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Sunday 1 December 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

NO ONE can resist playing with SNOW
the fairy Goddess who lights the way through
the woods with the Freakish Yellow Skirt
and her magic yellow lantern.
Stepping through pixie doors
sprinkling sparkles.
who knows where

Sue of

will lead us?
Spellbinding enchantment
whispered well-wishing
You must see.
G O!   G O   N O W !!!!

Magic. Sue stuns with her enchanted interpretation of the yellow skirt. Seriously you guys, I do think there is some power in this piece of yellow fabric. I can't believe how amazingly everyone is styling her. Check out her addition to the skirt too. Awesome!

And more news:

I told you I was going to get my hair decoloured, right? So if the salon gives you yellow hair, do you make lemonade? NO!!! You have a hissy fit that threatens to split the Earth wide open, spewing magma across every hemisphere in a fury so powerful that while you're at it, you create a whole new galaxy AND a black hole. Whew. (You do this at home of course, quietly, privately, in the bathroom)

I was at the hair salon for seven hours (day one 3.5 hr, day two 3.5 hr). And STILL my hair looks like straight-up dog pee and water, leaving me shaken and stirred, despite the boutique's lighting that magically erases yellow tones and the team of three professional stylists whose enthusiast trills of "Faaabulous! Perrrfect! Amaaazing!!" even started to wilt after Hour 5, which is when I began to avert my gaze from the mirror for each new reveal. On my way home, I left a sad little trail of fried hair brittle on the sidewalk in my wake. All I kept hearing in my head was rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, rinse, repeat, is that burning your head yet? (Yes)

And look, now I'm a happy woman again! Yay!  Would that be the wonky lemonade I've been drinking? Line up, ladies and gents, you'll want to try some. So long pink - hello yellow skirt, yellow hair, yellow drinks! And another emergency haircut after the colouring also helped. 

Above are photos of what I wore yesterday, after euthanizing my distressed ends. My hair has never been so damaged, it's the texture of mud pies when it's wet. You can't see the yellow in my hair much here because the green monster coat absorbs it. Those are my reading glasses purchased at the Vancouver Art Gallery Gift Store. 

Next time I'll DIY my hair, if I can't track down my former colourist (who used to do my hair perfectly at that same salon). I've never enjoyed salons anyway. Just because a salon is expensive, it doesn't mean they're good. SO, if you live in Vancouver, if you want white hair, avoid C:EHKO right now. Beige, dirty mushroom, dust colour? No problem. Their staff is friendly and they were terribly apologetic, but seven hours for colour? Even if they didn't charge me? I. Don't. Think. So!!! Call the UN!

Groggy green shag coat, thrifted
Geisha sock legwarmers, retail
DIY "Super Model" T-shirt with googly eyes that make noise when you walk
Hue brand fuzzy jeggings, retail bargain bin
and other stuff, including magic loupe from O
stretch black boots, extravagant retail purchase a few years back

I bought two pairs of Geisha socks and cut one pair at the toe end so I could wear them like this or as arm warmers.

Below, what I wore today, my Groggy coat again with real glasses, oversized cotton sweater bargain bin, wool wraparound skirt thrifted, caramel-coloured jeggings and thigh-high socks bargain bin, D&G shoes thrifted. Magic loupe from O.

Okay, I admit, I love how the yellow hair looks with this outer wear, that anime vibe. My hair also matches my pastel nicotine coat. But necessity does strange things to the mind, so does wonky lemonade. Like white balance on a camera, the yellow is really visible in certain lighting. 

I'm looking for a hat for Judith's Hat Attack. I'm glad I have a little more time left. My mad work schedule is easing ever so slightly. 

I hope bloggers in the States are having a relaxing Thanksgiving weekend. I'll see you at Patti's Visible Monday. More lemonade anyone? I enjoyed our manhole party.


  1. Your hair debaucle sounds beyond frustrating. I agree - I don't go to an expensive salon, I go to the one where they color my hair correctly!

  2. I think I would have died after how many hours at the salon? OMG you poor baby! In the pics tho--you look great! Love the shaggy coat and the geisha socks. (I am a sucker for anything kimono or geisha).
    Visited Sue at colorful canvas--fantastic post agreed! xoxo

  3. Each TYSFS post is such a treasure, Sheila's and Sue's have been beyond amazing!!! As are you in this googly-eyed green grouchy monster of an ensemble, exactly perfect for colourful language and time-consuming frustrations, ROAR!!!

    Sorry about your sad wispy endings, RIP. You are stunning nonetheless, and in both pairs of glasses! Grab your hat and googly-rattle your darlin' self over to Judith's! Hey, what are you looking at?

