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Monday 9 December 2013

Stardust memory shoes and socks

The torso part of this outfit is something I might wear to The Office if I had to go to such a place - but I don't, at least not today. My head and legs are celebrating with a colourful fringed shawl, my black beret, and stardust memory feet. And of course I'm carrying my tool box handbag.

There's an accurate photo of these shoes here. The sparkle reminds me of a Christmas tree.

thrifted taupe/ivory midi cardigan, love the collar and big buttons
thrifted black wool knit skirt with silky lining
thrifted fringed shawl, deal at about $5
tool box handbag, from O
studded platform shoes, retail, sale
rusty brown cable knit leggings, retail sale
black knee socks under leggings, retail
glittery gold ankle socks, retail, about 30 years ago
various layers of long-sleeve tops under the cardigan, thrifted and retail

I like switching out my backgrounds with flat graphic spaces lately, as you've seen. But nothing beats my journal sketches for instant recall of the feel of fabric against my skin and the kind of day I was having when I was wearing a particular outfit. For me, no other medium can truly compete with ink on paper.

Those are some of the journal sketches that I've done during my inspiration walks this past month; usually I colour them at home - me as the Turnip Head. 

The bottom right sketch is what I wore today. The kitty often wears things I'd wear if I had the means, especially that snowball jacket, top left. The bottom left photo is me in my red cape but some day I'll photograph what's underneath - a sleeveless black crepe wool one-piece with palazzo trouser legs slit to just above the knee and tiny diamond rhinestones edging the slits. Vintage '70s. I wore a black turtleneck, black tights, and my black platform glitter shoes with it.

This is a ring O gave me yesterday. I had no idea he was making it! Stainless steel. I think it's the perfect blend of form and materials. I'll photograph it on my hand later so you can get an idea of proportion.

Also, in case you missed it, if you want to enter my T-shirt giveaway, "middle aged kitteh," just leave a comment on my previous post letting me know you're interested. Your comments have made me laugh. Thanks, everyone. Bwa-ha-ha! You don't have to make me laugh though; just a little how-do-you-do-please-enter-me, will suffice. And please, no more offerings of children. I'll have so many I won't know what to do, I'll have to buy a giant shoe (now there's a thought...)

("Today" in this post means Sunday.)


  1. I just love your turnip heads! Almost as much as I love the real live YOU! Those disco feet are very festive. And OMG that ring! THAT RING!!! Amazing! Brilliant! All the way around.

  2. I love your drawings - they are marvelous. I think you and I need to have a meeting of the Unsafe Polar Bear (me in my white-ish fluffy coat) and you in the Puffball coat.

    I adore that ring - so sleek and gorgeous! O's work is amazing.

  3. Comedian, Stylist, Blogger Extraordinaire, yellow skirt visionary....and now I discover that you are an artiste as well?

    You rock, girl!

  4. Can we be sock twins? I bought my first pair of sparkly socks on the weekend (actually, two pairs) and I don't know how I've lived this long without them. Your shoes are also calling me but I fear I would be wearing them off my ear lobes as you have dainty wee feet. Art. You are art. Your life is art. Everything is art. Lucky kitteh to have such a gorgeous friend to swan about with, wearing glamourous coats and capes. xoxoxoxoxo

  5. I was only thinking to myself that you haven't shared any of your Turnip Head and Creatures sketches for a while, and there they are - you read my mind, spooky Mel! I do adore your drawings, they have such humour and character and skill and wonderful attention to quirky detail. Kitty's snowball coat is indeed enviable, and I'm looking forward to a glimpse of the 70s catsuit, it sounds amazing.
    I do love those shoes, especially with the glittery socks, but oh dear, my poor old feet hurt just looking at them... I admire high heels as works of art, but sadly they are not for the likes of flat-and-achey-footed me.
    O is a talented man, that ring is wonderful. xxxx

  6. Lovely sketches!

    You've inspired me, I want glittery legs! I must find some spangly tights.

  7. What a beautiful ring from O, gorgeous surprise, lucky you! In addition to spectacular coordinating ensembles, sketchbook kitteh has the most amazing tail. Love the colours in your drawings and the multi-vibrational levels of today's outfit.

    I can't believe you didn't show us underneath your red cape - rhinestone-edged slits!!!!!!!!! Probably out of kindness, with all those ruining-us-with-your-fabulousness Vanya kind of moves.

  8. please do show the under red cape outfit, it sounds magnificent! slits, rhinestones and palazzo's, these things talk to me! your outfit with background magic is awesome, and with glitter socks and studded heels, I need to start wearing heels again - your artwork is just flaming brilliant, and the ring from Mr O is beautiful x x x

  9. I've missed your art! I love that kitty wears the clothes you dream of. Do you have a cat? Are you a crazy cat lady like so many of us bloggers?
    Love O's ring and those sparkly socks are perfection! x

  10. Ooh, a slightly different look today. I really like it! You rock both the model face and the shy smile so well. I am also feeling you on the multiple layers of leg coverings/sock. Not as cold as up there, but still chilly, and no one in this city believes in heating anything.

