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Wednesday 20 November 2013

Maxi quilted floral robe-coat and 52 Pick-me-up


I almost blew away yesterday - not because of what I had on but because of the wind. Fierce! In fact, I had to cut short my inspiration walk. I'm wearing my quilted Orientalesque oversized floral maxi robe-coat, overwrapped and secured with a wide man's vintage leather belt. My red beret and vintage sunglasses top it off. I'm undecided as to whether I'll downsize the robe or keep doing the overlap wrapping.

Below: Today

Spy Girl Anne's 52 Pick-me-up post prompt, Trend Salad, was on my mind before dressing this morning.  This is what I tossed together as my official "trend" items: my (thrifted) Steve Madden houndstooth stovepipe pants and (thrifted) pastel-nicotine faux fur. (I also have layering and a "cute hat" as trends. They count too. Anne said so.) That's my oversized DIY "middle-aged kitteh" T-shirt over my (thrifted) graphic turtleneck, topped by my (thrifted) fuzzy paisley top hat. (Help! I'm floundering in adjectives and parentheticals.)

I was (leaning) against my favourite white concrete (wall) in that photo (which I removed, the wall that is) and (love) the perspective with (the) Lost in Space hand. My favourite Lost in Space quote by Will Robinson: "It must be preprogrammed to swallow visitors." (The Jupiter 2 was caught in the tractor beam of a large alien spaceship.)

Okay, must work now. Bye.

P.S. My Biba brand from the previous post is busted!! Thanks for the feedback. Ah well, I still love the dress. I had hoped it might just be a poor cousin...
And why can't my spellchecker just write my whole fricking post FOR me?


  1. You have a lot of thrifted stuff, but do you have a lot of gifted stuff too?

    I love that quilted rosy oriental wraparound dressing robe coat belted gown. You are a trend unto yourself!

  2. I so love (totally LOVE) all of your (men's?) bathrobes, that I have been (thriftstore)hunting for one for moi meme. So far the choices are pretty grotty. They are MEN's bathrobes after all(ew) Sorry men but it's true. I've just spent my pre-"American Horror Story" watching hour visiting all of your posts that I've missed in my absence. You, my dear, deserve your own tv show. Heck, your own CHANNEL!! Danger, Will Robinson! Miz Bagg has her own channel!!!

  3. Oh wow. That coat....just amazing. I need one of those "Middle Aged Kitteh" shirts!!!

  4. We DO have twin coats! How fabulous! I love that robe - I want to swan about it it, clutching at people dramatically.

  5. Two delicious (and nutritious) trend salads! Oooooh that robe coat. Thanks for joining in the fun!

  6. That is one fantastic robe.....amazing and I love the wrap around effect.......truly splendid....
    I have the most fabulous undies that have writing on them with 'danger Will Robinson'......not lost in space....maybe lost in the washing machine
    Your hand in the op-shop head to toe pic is quite dramatic....
    Have wonderful weekend...
    Love v

  7. Love that robe coat. So pretty!

  8. I don't have the right words to describe just how much I love your robe, I just do! and everything else! - my Dad had an old Hugh Heff number, I wonder whether he still has it hmmm x x x

  9. I love that robe, don't downsize it, it looks perfect as it is, exaggerated and opulent. Always love to see you rockin' that trademark beret, too.
    Labels, scmabels? Biba is Punjabi for a "young and pretty girl implying sublime qualities", ain't that the cutest? xxx

  10. Trend salad looks smokin'! I adore that quilted coat - I wouldn't downsize it, moi-meme; it's just divine. I love Lost in Space. xo

  11. ouh! did you choose well the first backdrop! What a statement you are making girl! How come you were not finalist on the MBI Awards is beyond me!


  12. Oh, I love it! You have amazing manrobes and you wear them divinely. I must find some and figure out a way to wear them without looking like a child emperor snuffling about in adult robes.

  13. DO NOT (and I repeat!) downsize that robe-of-amazeballness" - it is absolutely splendiferous the way it is!

    It's been very windy here too, but I have not done a "Mary Poppins" yet. Sorry about the Biba dress, but it's still a cool dress, label or not.

    Love the pose in the last photo (and your "middle-aged kitteh" t). I was a devoted watcher of Space Family Robinson as a kid.

  14. Ah! Melanie!

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  15. I think you are trending in the most fabulous way. Don't downsize the coat. Warmth will always be in style :)

    Speaking of trends, Blogger spell check hates slang, and therefore, I'm pretty sure, me.

  16. love your nicely wrapped floral robe-coat, so quilted and warm and colorful!
    and love all that trends playing together, particularly love the perspective, so strange and fabulous!
    besos & trends galore

  17. Let me through you a glittery rope!!!
    Ooo, I love that robe! No downsizing, please, Madam!!! Your're rocking that thang!!!
    Most excellent photo's, my sweet, your posing and spellchecking are magnificent! XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  18. You set trends not follow trends!!

    Love the oriental robe just the way it is!!

    The giant hand perspective is really cool!

  19. That quilted maxi coat is insane.

    I still want a t-shirt that says middle aged kitteh.


  20. Oh leave the robe as it is, I love it, so majestic and rich and squishy and perfect! The photos are fab, hands go missing, walls disappear, it must be Serious Fashion, right?!
    Don't worry about Biba - if you love the dress, you love the dress, no one sees the label! xxxxx

  21. Hi Melanie!

    Just tell me what you want at Firmoo
    Fuck Facebook!


  22. I'll take that faux fur coat off your hands anytime you're ready to get rid of it!

  23. Wow! Melanie

    Stunning again as always, loving your style lady Xx

  24. Magic, magic, magic, my dear melanie, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I cannot get enough of your inspiration

  25. The world is unfair. I'm sure you are one of those petit persons who looks great in everything. That in in combination with your good taste - a given success!

  26. Oh for crying out loud... these damned passwords...I am writing a big long comment, forgot to give my Google password and ... gone is my comment. AGAIN...
    I said I love both coats. I would very much like to have the pastel one. And the Japanese one for lounging on a Sunday morning. Beautiful.
    Your whole outfit is very well put together. Love it. And the spelling checker cannot do the work for you as it is not as creative as you are. Besides, you like writing posts, so stop complaining haha.
    When you quoted from Lost in Space, it somehow reminded me of a scene from Mad Men. Where somebody drove a lawn-mover over the foot of a manager (in the office). Bizarre scene which will forever be stuck in my mind. Also the way they reacted on it.

  27. WoW! You nailed Trend Salad in every single detail! Love the hat and the hounds tooth all the glorious thrifted items! Makes me want to run to Goodwill right now (it's open on Sundays, after all) and see what I can find. You've taught me to open up my mind and be more playful! (Uber-cool robe, too!!!)

  28. You are the grooviest blown-around person I have ever seen - all coats should be as amazing!

    The wind as accessory - if only my Beary could harness his as well as you have done here! :)

  29. Love that coat and (all) your trends ! That looks like photoshopped (or reasonable facsimile thereof) background? good for you--I have lost my patience with that app! xoxo

  30. Lovely roses!! Leave it big, I think. I love the look with the belt and not everyone can do that successfully (such as me)... However, I can do parentheses (almost) as well (but this isn't a contest, right?). I mean I'm not on Facebook to shout you out (or for any other reason!) and with most contests (these days anyway) in order to win you have to be on Facebook (I think).

    Your 52-pick up trendy look is fabulous. (No, really) Glad to see you catching some wind in your sails. XXXXOOOO

  31. Absolutely stunning robe/coat, Melanie! Don't change a thing about it! Love the whole look. Xo


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