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Tuesday 26 November 2013

Code Pink sympto-maniacal

Wearing: elastic-waist polyester pants, fleece top, and baggy sweat socks under thrifted vintage kimono-style pink-patterned maxi "Loungewear" (label name) worn as an overjacket, and thrifted Miu Miu boots. So, yes, I did get the memo on pink and menopause. THANK YOU! I thought I was losing my mind, which would not be surprising as I have not cleaned out my belfry in ages and AGES.

I'm not knocking you if you DO in fact wear elastic-waist polyester pants, but one does feel so much more alive in pickled pink maxi Loungewear. Drinks, anyone? Meet me at the manhole cover.

I was curious about this "if you're menopausal-ish you start to wear pink" rule doing the blogger circuit, so I consulted the oracle, the Oxford Medical Dictionary of Physicality and Suchlike. I happened to be wearing my 3-D glasses at the time and there, under Menopausal-ish Symptoms, cleverly invisible to the naked eye, words started to materialize between the lines. Symptom 0.33(i): Irrepressible urge to wear pink. Of course! Then Symptom 1.52(c): Haphazard wearing of 3-D glasses. Then Symptom 3.7(gg): Spouting nonsense on your way to Nirvana (did not specify Cobain variety or Buddhal place).

I wore this symptomatic outfit on my inspiration walk today, flapping flamingo-like in the bracing morning breeze. Whap, whap, whap. Outta my way - there's a menopausal-ish woman coming through!! The kimono belt is lacking, which partially explains why this gem, luxuriously lined in silky healthy-gums pink, was only $20. Considering its pinkness is a soothing balm for the menopausal-ish mind, perhaps it is considered a medical aid and I could have paid with insurance. Nah, then the flap would be at the back.

The panoply of playful bold pink and patterned outfits in posts of late are clear indications that we're dealing with a contagion, spreading, oozing insidiously beyond age boundaries! I'm afraid there is no cure but time itself. Until then, brace, brace, brace in candy floss pink, cinderella-on-crack bubblegum, and Pepto-Bismol splendour. Show me how you suffer.

That's all.

Oh, I got a haircut. Next is colouring. I mean de-colouring.
Also, under this Loungewear I am wearing a warm camisole, a thrifted brown turtleneck, my skinny jeans, my Geisha socks, and a thrifted red maxi cardigan which you've seen in a hideous outfit in an earlier post. Gaaah.


  1. I wasn't aware of the rounds of pink menopausal ladies in the blog world! Now I have to know -- what is it that makes us crave pink, and can it be published in a family blog?? Love this kimono, and yes I will meet you at the manhole cover. I'll be the one in pink.

  2. You're looking grand, quite Auntie Mame! Would love to connect with you soon and shoot some photos for painting reference. I had a good session with another Vancouver exotic last week and hope you'll get in touch with me to connect for a shoot.

    Today I hope to finish my Fake Fendi green shearling coat of shimmering fake fur from our precious Dressew.

    From one fashionista to another...
    Paula O'Brien

  3. Totally divine in pink. Now that I know that this is the color of the year, I will be combing through my inventory. I'm sure that I will be successful in my search.

    And there will be a huge crowd drinking with you at the manhole cover. Looking forward to the gathering and will be dressed in pink.

  4. peri-menopausal/menopausal chic will be hitting the catwalks! and I write this in a pink floral dress, red tights, an orange cardi and flushed cheeks! I love your kimono so much and I'm joining you at the manhole too, we are having a pink party x x x

  5. How do you manage to wear 6.5 layers of clothing and still look so lithe? And I assume it's as chilly in Vancouver as it is here is our little ant farm. Brrrrrrr!

    I am so over pink. I guess I'm post-menopausal (the beard should be a dead giveaway).

    Lovely kimono, lovely to be worn on the outside where you can flash at people! I mean flash IT at people.

  6. I'll be at the manhole cover!

    I adore this kimono - it screams, "Lounge! Be louche!"

  7. hurrah for delightful decadent pinkiness!!, your kimono is like a fresh breeze of colors and inspiration!, and your prose always makes my day more interesting, 3D glasses on!!!
    besos & alegría

  8. Your pinkness has soothed my hot flashing menopauseal mind!! The kimono is STUNNING!!

  9. What's wrong with being menopausal? A built in schvitz. An excuse to finally dress like Mrs. Roper. And with all of the money I've saved NOT having to buy tampons, I'm going to buy some pink elastic waist trousers. You are way too chic and elegant. I am constantly inspired. Mwah!

  10. I'll be with Sheila at the manhole cover in 5...wearing pink, naturally!
    Bloody hell, you make me belfry has never been cleaned, that's my problem!! I don;t intend to clean it, either!
    You are a vision, I think we'll need pink themed cocktails, baby!

  11. Please save me a spot at the manhole cover; I will bring cakes with pink icing and candy floss. Should we set up traffic cones and warning signs - "Pre-Menopausal Women at play, enter at your own risk" ?

