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Friday 15 November 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

Thar She Blows! The Freakish Yellow Skirt
Steampunking her way across the seven seas
to her castle on the coast
Ruled by Mistress of Mystery

Sheila of

Dominatrix of sunshine and dastardly 
dungeon frolics
Hoisting sails and bunching ye hatches
What ho! Arrrg. Eyes spy ye 
brassy lass's blooming goodness
You must see this Piratical Ruler of FYS
Go!  G O  N O W!!!!

I am gobsmacked by everyone's manipulations of this yellow skirt! You HAVE TO see Sheila's incredible styling. Thanks Shelley at Forest City Fashionista for your ongoing scheduling feats, and to Sarah of Misfits Vintage for the idea in the first place.

In other news...

Raining and dark. Thank goodness that dang sixties soundtrack of maddeningly mod swinging swellness wouldn't shut off. There was nothing to do but throw on this old rainbow from Value Village, my thrifted YOGA PANTS!! (only worn in emergencies such as when I feel like it), and my screaming sheep faux fur body casing. Capping it off was my rrrrred beret. I grooved my way to my doctor's appointment and sprayed my colour action indiscriminately around the waiting room. No surgical mask could protect you from my viral groove-oozation.

After discharge, I grooved over to a different coffee shop, where I was treated to a steaming cup of brew from a favourite barista I hadn't seen for a while. Her smile lights up the universe, 'tis true. And I journaled, as usual.

thrifted faux fur nicotine-coloured hooded coat
thrifted stretch rainbow dress
thrifted bell-bottom YOGA PANTS!
thrifted crackle leather Miu Miu boots with side zip
under T, sample sale
thrifted red wool beret
DIY mantis pendant
thrifted lucky charm beaded bag pendant
magic loupe from O

Of course these awesome boots are for Bella of The Citizen Rosebud and her Shoe Shine.

I feel ever so much better after lolling around the floor doing body contortions while running frantically back and forth trying to beat the frickin' self-timer without knocking over the whole friggin' tripod and all that stuff. Above all, it was essential that I be eloquent and elegant in ALL THINGS.

How is everyone managing out there? Of course you're looking fabulous but I hope your hearts and heads are feeling that maddeningly mod vibe as well.


  1. A breath of fresh air you are- rainbow stained and packed with nicotine, nick o' time. You look fun and creative and interesting. I would love to serve up your cafe latte.

  2. The mantis pendant is great. Very maverick.

  3. Brilliant grooving today, Mel. I wish I had seen you at the dr.'s office, spreading your sweatery awesomeness around. Love the red beret. xo

  4. Where have you been!!?? ! I was worried about you. But finally the Melstrom has touched down again - whew!

    Love the boots - very steampunky themselves with the worn finish. And the praying mantis - delightful! They move quickly, so watch out it doesn't eat your rice cakes.

  5. Avast! I be blown in fresh from Ephemera and Sheila's steampunky ways to behold yer coloriffic outfit and funktastic angles. Aside from a bit o' seasickness, I be inspired!

  6. Mantis pendant!!! I LOVE IT!!!
    Mmmmmm, oozing and seething and wriggling with colour and glory!!!
    I don't wnat the protection of a surgical mask, spray my way,baby!
    O, Sheila blew my mind with her yellow skirt transformation!!! AMAZING!!!

  7. I'm with Helga close up on that Mantis please! Sheila's photos were pure bliss, she did beyond good! Yoga pants who's even looking with that bright burst of happiness your wearing.

  8. You look so fun and fabulous!

  9. Sha-zam! As usual, you've sprayed beauty and energy all over the place. I'll be the local Vancouverites can't take their eyes off you!

    Much love from England,
    Ex-Vancouverite Rosemary from

  10. LOL if you hadn't mentioned it I would have never known you were struggling to beat your self timer!

    That mantis is hilarious. Did the Dr. comment on it? I would have loved to have heard what was said.

    Tell your YOGA PANTS! to stop screaming at me. They should really be all Zen.


  11. You can come discharge that rainbow goodness over here any time! I'm finding myself drawn to color again, and adore this brightness.

  12. emergency yoga pants! so cool and perfect for floor lolling, and your boots are fab! love them lace-ups x x x hurrah for those with the heavenly smiles! x x x

  13. Melanie, you have jazzed up thrifted yoga pants like no other. And the rolling on the floor photos are divine, as are the scrumptious booties. You look so fresh and fabulous. Xo

  14. Ha ha!! The image of you scrambling for the timer..I feel your pain!! Plus, I'm impressed. I also use a timer (no remote for me) and it's crazy. Oh, here I look oh-so spontaneous...not. I trip over the tripod and try to hide my glasses that I'm still clutching from looking at the previous shot. Maybe I just need to get on the floor!!

    I'm happy to see you colorful. NOBODY can style yoga pants like you. They become something else; they transmute as they cuddle up to fabulous boots, magnificent stripes, and fuzzy coats. I'm not quite sure what your recipe is, but the total effect is always totally wonderful and unique. I'm ecstatic to see your backdrop, too. I love you!!!

  15. P.S. I forgot to comment on the Yellow Skirt show!!! It's worked it's magic again, and brought joy and creativity to another recipient. Sheila's take on it is totally fabulous. I really do think we should all dress that way all the time. Why does it take a yellow skirt? But that's part of your magic, and I'm so appreciative of the boost you given all of us.

  16. Maybe we should all show the pictures of ourselves when we didn't quite make it into the photo zone before the timer went off! Ha! I love that you are lying creative you are!
    Way to go with your vibrant color scheme...especially on a dark and dreary day!

  17. We don't need protecting from your colourfulness, Mel - spray away, and keep on groovin'! Love the rainbow stripes, the cosy coat, and of course the glorious boots.
    I have shown evidence of my photo disasters on my blog, so I know the perils of the self timer only too well. Wriggling on the floor is the perfect way to beat the clock!

    Sheila's TYS styling was just fabulous. Wonder where it's heading next? Hitting the UK anytime? xxxx

  18. Groovy in it's color and fun in mood! I'm smiling at this feast for the eyes. Your boots are so cool and I love your fuzzy white coat.

    blue hue wonderland

  19. hurrah for rainbow colors & red beret combo to go to the doctor! and hurrah for spreading your colorful appearance around the waiting room!, your inspiring fabulousness is rocking my world!

  20. Definitely eloquent AND elegant. If only doctors' waiting rooms could show you on a video loop- a good dose of your viral, vibrant grooving would work wonders on the health of those waiting their turn. Keep up the indiscriminate spraying.
    Heading off to see Sheila's styling of the magnificent yellow skirt...

  21. You are just a walking talking ray of sunshine!!! Your posts always make me smile!!!

  22. I just loved Sheila's styling on the skirt - she put her heart and soul into the outfit!

    I'm finding it difficult to get inspired for outfit posts lately - clearly I need to get down on the floor and writhe about! This is the only way yoga pants should be worn, outside of yoga class ;)


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