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Friday 13 December 2013

I wore this for Mis Papelicos

Of course, I wore it for myself too. Share-in-Style: Christmas.

Nothing says Christmas more to me than glitter and sparkle.

This is what I wore in the little sketch I recently posted - my vintage red wool cape with my vintage '70s sleeveless crepe wool onesie with palazzo legs featuring side slits edged with diamond rhinestones. The slit goes as high as the metallic silver applique. My concrete stairway has never felt so glamorous. Those are also little rhinestone details at the neckline. One is missing. I don't care. I should have taken a closeup - next time. The red cape reminds me of Santa's elves.

The normals gave me a wide berth in this outfit. 

thrifted vintage '70s (maybe '60s?) evening onesie, sleeveless, with rhinestones
thrifted black wool turtleneck under the onesie
black tights with black knee socks
black glitter booties
thrifted black beret
thrifted vintage red wool cape with faux fur trim
toolbox hand bag (not shown)
magic loupe AND magic ring

While I was downtown today I bought some imagination at Sephora, a cosmetics store. Of course I walked out with a product but my fantasy is what compelled me to wait and wait and wait in an impossibly long checkout line when normally I would just leave. Most of the women in line were dressed for the Canadian outdoors in dark serviceable clothing and wore little or no makeup. I had exaggeratedly-defined brows today and red red lipstick on, and this outfit, but that's all. A little cloud of electricity buzzed overhead from our collective anticipation/exhaustion/stress. I wondered for how many of us our purchases will materialize our dreams. Personally, there's no question that the opaque eye shadow kit I bought will make me dazzling, more talented, rich, famous, and smarter.

And finally, taking a VERY short walk in this outfit. I couldn't resist showing you - it flows so wonderfully. The soundtrack is not very Christmasy, but I like it.

That's all. Hope you're not too frazzled by the holidays - they pass over me like warm chocolate syrup on ice cream. With a brief(?) stop on my hips and buttoxil area.  Cheers!

Question: I have been playing around with my banner, etc., lately, and I am wondering - when I update something like that, do you get a long list of new post notices in your readers? I hope not! Please let me know. 


  1. Hi Melanie - I posted right after you for Share in Style.

    YOU always wear the coolest stuff!

  2. Fantastical! I follow on Bloglovin and the only notifications are new blog posts.

  3. ohhhh. ahhhhh. You look like a very kind puppy loving version of Cruella DeVille. lovin' the vids!

  4. Such a gorgeous stroll. Happy Holiday

  5. First thing I thought of when I glimpsed at the pics was The Nutcracker, and that's pretty bloomin christmassy! (don't ask me to hum it though, I don't remember how it goes)

    I was looking forward to seeing this outfit after you posted the sketch, and it doesn't disappoint. So glam.

  6. I want to buy some imagination too!or become more smarter, actually the latter is what I need more of- I am utterly chuffed you have shown your outstanding outfit, it is everything I dreamed it could be, it is super swishy and dreamy and with your gorgeous cape, you spoil us!x x x

  7. Total glamour puss!
    I just bought liquid eyeliner from Sephora... Been practicing <3

  8. Glitz and glam! Sephora was lucky to have you, fabulous creature. I don't think I'll get notices when you change your header. Carry on, then and be fab. xox

  9. THAT cape is my ultimate favorite cape--whenever I see cape postings, I think of yours. It is--as I said--the ultimate. Love your little clip and love to see the movement of the pants! xoxo

  10. The only other person I know that wears a red cape : )

    I only got the newest posts.

    I too often believe new clothing or makeup will change my life. I'm so disappointed when it doesn't live up to my expectations.

    I love the swing in those pants.


  11. Ah, what a brief header you had up there. Now, that's sorta what the old one looked like. No, we only get notices of new posts, not new headers - you can rest assured as you putz/ flutz around on here.

    Meanwhile, you are to die for in your black and rhinestone onesie with red/ leopard cape. Absolutely.

  12. Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

    Lovely and dramatic. Clearly the normals gave you a wide berth because they didn't want to get between you and the modeling camera.

  13. Nope, I get notices for new posts.

    Lovely outfit.

  14. Oh my gosh, I watched the little video three times. I Love it!

  15. You are always so stunning and fabulous! I love, love, love your dramatic style. You're such an artist!

  16. You can change your header as much as you want and we don't get any notifications. So glad you showed off the swishy-legged onesie! I love how the pant legs swirl around your calves as you walk (a nice ego-boosting soundtrack there).

