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Monday 4 November 2013

Successful meh wear

This is a meh outfit. Had it not been for the positive feedback I got when I wore it out, I would not have posted these photos. Why is it that when I sometimes wear things that don't seem to sit right, I meet so many cool people? Could it be that the dampened spirit that a meh outfit causes (or reflects) makes me more approachable by blunting my invisible prickly exterior? Nah.

I won't wear this again though, no matter the response it gets; simply, it bugs me. And I certainly won't wear that red number from a previous post again. Hideous! I like the separates but not together - I HAD to wear it 'cause I knew what was good for me, Missy. It was like putting a huge flaw in a satisfying painting.

  • Metalicus wool-blend tunic/dress
  • mustard tights
  • Geisha socks
  • frump shoes
  • brown wool cape
  • red wool beret
  • brown leather gloves
  • black DIY cropped mohair sweater 
  • magic loupe
  • vintage sunglasses
Only the sunglasses, beret, and a long-sleeved under-top, not visible, were thrifted. Everything else was sample sale or discount bin.

I think I'm going through a style transition. I'm picking things out of my closet and wearing them because, why not? Sometimes I feel like I'm rolling around in a clothes pile like a slobbering dog in dirty autumn leaves and throwing on whatever sticks, which I enjoy, but maybe now that I have explored such an undefined breadth of clothing expression, I'm looking for what's next. Of course I can't imagine a life without dressing up, but I wonder how I will define that... Ah. Enough navel-gazing...

I'm linking up with freshly-New-Yorked Patti at her fabulous Visible Monday, Not Dead Yet Style. I'll see you there. Hugs, all.
Do you ever punish yourself with clothing?


  1. Yet another wonderful line from one of your posts that sticks in my head as being an instant 'Mel' quote - and something I want to memorise! This time it's "Sometimes I feel like I'm rolling around in a clothes pile like a slobbering dog in dirty autumn leaves and throwing on whatever sticks..." Your expression through words, clothes, art, make-up, geisha socks - the lot - never fails to elicit response.
    And punishing oneself with clothing...there's a whole chapter here.

  2. i punish myself with food then me and my clothing (that does not fit) sit and weep in a pile together! so need to sort it! i love the geisha socks my lovely! the red thing...i loved! xxx

  3. Ha! I call them "in theory" outfits. Though not a punishment, I do wear them, sometimes more than once, just to be sure. I did so like your red ensemble too. Roll-and-slobber onwards! You're doing something right!

  4. Well, I certainly REWARD myself with clothing. I don't seem to have much discipline when it comes to clothes. Like it? Want it? Have it. That's sort of how I approach the whole wardrobe thing. As some people say, "I don't need it." To which I have to say, "what's need got to do with it?" I consider it my civic duty to keep shops open, their tills full, and the economy moving. It's a responsibility, but someone's got to do it.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  5. I do this too - wear something I consider "meh" to test-drive it. Then by lunch I usually regret it, life being short and all that. You don't look the least bit "meh" - with those tights and socks and, um, (sassy) *attitude* of yours : > Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday.

  6. I don't think I punish myself with clothes. I'm more like that slobbering dog, just going along thinking, This is good, then I realize that I'm running for a stick that nobody threw.

    But if my meh outfits looked as good as yours I'd be happy! I love the minimalism but strong shapes and textures. Nothing is competing - each piece is holding the others up, just like a small, perfect yurt.

  7. You never look "meh" you daft bat, those mustard legs and superhero boots take everything to another level.
    I don't punish myself with anything, what's the point, we could be dead tomorrow. Love yourself by dressing your body in clothes that make you feel like a goddess- all day, every day! xxx

  8. I feel you are going through a style transition too- and love that you do so fearlessly and openly. As always fun and vibrant, and meh may be in the eye of the beholder.

  9. I think we all have our fashion "fails". Mine usually happen when I want to emulate a look that clearly doesn't suit my body type.
    I love the majority of your pieces as separates but, I agree with you; together not so much.


  10. So from the neck up and the knees down, you are most certainly the Melanie that I know, but I'm not certain who that woman is in the brown/black meh middle ;) However, with the spirit you bring to all your outfits, you can never be "Meh", no matter how hard you try. I love Vix's term of endearment for you - perhaps your nickname from now on should be "daft bat" (an offshoot of "Daft Punk")

  11. I like the dog expression you came up with - I feel, lets put that way, i have a lot of stuff and i keep buying cause the darn Salvation Army is so close to work - I have a love /hate relationship with Salvation army these days, it makes me spend too much money, but God i find such fabulous things - Anyway, when confronted to My Pile, i take a deep breathe and dive in, don't think about it and grab whatever and usually it's great!

    I don't punish myself with clothing, i never thought of that!
    Dressing up is a joy, i need it in order to get through rush hour every day -

    And like you, i always get compliments for an uncertain outfit - Life is funny that way
    I think you look good whatever you wear - i'm such a fan!

