matter of fact, as I am typing this I am wearing white skinnies. You look good in white. Cannot really judge your outfit as you only posted one sitting down picture, you lazy bird. Oh wait a minute, let's not slam you in the face for this omission, you had a message to tell us about unfriending Google feeds. That was a very kind thing to do. For Sheila. Not for me, I haven't made a feedlist. Most blogs I follow through email. But there are some fake people, probably nasty men, who start following me on Google+. And when I check them out, they are usually something military, no posts or hardly any. No photos or hardly any. And I block them. Immediately. Now that is not easy either. You can only do that on your computer, not on your iPad or iPhone (lesson one). And you have to search for the right "thingy" to get to the blocking bit. Why do I do that, you might ask (do you?) Well, I suspect such a man to be an entirely different person with a fake photo, thinking I am an old single woman who will fall in love with him and then in the end he can sweettalk me out of my money. (For the record, nobody can do that. Not even a young guy with whom I am madly in love with.. been there, did not part with a penny. This was several decades ago, don't get me wrong.)
    I also read Jan's comment on Malcolm in A Clockwork Orange. Never wanted to see that movie, scared the hell out of me. I once was in the movies when they played the trailer and I thought it was the movie I was about to see (somebody else bought the tickets; telling you this so you understand). I got up and wanted to walk out.
    Oh and ai think your post was very funny. As usual.
    That is it for now.
    By dear

  20. How dare you stop following me on Google Friend Connect. I hope you get glitter all over your white jumpsuit! Thank goodness I have a Hot Boyfriend that brings me cupcakes. Natasha
    PS You're going to hell!

  21. I am so impressed that you have figured out that Google craziness. I am also impressed that you have put together this amazing all white outfit right down to the sport sox. The jumpsuit is amazing and you look just radiant. The boots are fabulous. I can't believe that that sprinkle fiend Natasha took over my last comment. You are better off without her.

  22. Beate, thank you for that background information. It seems counter-intuitive that farmers would wear white for work, but in the context of wanting to save their colours, it makes complete sense.

  23. Dahlink, I would follow you anywhere! Though I am probably not following you on Google Friend connect because I barely know how to drive this Google thing. I know how to make a blog and have a blog roll. I used to use BlogLovin' but got tired of that. I seem to have some "Friends" with Google Plus but I'm not really sure how they got there.

    What I am sure of is wearing white or almost white after Labour Day. I've always had a love of white blouses and always worn them year round without a second thought. Back in the day when I first heard that silly rule I always thought it only applied to pants and skirts but even then, The Sears catalog was full of "Winter White" and surely they are a fashion authority since forever!

    You look fabulous in your whites by any other name. xoxo

  24. that white leather jacket is divine!!!!!!

  25. Brilliant, I now have another technical support department! I shall be bombarding you with all sorts of thorny technical issues for which you can wave your magic wand over to rememdy! I expect one technical tip per week please. Don't cha just love all the names they give to colours. Whatever white you're wearing you look fantastic. Just don't spill red white over it, for gawd's sake.

  26. I guess being a technological ostrich has it's benefits. If you don't follow, you don't have to unfollow. How simple is that?!

    I adore your all-white ensemble, and the phrase "fully-lined" cheered my heart! I mean, just think if they weren't.

    I've been craving a simple color palette recently, my usual default when the weather begins to change. I hate all my clothes, don't want to be even remotely bohemian anymore. I want to be walking around a cool urban neighborhood, stopping by an art gallery, as I trek to my fabulous midcentury-modern minimalist apartment.

    Then I wake up in my suburban home with tie dye skirts and flip flops in my closet. Sigh. Thanks for helping me dream.

  27. I love detailed manuals on how to e.g. unfollow peeps on Google. Or anywhere else for that matter;-). Thanks!

    You look fab in white and f**k all those old skool rules. I heard tons of them when I was a kid:

    "Never wear red and green together. It's a color clash that's ugly."
    "You're too pale to wear white."
    "Wear turtle necks because your neck is too long."
    Bla bla bla.
    My mum knew dozens of them and sprinkled them out over me day after day.

    I'm so happy that nowadays, almost anything goes... Freedommmmmm!


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