    I love your sentence "The normals gave me a wide berth". A friend of mine who was in a Narcotics Anonymous program used to call me a "Normal" which was the word they used for anyone not an addict. That's the only time anyone has ever used that word to refer to me ;)

  17. That cape is such a classic beauty, just like you. I would think anyone normal would have turned their head to watch you walk by in that outfit. The weirdos just watch it on video. Hey, wait, that's me.

    I noticed you were playing around with your banner, but no, did not get notifications. I have to say I prefer this original one with the classy font.

    My drugstore make-up does not change my life, but I think it would change my husband's life if he wore it.

  18. Dear Melanie, I am honoured beyond words.
    You are sooooooooooooooo fabulous.
    Happy Sunday and thank you soooooooooooo much for being part of Share-in-Style.

  19. I agree with Sacramento: So fab!

  20. Fabulous! You have made my

  21. Total festive fierce gorgeousness! What I wouldn't give to wear that frankly amazing red faux fur cape!

  22. I'm just chilling as best I can, lovely!

  23. wooow you are a star! i love everything of your outfit! but most of all that gorgeous red leopard trimmed cape! this is bloody fantastic!!!
    hope you had a wonderful weekend!
    love and kiss,mary

  24. The red cape is a stunner with the black pants. You are a beauty! Cosmetics do have a luster of hope don't they, I do feel that way too. Fun to see more of your art and workshops. Checked out the pictures of people painting big and bold, this is inspiring. Getting a class of adults to work big is a good thing.

    blue hue wonderland

  25. Birdsong! Cool! Ooo! This jumpsuit was well worth the wait to see, holy smokes! I deeply appreciate your keenly observant makeup musings too.

  26. I love the movement of your palazzo pants in the video. The energy they create had me watching the video several times. And I never see movies twice!

    Glitter, sparkle, red and leopard print. All the basics that scream festive!

  27. As much as I love love love the red/leopard print cape ( and I really do), I think I love the split-leg jumpsuit even more. It's simply splendid, darling! And judging by the pose in the first photo, and the soundtrack, you know it too!
    I want some imagination fantasy dreamy make up for Christmas please. I'm not frazzled, but I could do with a pick-me-up. Thanks in advance, Santa! xxxxx

  28. One of my favorites. Oh hell, you have so many good ones I guess this just is a newer favorite. Really, I would stalk you, looking for an opportunity to find out who you are. I would hesitantly ask you to be my friend, like in grade school. I'd ask if we could play dress-up at my house sometime, and maybe color together. How about having a makebelieve tea party?

    Where have you been all my life?

  29. Well i will have to watch that video at home i can't at work- Oh that red cape with leopard trim, isnt't just gorgeous!
    X-Mas and NY i know - i don't like them at all, i could easily forget about them, but we have grandkids, they like X-Mas! This year we are going out the whole family, so glad!
    No cooking and zero cleanup!

    To reply to your question about banner changes, no, we don't get post bla,bla in the readers

    Take care



  30. You are just the coolest in your swingin cape and rhinestone pants!

  31. You are just the coolest in your swingin cape and rhinestone pants!

  32. You are just the coolest in your swingin cape and rhinestone pants!

  33. You are a butter-scotch-y, buttery, pan-fried, poem ala mode. How glam is your outfit and how singularly splendid are you in it?

    I must be para-normal. I would sidle up to your starry night glamour one hot chocolate pudding second.

  34. Bwa ha ha! Don't you just love freaking out the normals? They give me the side-eye all the time, Victoria being a little rinky-dink village compared with big sis Vancouver, that blue-eye-shadowed harridan.

    How do you find these amazing pieces of clothing? Why do I always find the pink be-kittened sweatshirts?

    No update notices for changing design elements.

  35. Love the silhouette, how slick!
    I'm already done with the Xmas shopping, you can't imagine how much of a relief it is for me - no more facing the crowds!

  36. "there's no question that the opaque eye shadow kit I bought will make me dazzling, more talented, rich, famous, and smarter." hahaha, funny. I am sure it will. We all have this idea when we purchase something.
    I think your Christmas outfit is outstanding, beautiful. If I had the right figure for it (yours) I would wear it immediately. The red cape looks very grand with it.
    PS if I don't "speak" to you before Wednesday: Merry Christmas.


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