    I was very curious to see if you were in fact wearing elastic waist pants under that delightful kimono/lounge robe. I'm rather relieved you're not.

  12. That's me over there wearing the hot pink Legally Blond t-shirt from a few summers ago. Man, there's alot of pink in that show! Who comes up with that nonsense?

  13. Oh err, that a euphemism or am I just overly hormonal?
    Fabulous in your pink lounging thingy and whatever lies beneath. I'm hoping your elasticated pants are knickers rather than granny slacks but you'd probably look fabulous in them, too. x

  14. Ya! what is it with pink and menopause anyway, i have reading it all over the place - I must have been menopausal for fregging long time since birth cause i love pink!
    I wannna wear my pink docs at my wedding, what does it make me?
    The bride is menopausal check her pink Docs out! Gaaah!



  15. I have no pink. Oh maybe a fushia; does that count to satisfy the craving? It's not a healthy gum color; more like black plague gum color. You are brilliant as always! Xoxo

  16. WHERE do you find this amazing clothing?

    I too am reveling in my PINKNESS or any other damn bright color for that matter. Pundits be damned!

  17. The perfect name for the newest bar…the manhole cover. Sublimely rustic and dirty, just like my man, oops I meant just like my martini.

    Now I'm scared of pink.


  18. omg, I've been totally freaked out by my own unanticipated sliiiiight softening toward pink! ME! Pink??? And now the maddening mystery is solved, thanks to your incredible wisdom, Melanie - to the manhole!!!

    Cheers to yet opening up the front!

  19. Hmmmm...manhole cover...pause...

    You look fabulous in pink, peri or otherwise Melanie! Love to see more of your new haircut..the shorter bangs show off your brilliant blue eyes!

  20. I've been menopausal for 13 years due to a medical condition and I'm so over it. At least with your kimono you could flap your wings to cool off when you get a hot flush.

  21. Where are you, Mel? I'm at the manhole cover, dressed head to toe in fuchsia, and waiting for my strawberry daiquiri!
    But oh, what's that I hear? The sound of a flapping kimono, and the sound of raucous laughter - here come the menopausal girls! Cheers, me dears! xxxx

  22. Meeting you at the manhole cover!

  23. HI Melanie-
    I just discovered a wonderful NY style icon and thought you would enjoy her if you haven't yet.

    Fabulous dresser! Just putting the final touches to my latest creation, a green Fake Fendi fake shearling coat. May take it on its 1st outing today into Vancouver on an art jaunt and to pick up more threads at sewing wholesaler.

    Do you sew or just assemble things? Whatever you're doing, you're doing a good job with it. Rock on! If we have to wear clothes, let's make them fabulous!
    Paula O'Brien

  24. You look fabulous as always, you make everything work beautifully!

  25. I did not know this pink and menopause thing. Never experienced this during my pause. So I don't believe it.
    I love everything which is kimono. And this is a beautiful example.

  26. Pink and girls -- they are united. Hands down the most popular color for young girls. That's why Barbie wears a lot of pink and is sold in pink boxes. I worked at Mattel and they spent lots of money obtaining that information, and I believe it's true.

    Here's my theory: as surly teens we opt for other colors of the spectrum and step away from the pink. Then, as we face (ahem) THE CHANGE, we rediscover it. It's the FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!!!!

  27. I swore I'd already added my voice here, but apparently not. Oh well, better late than never, and it seems like the party is still swinging. doses? I like a shock of hot pink every now and then, and I have a vivid pink room. Does that count?

    Oooooh! I just remembered I have a pink kimono that I use on the wall in my little sound booth!! I think it will be making it's online debut very shortly. Thank you so much for the inspiration. XXXXXXOOOO

  28. Could you perhaps produce a little colour card in the pink spectrum you've described? Cinderella-on-crack bubblegum, and Pepto-Bismol splendour are two shades I'd love to add to my repertoire, but feel I need a trusty color match to hold up against the racks of charity shop/vintage items in order to get it absolutely right!
    You are a vision; a delicious vision.

  29. I am not a fan of pink- but that said, I am a fan of you- and you look good and gorgeous in nearly everything. Flap-flap-flap- I can almost hear your stylish swoosh of that gorgeously menopausal kimono pass me by. Rock on, lady!

  30. 'Panoply': now that's a word that isn't used enough in common parlance!! Ha ha, loving this musing on the pink menopausal thing (Vix was talking about this too recently!). It's bizarre the way they come up with ideas like this! I think it's otherwise known as talking through one's er- behind, in order to fill pages in a publication!!!
    Lovely to meet you, you hat-wearing genius!x

  31. Lovely kimono, it looks beautiful on you!
    I have discovered the joys of kimonos myself recently and found one on Ebay for a fairly decent price! I must share it too at some point, I think you will like it too.


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