  4. Argh, I don't want to do even *fun* things for seven hours! But you are fabulous with your newly shorn hair, and I don't see the yellow tones a-tall. Lurve the new glasses too. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday. xo

  5. Oh, I drink that lemonade! That is unbelievable for a bleaching - of course, I attained my own former yellow straw-head for months before caving back to red. A hissy fit seems perfectly appropriate.

    You are astoundingly fabulous - so beyond what I could even conceive. I worship you!

  6. Urgh. Sounds like an ordeal. It looks great with the green monster coat, however!
    Queuing up for my Koolaid, I mean, lemonade at the Manhole.

  7. Thanks for the colourful shout out! I treasure the connection cemented with all yellow skirt wearers!

    Yup, my monitor is picking up a hint of the yellow monster...but the cut is fantastic...and the glasses from VAG are a *must get there now and buy me a pair* item! Um, there's also the obvious fact that your supermodel legs are stealing the show...but I digress.

    Okay, take good care of that hair, and thanks for name dropping. I'm literally all over the map when it comes to salons, my current favourite stylist is on Richards.

  8. Oh oh oh. I have had so many hair disasters. I can't even count them all. I have left trail tear- stained fried crips of hair from the Pacific Northwest to New York City. You're so right. Cost has nothing to do with it. I think you look quite lovely. Like a little pixie sprite, sprinkling joy and fairy dust and inspiration across the land.

  9. I agree, the cost of the salon does not at all reflect on how talented they are. One time I went in for red and came out with almost black hair. They swore up and down it was a "dark cherry red". 7 hours is ridiculous.

    I am crazy for that super model shirt. You make the best t-shirt designs.


  10. What a nightmare. One of my friends told a stylist she wanted to be blonde. She came out so blond that her children cried at the sight of her! The color looks fine in these pictures and the cut is great. You look good in a short do!

    blue hue wonderland

  11. hahahahaha I'm getting the biggest kick out of Patti's comment that she doesn't even like to do FUN things for 7 hours!...and you know the first thing that came to my mind. lol Well, I totally agree. So sorry about you're hair tribulations. We've all had them. My worst experience was when I put something on my hair (forget what) and when I went to rinse it out my hair was just disintigrating in my hands. Thought I would be bald...major panic ensued and I made an ER trip to a salon stat.
    I have to say I reeeally love that last photo with the orange striped top and your glasses.

  12. Seven hours in a salon?!? Ugh. How many movies and vacations can you talk about?? I hate salons. I can't see anything without my glasses on, the conversation is always patronizing drivel, and then I go home and redo whatever they did anyway. Of course, my hair is also very short now because I got a little goofed up. Oopsie!

    You still look marvelous, even with supposedly yellow hair (I don't see it)!

  13. Wow, if that's a bad hair day you have nothing to worry about! I have just got blue highlights, but am hankering for a totally blue bonce.

  14. Googly-eyed super model in shaggy coat and geisha socks ... hairdressers claim to be extravagant creative types but they clearly don't know one when it occupies a chair for seven hours. Don't they realise that when they drive such rare, precious jewels mad, they're actually causing one to become scissor-weilding monsters who will not take conform to greige hair?!!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  15. you are right, expensive salons do not always mean they are good (forever ago I went to one, the poor stylist was at a loss with my 'lovely' hair) but I like the shorter 'do' and the colour and your new awesome glasses!

  16. Shit 7 hours?!! What a nightmare! Just caught up with your last posts... you always look so terrific.. I love your slant on stuff/ life/ fashion. x

  17. ohhh, so disgusting when you go out the beauty salon with your hair all burned and feeling like a walking disaster!!, but you can manage it to stay delightfully amazing when you wear your monster coat and bright neon colors!!, and lovely geisha socks!
    (I can't ever imagine seven hours for colour!!, argghhh!)
    besos & lemonade

  18. Have to agree with you, ducky, expensive salons do NOT mean a better result. They mean a more expensive result.

    However, having said that, I do think your hair looks adorable. But not to you, which is, of course, the most important thing.

    Have you considered a white/gray wig? I don't know why there is such a prejudice against wigs. Who wouldn't want to put a totally different look on their head?

    Other than that, you do look MARVELLOUS dahlink, as the salon staff did tell you.

    Much love (and commisserations for dreadful hair stories)
    Rose from

  19. 7 hours is a travesty and you should be compensated for all that time you'll never get back. I'm surprised you have any hair left! I used to have an amazing hair stylist who bleached my hair, which is naturally mousy brown and she could get it platinum blonde in two hours and was very inexpensive. Unfortunately, she moved to the UK, but I had to stop bleaching, the upkeep was too much, but I liked the crunchy texture.