    I didn't know you did sketches (I'm new.) I love them! Really, I adore them. I made a squeaky noise.

    And how cool is your new ring? Double gifts in your outfit today. :D

  11. Wonderful to see you and kitty in the journal again! That is one fashionable cat. I adore your new ring, what a talent your man has, and great taste too. And of course your outfit has me all smiling. xoxo

  12. When are you going to turn Turnip-head and Kitteh into a book? I love seeing your cartoon renditions of your outfits, almost as much as the "in the flesh" versions. Your description of the 70's jumpsuit has my heart all a-flutter.

    Can I mention what a gorgeous smile you have going on in the top two photos? You are positively glowing - must be the fab gift from O ;)

  13. Those sketches are wonderful...charming and witty. Fantastic outfit! There's no wrong way to wear glitter socks!

  14. I'm so glad I got to read this post before having to go the The Office today! You are the layering queen, but your sketches make me feel happy. I just love the way you render yourself and your doppleganger - is that the original Middle-aged Kitteh? The two of you look like you're having fun! I bet she's quite mischievous.

    What an amazing ring! Does it have moving parts? Is it also magic like your loupe? Compliments to O for such style.

  15. The ring is breathtaking! Reflective of O's talent and I am in awe.

    Your ensemble is brilliant, as always. The scarf is sublime and your smile divine. I am always thrilled when you share your journal sketches. I love the idea of dressing the kitty in pieces that you admire from a distance.

  16. Love your smiling face, your backgrounds, you and your stardust memory feet. Great outfit! As always.

  17. That ring is brilliant! Clever O, lucky you!

  18. Oh, I do love the drawings from your sketchbook! Lovely, lovely!! Those shoes, boy, they look like they need to have their own bodyguards.

    One of these days soon I shall post again. It might even be today if I'm a good girl.

    Much love from England,
    Rosemary from

  19. You are amazing- but I don't need to tell you that. I love how you appear as a fashion model- and wear such a great little set of ensembles. Love the sparkle shoes and socks!

    And your "doodles." Fresh and fun. Like you.

  20. Your sketches and the ring are both so good!!

  21. The new ring is absolutely stunning!!!

    Love your glitterfeet outfit!!

    Your sketches are just so so joyful!!

  22. Hi Mélanie!

    This ring is stealing the show! what a wonder, your O is so talented! so original and different, i can't believe what i see, O is a genius!

    Love your sketches, i should get back to painting, i'm so not motivated these days- must be stupid winter , so cold and depressing - I should focus on the good things, like our trip to the South of France this summer -
    Perfect office outfit and dashing smile Mélanie!



  23. Your sketches are so, so good. I truly love them. It's fun to see them alongside a photo of the real thing. Umm... meaning the outfit not the turnip head... like today. :-) Your makeup looks almost vintage ad-like in these photos. Great fun.

    I'm also blown away by the ring. It's beyond extraordinary. AND he surprised you. AWWWWW...

  24. Ohh I love those sparkly socks with that pumps!!!!

    By the way, thanks for your comment it's so nice!!!


  25. O, man, O is TALENTED!!!! Love that ring.
    I am also loving the new look! Spunky header!!! I just think you're rather magnificent, melanie. Inspirational, amazingly creative and clever! I'm rather stoked to "know" you!

  26. LOVE your sketches!! Altho they look so much more like COMPLETED works of art!
    Love your backgrounds too--are yiu using photoshop?

  27. Oh, oh, you have a new header on your blog. I'm delirious with its stupendousnss, and of course, can't remember the old one now at all.

    And your journal sketches are divine. I like that you draw them at the cafe and put in the color later at home (at least I think that's what you've said). That they e-volve. From what you're wearing, your walks, and what you might like to be wearing, etc., etc.

    My hero.

  28. Look at all these goodies! I'm digging the new header it's bold and bright crazy like you. Beautiful photos of you looking fab, I love all the textures you are wearing together. Your sketches are wonderful, I love the outfits and all the details. That ring from O is bad ass, fresh totally original! It suits you my dear!

  29. The cat in fur is so adorable!!! :D

  30. You didn't say you were taking children, too! Waaaahhhhhh! How could I be so late to such a fabo giveaway?

    Wow, the first background made my eyeballs hurt, which is good, yes? I love your real clothes so much, but now I'm dying to see the ones behind kitty's outer robes. And that ring. Start waving that 'round in photos posthaste, because it has fans. Big fans!

  31. LOVE...WANT the ring; am dumbfounded at your awesome drawing and coloring talent; me thinks the shoes must belong to Dorothy's rich cousin - uber-cool sparkly platform heaven!

  32. What I'm taking away from this post: inspiration walks and sketch books... I know you mention them from time to time, but today I want to incorporate both into my days.

  33. gorgeous ring. That O is a crafty artist. Lucky you.
    And yes please enter my name for the T-shirt haha

  34. Forgot to say I like the drawings. Actually I see you when I see this fashionable cat.


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