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Saturday 4 February 2012

My Style Autoblography

When I went on my inspiration and style-scouting walk today, I ran into my rocker chick friend, Sandra Bernabei. I told her about this new blog and she said, "Oh, you're doing an autoblography?" I love that word and she said she just made it up on the spot. I'm trying to coax her into her most intense rocker gear for a photo but even today she had on a great hand-sequinned T-shirt supporting the Port Alberni fire-fighting water bombers! (Port Alberni is a small town on Vancouver Island)

Today was cold so I threw on three slips under my dress, one red, one rust, and one white, and it helped.

Details of my outfit:

  • one nifty thrifted vintage dress, short sleeved with pleats, made out of excellent polyester, which I bought a few days ago
  • black turtleneck under the dress for warmth
  • three slips and light blue tights (you can see the rust slip peeking out in photo 2)
  • thrifted D&G pony heels, score purchase a few years ago
  • a necklace from waaay long ago with a little heart hanging on it.

There are three vertical rows of  ivory-coloured stitching on the front of the dress, curving from the top down to just above the pleats where they end in arrow points. The whole dress is finely made. I kept the photos slightly orange because I liked that vintage patina with this dress pattern.

This pose is how I feel in this dress: "Ta-dah," with a little tap dancing flourish to punctuate it!
O thinks this is good studio camouflage wear.
It looks like there's light coming out of the painting with this colouring and reflection.


  1. The dress is an amazing pattern. Are your tights a light green or grey? "Autoblography"--love the terminology.

    1. Yes, isn't that a cool pattern? I never used to wear patterns but I'm liking them more and more. The tights are a pale blue-grey. They have an interesting texture that picks up light.

  2. You are sooooooooooooo unique.
    When are you coming on board of my official follower, my gorgeous Melanie.

    1. Oh, dear! I DID join your blog as a follower a couple of days ago. Then I changed my profile pic and it must have caused a problem. Thank you for telling me. I will rejoin IMMEDIATELY. You are so inspiring always.

  3. Love that dress. How come I never find anything THAT cool. Oh yeah, I live in the boonies!Will be visiting Victoria and going on the thrift store blitz!


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