    Ariane xo

  12. Hmmmm I love how you always make me think about things lovely Melanie.......for me it's about my's defiantly connected, if I get it wrong then my outfit will take on a whole new feel.
    Tee hee...I love the doggie in the leaves expression.......I feel more like I tripped and fell into a kids dress-up box sometimes and forgotten playtime was over.
    Love v

  13. I've had that happen, thinking I haven't really got it right, but get compliments all day long...I always get confused by it. I usually think maybe I'm just too picky about how I pout an outfit together.
    I like this outfit; I like the colour combination and the boots (socks?!) I also like your posing. Sometimes I challenge myself to frock up like a dog slobbering into a pile of leaves, but I'm afraid I'm not very good on all fours.

  14. Your kind of styling I find very interesting. Anyway, I like the look. I especially like the boots ♥

  15. You more than any other blogger Melanie always push style, fashion whatever we call it. I have always liked that about you and dare I say come to expect it:) I think you are daring and with that always comes risk and great reward! I love the yellow tights and your Geisha socks best and I know you will wear those again and of course the Beret goes without saying.

    I have looked at outfits in pictures and decided yeah I won't wear that again or wear it like that. I never trust strangers say when it comes to my appearance, general rule. If my friends ever said something I might listen :)

  16. Sometimes my outfits are punishment enough for the general populace ...

  17. I think my outfit today was a lot like this. I wore it because I felt like I had to. I bought the skirt to go with the tights and shoes. Which felt entirely predictable and boring to me, even though it was huge swatches of color and pattern.

    However, I do really love how your socks work with your shoes. They become a sort of boot-look which I find appealing.

  18. You could never look meh. Never ever.

  19. You are too fantastic to be meh!!
    Like Amber at Butane Anvil--I've had some "that looked good in my mind" outfits that were definitely not so fabulous in real life. but isn't experimentation half the FUN of style??

  20. wow, I can't believe this is your meh outfit..You look amazing as always and everything works and looks really nice!!

  21. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. This seems too decontructed and avant garde for you, whereas I see you in defiance, wearing more more more details and hidden, mysterious accents. This reads too much like that boring woman who only buys neutrals that drape just so.

    I love the socks, though. They can stay. :)

  22. This makes me smile. I only hope that if I read enough blogs like yours I won't need a therapist and will be able to self-medicate with my floor-length green velvet cape!

  23. Interesting idea…punishing yourself with your clothing. "Today I don't deserve to look my best or project my true self to the world." Does that mean you're hiding? Or being forced to conceal?

    It is hard to remain invisible with some of your true self peeking out from below. The yellow legs and the Geisha socks.

    Clothes for me are about rewards.


  24. Meh? Punishing yourself with clothing? What's got into you, woman?! Of course you aren't meh, and even if you feel it, you still let rip a blast of red and yellow and mad geisha girl, and people want to talk to you and pay you compliments. I agree with all the other comments about some outfits working in theory but being disappointing in practice; about the earthy, drapey, neutral-ness of the outfit not quite seeming like the Mel we know and love; like Krista, I take little account of what strangers say about what I wear; and I am chuckling at Helga being no good on all fours!
    Transition away, my lovely friend - just keep showing us the results, please!
    PS. Perhaps you need a cropped top to facilitate navel gazing? xxxx

  25. Meh? Never on you! I find this outfit to be extremely creative, but also know how it feels to not want to wear an ensemble again.

    I am eager to follow your style transition. Tantalizing! Intriguing! Sitting on the edge of my chair!

  26. My beautiful Melanie, you are pure art.
    I think I forgot to comb my hair, lol

  27. It just works ... just like the spinning of the cogs of the universe. There's a deceptive sweetness about it that I like. You go, little white cat. Best sox in the world. The BEST! Love it all.
    So glad to see you.

  28. What a hero! I love your style!

    Kate from Clear the Way
    (I’m currently running a giveaway for some gorgeous jewelry, if you’re interested.)

  29. Vix, Curtise, and everyone above said it, but I do understand the feeling you're describing even if I can't see it outwardly. The thing is, your Meh is so much more interesting that most other folks' sartorial masterpieces. Based on your socks alone, I'd want to talk to you to find out who you are. I suspect, however, that if you were in jeans and a t-shirt, I would still feel the same. Hmm.

    Is it time for a uniform, to cleanse the palate and regroup until you emerge from your chrysalis?

    The phrase"punish yourself with clothes" also struck an emotional chord. Sometimes when I'm struggling with life stuff, I wear clothes that end up being all wrong, Either I'm trying too hard, or trying too hard not to try hard, you know? I end up disliking how I feel and look, thinking I'm just ridiculous. That's what that phrase put me in the mind of. Not fun at all.

    I like the way you look. I like the brown dress a lot and I like the red hat and glasses with the red detail in the socks. I like you every way. XXOO

  30. jajjajajjaja.
    I am thinking of you, jajajjaja

  31. It's the sock that makes this outfit sing. Wonder what is next, clothing wise, for you? Has your style changed a lot though out the years? Mine has. I guess I go through phases. This outfit is different in some ways, maybe because it's a short length. Fun to see what you will come up with.

    blue hue wonderland

  32. That's interesting, the same has happened to me as well. I feel a little wtf when it happens.
    I hve to say that I do like this outfit - I have a soft spot for capes and the socks over the tights look like boots and it's totally genuius!

  33. Geisha socks! How awesome is this!

  34. I'm going to give some thought to the clothing punishing question...!


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