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Wednesday 14 September 2016

Howl, prowl, smowl - outfits for hunting and avenging

I'm feeling feisty. I like that word - agitated, prickly, energetic. So I dropped myself into a spinning tunnel of love and flowers and intrigue and lightning wearing my Emma Peel/Avengers outfit, which I bought when I was shopping with Suzanne during her visit to Vancouver. Shopping with her always brings out my inner Zoolander. She put a photo on her Instagram when I tried it on - HERE.

Mel Kobayashi in groovy vintage onepiece. Bag and a Beret. Tunnel of love and turmoil.

This is wool, rear zip, vintage, and clearly groovy, made by Gordi of Montreal. With the cooler morning weather I could finally wear it. I definitely need a soundtrack when I go on top secret spy missions in this outfit. The colour defies digitization. Contrary to what you see here, this is a screaming, SCREEEEAMING, orangy-red.

The next photo was taken in the anteroom of our squash court.

Melanie Kobayashi in groovy vintage onepiece, like The Avengers. Bag and a Beret.

Below is the photo I put on Instagram. I use my finger as a gun, a noodly one. The only thing I could stop with that would be, uh, candy floss. But I think the world would be a better place if suddenly every gun turned into a noodle and every bullet turned into candy floss. We would become a pasta-loving planet high in carbs and sugar with a huge number of wealthy dentists. And I'd make my millions opening a tomato sauce factory.

I got lots of fun Zoolander poses. Snap, snap, snap, snap, snap - that's what happens when you're a high-action heroine.

Melanie Kobayashi in groovy vintage onepiece, like The Avengers. Bag and a Beret.

And carrying on the theme below... In fact I wore this sexay number a few days before that first one. Guh - could you even imagine a garment so deluxe in your wildest dreams? Again, "SOUNDTRAACK!!" I scream like screamy Frau Farbissina from Austin Powers. Another outfit designed for pouncing.

Mel Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret in vintage tiger onepiece with quilted skirt.

Pao, author of the blog Project Minima, gave me this piece of divinity at the blogger meetup in Vancouver last summer. It was sewn by her mother many years ago and I am honored to carry on her spirit through style.

While I was on my inspiration walk wearing this, a driver on a busy street screeched to a stop at the curb to shout, "THAT IS THE BEST OUTFIT I'VE EVER SEEN!" Bwahaha. Of course I launched into the story of Pao and her mum and the blogger meetup while cars pulled around her.

Melanie Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret in vintage tiger onepiece with quilted skirt.

This vintage extravaganza consists of a jersey front-zip onepiece with a matching button-up quilted overskirt. A big rhinestone is nested in the center of each button. Note the golden silky lining and the matching quilted tie belt. So utterly fabulous.

I'll link something here up with Patti at Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style, and Catherine at #iwillwearwhatilike, Not Dressed as Lamb.

Melanie Kobayashi of Bag and a Beret in vintage tiger onepiece with quilted skirt. Hunting.

This outfit brought out my scowl/smile, known as a smowl, rhymes with howl and prowl. I was imagining a roar. Don't forget, I was alone in a parking lot making these faces for my tripod, but mere meters away from a busy sidewalk - proof of how professionally aloof I am to the seething reality around me. It's is a special skill, yesh.

This post is tardy. I am tardy. Pffft. Can't be helped. (smowl)

Usually when people express interest in my style, at the end of a conversation I might shove a crumpled bit of napkin with my blog addressed scratched into it with a blotty pen. Sooo professional. So I finally ordered real cards. Now my life will be perfect.

I've photographed other outfits since my last post too, which you can see on Instagram HERE. You don't have to join IG to look. And you can search for things that interest you, e.g., paisleypants. When you click a photo, it pops up bigger. Also, if you sign up with Instagram, you will be able to comment, and you don't need a cell phone to do that. So that's a little FYI. I'd put them here but this post would be too long.

I hope you're all having a stellar life at the moment! If not, HANG ON!!! I'll send Emma ASAP with her noodle gun and candy floss maker. If only life were so easy...


  1. Whaaaaat? I'm the first to comment? I feel like a winner. In fact I'm schmowling with glee!!! Ah, but what to say that's really pithy, clever, and so very observant? Hmmmm....


  2. Yikes - that catsuit is 17 shades of Avengers-heaven-tastic. Emma Peel definitely got the best outfits.
    Your smowl has reminded of one of my younger brother's most favourite board books from when he was a wee scrap: Big Owl, Little Towel (a picture book of opposites). Hmmm, big growl, little smowl. Big smowl, little howl.

  3. You kill me with your smowl and noodle gun!

    Seriously...your writing is so highly entertaining and your photos are magic! Okay...I'm wordless beyond this.

  4. Both these outfits are so killer!!! The one from Poa's mom is super special. I love IG!!!!

  5. Oh, that weird 70's red or maybe orange, no red color! Looks good on you. Please explain these strange words" "cooler" and "wool". It's still in the 90's down my neck of the woods.

