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Thursday 2 February 2012

I feel like Amelie

I love how feminine this outfit feels. Under the skirt I am wearing a multilayered, seafoam summer skirt that acts like a crinoline, and a one-piece, ruby-red lacy slip. The riot of colour under the black skirted canvas makes me feel gleefully naughty. Plus, there is a wonderful swishing sound when I walk. The jacket is light for 6C, but I wore thigh-high socks over tights and a long-sleeved shirt under my blouse.

Details of the outfit:

  • thrifted skirt refashioned from a dress - I added a lining and suede closures at each side at the waist. I still have to hem the bolero I made from the top half
  • black tights under high, diamond-patterned socks
  • shimmery green jacket with velcro closure
  • ivory silk blouse with mother-of-pearl heart-shaped buttons, from Tokyo about 20 years ago
  • burgundy patent leather shoes, thrifted
  • life pendant O made me

This outfit also seems to suit the B&W mode, so I included one below. I hope you like it.

I feel like Amelie in this photo, one of my favourite films. I hear that soundtrack in this outfit.

It looks like I have a straw in my mouth or an extra-long droopy cigarette. : ) 


  1. I love the profile of this skirt, especially with the tights. I have one of those red crinolines myself and you're right, they do make a person feel naughty.

  2. Yes! I saw your red crinoline and it immediately reminded me of this outfit, but your crinoline is proper and gorgeous. I keep looking for one but they are picky or too short. I might make one. It's that sense of mischief that reminds me of Amelie.

  3. You seems to be part of the art work, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh so lovely.

    1. Oh, Sacramento, you make my heart sing. I AM my art and I am happy that you can see it.

  4. Hi Melanie!

    I have read the details of your outfit so great,i would have love to see what was under the skirt and the pendant made by O!
    You have such an original to put outfit together, it always perfect
    The blouse is exquisite ! Love the sleeves and you said mother of pearls ? Wow!
    I loved Amélie Poulain as well such a great movie

    Melanie i want to ask are worth spreading around your amazing style, can i do a feature? We could talk about via e-mails?

    Let me know

    Have a good weekend - Ariane

  5. Ariane,

    Your comment came at a really good time, so I am a million times grateful for that. It's funny how one little thing can shift your day.

    I am moved that you would think about doing something on me. Yes, let's talk on email. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, too.


  6. You look fantastic. I really love that outfit.

  7. This skirt is just perfect... xx


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