    I do love that coat, and your geisha socks. And your t-shirt. Hell, I just love all your stuff.

  20. Oh Boy! about the hair, but it does not look too bad? is it that yellow?
    Use a blue shampoo to get rid of the yellow - Leave the blue shampoo in your hair for at least 5 mins - This is what i do every 2 days -

    I'm lucky Sara my hairdresser is cheap and does a good job - $65,decoloration, toner, and haircut!

    Kick ass outfit you are wearing Mélanie and i do love the haircut!

    Tks for your comment - I have found the wedding dress - Salvation Army vintage $30! A beauty! Now i need pink accessories and shoes!


  21. You poor thang! I had my hair colored once about 20 years ago, I won't get into what happened but only I color my hair now. You are looking good though in this magical fuzzy lime green jacket, I simply adore it!

  22. Oh yeah, I know all about the hair color thing (see my Back to Black and Platinum Hair lurking at No. 1 on my popular posts).

    When you find a talented colorist the angels sing ... and you shower her with gifts (taking her a bottle of Scott Harvey zinfandel to my next appointment).

    If you hair is done RIGHT, it is worth every penny.

  23. SEVEN hours?? sounds like you were orbiting in one of Dante's outer rings of HELL!!
    I must say I'm loving the new pixie cut--pee yellow or not it's adorable!! And that green coat is just so cool. Like you skinned a muppet and made the most awesomest coat it ever!!

  24. There's a good reason I haven't been near a hairdressing salon in more than 20 years....and you're describing it!!! I'd rather cut and colour my own than risk expensive bullshit disaster! That said, the pee yellow actually does rock! Or perhaps it's just you. You could rock a rock, basically! You have the MOST unique vision!

  25. Love the jacket. The outfit is perfect on you.

  26. bad-hair-days?
    whatever. You look great. My next hairdressing is at Wednesday, ups ♥
    Many greetings Sabine

  27. I agree nothing is worse than not being in charge of your hair color. At least it made for a great story and entertainment for all your fun followers. Now, for the traveling yellow skirt, talk about a story line, Sue is quite the enchating Snow White.
    Now for your lemonade stand . . . You did well to bring the the fibe with that crazy fun coat, I'm loving it paired with the striped swearter and diamond patterned tights, this really screams Melanie.

  28. Say Melanie have you tried Moroccan oil? My hair gets really dry with the way I color it too. Even drier in the winters. I try to wash it as little as possible, this helps. My stylist is wanting to do my hair in the whitish gray also. I've had mine dark before and really disliked it. It's hard have your hair fixed in a way that you weren't expecting. It does look great in these pictures.

    blue hue wonderland

  29. ARGH, I know what you mean - in my town I am rarely satisfied with the stylists here. That's why I only go there twice per year... The rest of the time I go DIY.
    I hope you manage to find your previous colour guy...
    that green jacket is insane!!!

  30. Blimey, Mel, what a marathon! Your hair actually looks lovely in these pics, not yellowy at all, but you know what it's like for realsies, and I know all too well the misery of Bad Hair (or at least, hair that you don't like, even if everyone else does). Cosmetic, superficial, First World problem, yes - but we ladies and our hair have an emotional relationship, and it matters! The description of you leaving a Hansel and Gretel trail of fried hair is so sad (but a little bit funny too...!)
    So let's focus on the positive - Groggy shagadelic coat, super socks, stripey sweater of goodness, and fabulous googly glasses! Be happy, embrace the lemonade! xxxxx

  31. What a beauty you are, Mel. Love these pretty simple outfits on you ... every time you post, you make my week so much better.
    Must be nice to BE art, and not just make it!
    Quite right, the skirt just got an extra dose of enchantment. Lucky skirt!
    Stay warm, dollface!

  32. And, oh yes ... I get the hair insanity. I so get it. Pobrecita!
    Lucky you that your pixie is adorable on you, so there's that.
    I understand anger that almost cracks the earth ... so few of us share that super-fit-pitching skill!
    Glad for you that there was remedial relief!

  33. Those are some supremo outfits you've got there with your groovy coat

  34. LOVE that orange striped top.

    Sorry about your hair experience. One of the reasons I have 100% always done my only coloring is so I only have my self to blame if it screws up. Not only can I do it cheaper myself, but I've learned a lot about doing hair in the process.

  35. Hair issues seem to be up everywhere these days...sorry about the hours and hours spent dealing! I must say, the shaggy green coat really takes the edge off of your angst...and I adore that little peek of leg sticking know which picture I refer to, you vixen!


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