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Friday 20 December 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

To expaond on the empaowering paowow of the 
renewal, rebellion!, reunion
reinvigorate, reconstitute, reconcile, rejoice 
reeth of life, family tree
days, oh days, of intense skirting around with 
targeted paower with 

 PAO of 

hand-shaking, skirt chasing, sketch-making, 
you must see the
magic in action
G O!   G O   N O W!!!

Pao was open for a little magic, and I think FYS, radiating with the love and creativity of all the incredible women who support the spirit of this travelling project, picked up as much new sparkle from Pao as it left behind over the few days she spent wearing the skirt among family, friends, and colleagues. Thanks, Pao, for joining the project. Pao has several wonderful posts on FYS, including some original art - make sure you see them all.

In other news...
The Middle-aged Kitteh T-shirt 
Giveaway Winner:

DRUMROLL Please: The winner is List Addict at Fur Earwig in Australia! Thanks everyone who joined. Your entry comments were priceless; I had a big laugh re-reading them while I was preparing those irritating little strips of paper for the draw. 

Speaking of giveaways...
Not long ago I won 50% off a pair of Firmoo glasses from a draw at Ariane's Style Sud-Est. They came in the mail just over a week ago and I LOVE them! Firmoo was true to their word - I got half price off everything. Living in Canada I'm always nervous that the shipping company will slam me with a $50 brokerage fee at the door. I added a slightly higher-index lens to slim the profile, but it was worth it. These are style F016.

And below, a peek at what I was wearing today. Maybe you have a good caption for it...?

Layers upon layers upon layers...all thrifted except the jeggings and socks.
  • denim jeggings with TWO pairs of socks on top 
  • insulated black booties 
  • white crocheted dress 
  • vintage lacy red slip showing through 
  • long-sleeved pink shirt under the slip 
  • DIY hacked up and embroidered white sweater 
  • on top, a chopped off turtleneck done just before I went out the door because my neck was going to be cold. There was a little hole in the turtleneck anyway. Now I will "embroider" it. 
  • shaggy green monster coat (not shown) 

It's been snowing like mad. While the snow is beautiful, I hope my favourite part of the water cycle - sublimation, the transformation of a solid directly into a gas - will kick in. Not likely. At some curbs this morning my whole foot was submerged in icy grey mush-water. But no leaks in my thrifted booties. Bwa-ha-ha! I am thankful for the little things, by golly.

Happy holidays. Happy non-holidays, too. In fact, happy normalcy. Well, maybe not REALLY normal, but whatever your particular resting smile-state happens to be: normally normal, freakishly normal, normally freakish... Time for caffeine. 

Also, thanks for the feedback about my banner-fiddling question. Good to know. 


  1. Waterproofing: Best. Invention. Ever. Accept no substitute for warm, dry feet. Wonderful spectacles too.

  2. Ooooo I like your new glasses. The name of your outfit is.....Do you see what I see? (Mystery under the turtleneck) As for snow. It doesn't around here except, I just went to the outdoor mall to do some last minute shopping and there was FAKE snow falling!! Little kids and some big kids (me) were going nuts! I miss it so much.

  3. Cheers to the latest heart-paonding TYSFS adventure, giveaway winner, seeing clearly, hacking things up, AND dry feets! Wonderfully celebratory post!

  4. Happy you like your new glasses! I knew you would be impress, i was! No taxes on glasses, no custom fees, isn't great!
    I will order another pair next year, got my eyes on some pretty funky eyewear or will i go for normal eyewear?

    Freezing rain this morning here, that makes me a tad nervous- That's even worse than snow !


  5. I must say I really like the new website background photo -- very cool! Which suits you, of course. As do your new glasses!

  6. Great new specs! And cheers for dry feet and for the matchless Pao. Live forever, Yellow Skirt. xox

  7. I have hijacked your OOTD photo and put it in my Pinterest reference as i also have this beautifully crotcheted tunic that i have been at a loss to style. Thanks for your INSPIRATION! Xoxo

  8. your new glasses are gorgeous, the colour and shape are excellent - also the hacked turtle neck is fab! so cool, I want to try one - I have no caption, pah, my children are creating noise levels which have evaporated my brain x x x

  9. Congratulations to List Addict! She's probably only at the beginning of middle-aged kitteh-dom, so she'll get many years of use out of the shirt. I'll just have to wear my Old Bat shirt more often.

    Love the new specs - they're so you! Are they dalmatian print, or just randomly dotty?

    Your outfit looks like it's shredding from the top down. Maybe that should be the caption "I'm shredding!" said in the voice of the Wicked Witch of the West. I love the textures, and the cropped turtleneck idea - I always need my neck and arms warmer than my back. Another genius Bagg idea!

  10. I agree with Val! Help! The invisible piranhas are eating your clothes!

    (It's a cool idea, but you asked for captions!)

  11. hurrah for your layering fabulousness!, delightful glasses too (I'm waiting for my own pair!), and so great that travelling yellow skirt makes another Amazing Appearance!
    besos & felices días

  12. Your glasses look really cool and the shape suits you. What a great prize. I am in awe of your layering and jealous of the snow (nostalgic for Xmas in UK as child). Here in the Antipodes it is unseasonably chilly!! Hope your tootsies are snuggley and warm in your lined boots. The sweater reminds me of something that V Westwood would do, great outfit.

  13. here in south Georgia it is 86!!! It's weird.

  14. Did you dress to match your new glasses? Tell the truth now... Very groovy. Imagine the embroidered/ mending to come on those knits...yum.

    And thanks for the greatest POAclomation I've ever received.

  15. You look like you are wearing multi-layers of salt water taffy that just keep streeeeetching. That's way too long for a name though...

    We have had rain, sleet and freezing rain here for the last few days which makes for messy and treacherous walking. I haven't been able to find the perfect boot for this weather yet.

    The glasses are very YOU - a bit dotty and wonderfully funky and fun!

    Must check out Pao's Skirt Story.

  16. You are a veritable terrine of delicious layers. No snow here...yet, just rain and wind and rain again. Mmm, going to have to ponder the finer points of freakishly normal and normally freakish over a bucket of just-ground coffee while peering in a mirror. Happy festivities.

  17. You look as though you have just been caught doing something naughty, and are feigning innocence. Who me? Cut up sweaters and embroider all over them? Oh no, not me, you must be thinking of someone else...
    Loving all the crazy layers, and hurray for dry feet in the snow/slush. And for funky new specs too! xxxx

  18. Oh oh the new glasses are fantastic......yay!!!!!!
    So many layers of texture and warmth......that will keep the sneaky freezy breezies away. The socks are sensational.......
    Happy happy Christmas time Miss Melanie......sending much love and sunshine. V

  19. Off to visit Pao for my morning inspiration. The glasses are divine. As are your layers. The white crocheted dress over vintage lacy red slip - show stopper!

  20. Great glasses!! I've got some Firmoo ones, too!!!

  21. Hoorah for snazzy specs and dry feet and all the fabulousness between the two! Yes to anything happy and non-normal! xxxx

  22. This comment has been removed by the author.

  23. I want snow! It's been so warm here for most of the week. Not very Christmassy! LOVE your outfit -- quirky and fun!


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