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Tuesday 3 December 2013

Just say no to flaccid hats

Floppy, lifeless, deflated. This hat needed help fast. Miz Bagg knew what to do.

I stuffed another soft hat in the crown to make it pop tart and regal. Thaaaat's better. Sigh.

Yes, it's been building all week, my fifth Hat Attack. Thanks, Judith, at Style Crone, for this lovely get together. I know that many of you are wearing hats designed for style first, warmth second. This one is made for warmth first, style second, but I tried to reverse the order. Why have a flat hat when you can have a towering wobbly jello hat like the kind worn in Dr. Seuss stories, especially with this lovely coat? I should be balancing wibbly skyscraping stacks of china teacups and plates in this outfit while dashing madly through the park.

Those are my thrifted Steve Madden houndstooth, ankle zip, stovepipe pants. 

This is the hat worn in my profile photo and many of you have seen it already, but I still love it. I'm wearing it inside out as well because I like the nubbly on the top.

That's all.


  1. I first fell in love with you becaus of this hat. I still love whether you wear it or not <3 So you have to stuff the hats to make them big? Hmmm...I was just waiting for my brain to grow.

  2. Um....I really shouldn't say this, but after reading the post title, and then seeing the hat...well, um, my mind is seeing your adorable red hat as,, the shape of a...well...nevah mind. Clearly I have a grade eight boy's sense of humour at the moment, and I must immediately clean up my thoughts, LOL. Two hats are better than one, particularly with this chill in the air.

  3. OK, I am as puerile as dear Sue above -- I had bad thoughts when I read your title, and saw the um, extension of your hat. It's darling, really, not the least bit naughty after all. xoxo

  4. Ooo, and such a model of turgid and throbbing uprightness! I completely, utterly love the full effect of it emerging from the nesty-foresty field of lush green fur and houndstooth trousers. Quite stirring!

    Miz Bag's genius knows no bounds!

  5. Being the oldest and most responsible child in our family (eeeouuw), the Cat in the Hat and his Thing buddies always freaked me out making a mess before the parents got home: I took it very personally. But I think you may have righted the fear with your amazing rendition! Or maybe it's because I am imagining you are now wearing all that is left of cat and the nasty things in your hat and coat!

  6. Is this a Freudian post? Lots of sexual innuendoes here! LOL


  7. A floppy hat
    It would not do
    For a Cool Cat
    Such as you.

    A crown of red
    To kiss the sky
    Upon your head
    It makes me sigh.

  8. Flaccid hats...hmm, that is going on my style wall, along with droopy vs. drapey knits...the mind reels...

  9. brilliant stuff! flaccid hats stuffed to magnify their glorious-ness! your coat is quite wonderful too! x x x

  10. Very beautiful very cool

  11. You could carry all your worldly goods under that hat and dispense with the need for a bag, Mel. Might look kinda lumpy, although maybe that would be a good thing. I think of this hat as your signature style, because of the profile pic - please never change it! xxxx

  12. Well, I gotta say, not many people could get away with the pop tart look, particularly in combination with the green teddy bear coat, but hey... you rock it. Must be your Rock Chic vibe.

    Much love from England,
    Rose from

  13. That tower of rosy fuzziness has become your signature hat, and for me it conjures up images from Alice in Wonderland (red queen, chess pieces, etc.).

    Re: your comment on my blog, I think you could so rock one of those plastic hair bows. I find a lot of hats overwhelm me, which is why I prefer fascinators and scarves.

  14. My filthy mind went to a bad place with the post title!!! LOLOLOL

    Love that you used another hat for some hat "Viagra"!! You look warm and toasty in that coat!!

  15. You wear Dr. Seuss so very well...and the inside out part, makes it even better!

  16. now you're a hat rescuer. You come up with the best combinations of clothes.

  17. Allo Mélanie!

    You have won a 50% voucher for eyewear at Firmoo's
    I sent the voucher to your e-mail

    Love the hat, love the idea that you stuffed in another hat to make it higher, looks like Madge Simpsons, lol! Love it, you are one of a kind!


  18. Bloody hell, Amber's comment giveth me the horn!!
    Indeed, a flaccid hat is NO fun at all. I much prefer this hat all firm and full of potential! Yes, the bobbly bit must be exposed! Clearly, it was made all wrong to start, and you've totally brought it up to scratch and to life!
    I love the pic of you on the bench. It's fabulARSE!

  19. You're so naughty, combining adult innuendo and Dr. Seuss in one post! What would the grown-ups say?

    After reading the comments I feel like I'm in a writing workshop – these are all brilliant! And you are our Seussian muse.

  20. Brilliant! You more than succeeded in combing style with warmth. I love the vertical mountain of red combined with the masterpiece of a coat and the stovepipes. I couldn't be more enthralled.

    Thank you for sharing with Hat Attack.

  21. That hat is super-insane. I love that you stuffed the crown and wore it inside-out!

  22. You've convinced me! No more flaccid hats! Wait, I have a huge head. If a flaccid hat is the only one that fits, I have to wear it. How deflating...

    You wearing that hat and coat together simply make me happy.


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