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Wednesday 1 February 2012

More sun, less colour?

Sun today, and that can only mean one thing - less colour, in some respects. I did dress darker, although I added a blue brooch and some incredible vintage sunglasses that I found recently. How did I live without them before?

Details of the outfit:
Betsey Johnson coat which I impulse bought at a huge sale so I'm not allowed to feel guilty
dress with pockets by Totem
riding pant jeggings
stretch boots - low heel required because I knew I'd be walking all over the place today
sunglasses - what can I say? Neon orange, like Ms. Apfel but in a square, if I may be so bold!

I played around with the backdrop for visual interest and also because I need to inventory some more work on the hanger. The piece behind me is oil pastel and big, which I love. I also included a street view photo below because this is the kind of day that makes the rain in Vancouver bearable.

PS. I just added the Followers gadget, and I know I shouldn't be, but I'm embarrassed to have only one. Terri, at Rags Against the Machine, you are the best! and my first follower! Thank you! I still have to Follow else's blogs but I need to pinpoint my photo, which makes me anxious - it seems so permanent. Until then, I check your sites daily.

Vancouver, Hornby Street. I see this cyclist's bike around town and it always makes me smile.


  1. I put you on my google reader, just found your blog yesterday and I can see I already love your sense of style. I look forward to seeing more of your inspiring wardrobe. No blog of my own, though. Jessica.

    1. Hi Jessica, I'm just happy that you like what you see when you come here. I really appreciate your comment. Thanks!

  2. Yeahhhhhhhhhhh you have got your google Follow going. I am sooooooo honoured to be the following you, my dear Melanie.

    1. Oh, thank you. You are my No. 2 Follower! And it's because of you that I got that gadget up there. Hugs.

  3. Melanie--It won't be long before you have MANY you have an interesting and quirky style. And, yeah, for Apfel glasses. I have searched without any luck for a source for her huge frames.

  4. I have been looking for round glasses too, but usually small ones because my prescription is rather atrocious. If I come across big round ones I'll let you know. I'm thinking there might be something in 60s vintage sunglasses. And thanks for your encouragement.


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