  6. Smowl is totally a word - and I'm hijacking it and running away to South America with it! I am so very envious of your slender figure - not because you're slim, but because it means you can wear these tiny little vintage pieces. Oh, that RED number! Oh, that fabulous tiger suit (I will have to wear my key party tiger dress with you one day!).

    You're such a Schtar, dahling. Glad you will soon have real business cards!

  7. Well... Emma... You found yourself a perfect piece for spying. Nobody will notice you when you walk in a room haha. No, seriously it is a perfect suit for you. And I love red, oange, anything bright, so you have me as a fan.
    The tiger outfit brings back sweet memories. I thought Pao's mother had worn it. Didn't know she sewed it. What a remarkable woman. It is of course indeed perfect. I can understand that cars stop and people tell you this.
    I was singing (softly) to meyself: 🎧the eye of the tiger.. etc.. You're gonna hear me ROOAARRR!🎧

  8. Oh Melanie you are great. I'm afraid my translator exploded. I need help... or candyfloss maybee :))
    Great post, I love both outfits. The Emma spy outfit is stunning and the other one rooooaaaarrrrrr

  9. ohhh, you look so Gorgeous as Emma herself!, Avengers spy coolness! really fab color (and shape too!!)
    And you rock that tiger print!! such an amazing piece of fashion!, love particularly that quilted skirt over it!! that's really unexpected and imposible don't to love everything!
    besos & Candy floss

  10. THAT IS THE BEST OUTFIT I'VE EVER SEEN x 2!!! I absolutely love both of them. How wonderful to have Pao's mother's creation and to find that killer catsuit in a thrift shop. Brilliant. xxx

  11. Tigers, and neon red-orange thingys, oh my! Can you get any better than that?!! ahh, you're wearing mom's cat suit. I don't think she looked anything like you when she wore it, you know, for cocktail parties and such. You are way more smowling in it, for sure. Stopping traffic. Especially with your Danger, Danger blinding neon shape shifter suit. woo-hoo.

  12. Hahaha! Smowl! Dr. Zeuss has nothing on you Emma. You noodle toting super hero!

    Loved all of this : )


  13. Both looks are absolutely perfect! You have such a unique style! Love them both!

  14. Mrrrrrrrooowwwwww!!!!
    I would love to see you prowling down the street!

  15. You know, that KAPOW Avengers jumpsuit just looks like a regular cool outfit when you wear it, partly because it fits you so well. If I tried to pull that off, I think there would be an intervention. You look like you are saying "OH, BEHAVE!" in the first photo.

    The motorist is correct, the animal print awesomeness made by Pao's Mom can easily be a nominee for "The Best Outfit I've Ever Seen" award. Is there a photo that exists of Pao's Mom wearing it?

  16. Love your action shots and your smowl! I'm working on doing a snleer, but I can't even pronounce it yet.

    You have an anteroom to your squash court? I'm sure I've never seen those words in the same sentence before. I am humbled by your poshosity and high-falutin' hair - no wonder you're stopping traffic!

  17. Both outfits are fantastic and truly in your spirit! The catsuit is gorgeous, especially in this fiery color. And the tiger pattern quilted skirt is just amazing!! You definitely will make lots of style appreciators happy with your real cards (which I suspect are great fun too). :)

  18. You always have been and always will be my very favorite model/super hero/word inventor. Real cards. That is a big step. You are official once you have a card. I'm not kidding. Shoot me with a noodle if I am. Smowl!!

  19. What absolutely fabulous outfits! I loved Emma Peel and loved her style. As for that animal print ensemble how unusual and beautiful is that? And it looks gorgeous on you. You must cheer your neighbourhood up no end with all those fab outfits!

    Have a stellar weekend yourself.



  20. Does O look dapper in a bowler hat and pin striped three piece, touting a brolly?

  21. Not too many words I can add, fabulous Melanie, to these incredible outfits. (But I LOVE it when people have amazing conversations all the while in the middle of traffic/kerbside, and holding up the traffic. There should be more. One of the best conversations I had was with my friend (the other) Liz on a walking escalator, her side going up, mine going down, and we just kept doing creative things to stay in the same place to talk while people went about their business!)Here's to lots of prowling, pouncing, strutting and move over John Steed! xx

  22. As always after catching up on your latest, I feel all is well with the world Melanie. Your crazy, wonderful, cool, zany take on life is somehow strangely stablilising for me. But, don't worry I keep taking the meds anyway. Awesome outfits both of them, Emma Peel or tigress woman you rock 'em baby x

  23. Incredible!! The colors, the cut, the animal print, the poses, the roar of the crowd,the special effects, not to mention the CARDS!!! You just exude creativity and enthusiasm Mel. Your posts make me feel happier.

  24. Incredible!! The colors, the cut, the animal print, the poses, the roar of the crowd,the special effects, not to mention the CARDS!!! You just exude creativity and enthusiasm Mel. Your posts make me feel happier.


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