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Monday 16 December 2013

Camo wear with winter sandals

Had I known that socks with sandals were on trend I never would have worn them. I certainly wasn't going to stumble across this breathless bit of hot sandal/sock style guidance in VOGOFF, the only unfashion magazine I read which says I can do whatever I want, whenever I want. Now that I DO know, as they say, I find I don't give a flying f*ck.

I love these geta-ish sandals and today was like spring so I didn't need the bootie covers; my black knee socks sufficed. The only sandals you're likely to see in the winter in these parts are padded bedroom slippers, not to be on trend but simply because that's what one rolled out of bed in. Not judging. Not judging. But wait - gasp - bedtime onesies and sleepwear are also apparently very on trend. Oh no! I'm wearing pyjama bottoms. Have I been hitnotized?

Can you find the Melanie in this photo? This is my urban camo wear. I blend seamlessly with my environment, such as with this typical office building exterior and sidewalk in downtown Vancouver. Much like the hare turns white in winter, I start to resemble buildings. But wait! Isn't camo wear also on trend? Gaa! GAAA! Time to put on my tin foil hat. 

I know I'm invisible in this outfit, especially considering how on trend I am, but that won't stop me linking up with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style.

satiny Oriental-style pyjama bottoms, thrifted, TREND ALERT
geta-ish sandals, retail, dirt cheap, WITH socks, TREND ALERT
camo styling, TREND ALERT
peace T-shirt, thrifted
white undershirt, retail
Sesame Street massacre coat, thrifted
pink scarf, hand-me-over
magic loupe

Mini rant: 
Do you get emails like this?: 
"You are invited to our opening of Designer X Boutique blah blah in New York City (Toronto, Omaha...)" 
For the latter, somehow they always recklessly forget to add the airline voucher that would get me there. I don't understand it because they think my blog is very unique and informative and a perfect match for their products. I understand how they would think that, considering how on trend I am. All I can say is, TRY HARDER, you guys. Next time, don't forget the tickets, okay?

Stay tuned: Next post, Freakish Yellow Skirt Update.


  1. love the bright green pants :)

  2. Oh No! You've been Hitnotized!!! Though I'm pretty certain that you are NOT invisible.

  3. Haha, I totally wore tabi with sandals and made myself fake geta a few months ago, too! Trendsetting!

    I see the yellow color in your hair, now. It's not unflattering as you described, though!

    Your pyjama bottoms were clearly meant to see the light of day.

  4. Dammit, don't you hate it when that happens? Nothing worse than being hitnotized (other than being invited to an event on another continent and they don't even address your email to anyone other than Dear,?)
    I've got the top of your green PJs in pink already laid out to wear today? Must be something in the water. xxx

  5. I have touched that coat!! Adoring the green jammy pants (I have the matching long red housecoat). So annoying to be on trend and in style - bastards finally caught up to YOU.

  6. No, I don't get those emails, I am obviously too pedestrian to be invited anywhere, with or without plane tickets! I get the same old invitations for sponsorship from completely inappropriate companies, or offers to write my blog posts for me. Err, thanks but no thanks. No one else can really write my blog for me, since it's about, you know, ME.
    How do you manage to be so fashionably on trend and a la mode and so damn snazzy?! Brocade PJ bottoms, flatforms, and a fuzzy coat, you are FASHION, dahlink! And yes, I can see you, you couldn't be invisible if you tried! xxxx

  7. I could LIVE in those silky, green pants and peace t. I want to drink the pants like a magic potion. What?! :P

  8. Yay, the return of the photo in front of your art!

  9. PJ onesies are on trend? Bah, who could possibly think a doddery gal like me could get out of one in sufficient time to make it timely to the loo on my multiple toddles there at night? My guess this sleepwear is meant for 3 year olds, the same sweet young things that give me a good laugh when they market anti-aging lotions and appear in all the fashion magazines, except the best one, VOGOFF.

    You stun and make me happy as usual.

    Much love,

  10. I get a lot of spam emails, very dull, not exciting like your invitations albeit without tickets and fab accommodation!
    your pj bottoms are gorgeous, and your 'urban camo wear' I learn so much here! you are vividly visible and flaming wonderful x x x x

  11. ha! I too get invited to all sorts of "fab" events I would have to start biking to *today*. I also get told that I am not getting nearly enough "traffic" to my site. Huh - who wants more honking horns? Love your looks, you are sizzlingly visible as always. Thanks for linking up. xox

  12. I seem to be on a number of New York PR reps' email lists and a couple of times a month I get invitations to events/product launches there, but alas, no airplane tickets. They obviously think I'm an independently wealthy global traveller.

    I can barely see you in front of the art. You are SO ON TREND I can't stand it. Crushing on those jammy pants, so much better than the fleece ones printed with polar bears and penguins that seem to be de rigueur in my neighbourhood.

  13. What? They forgot to include the airline tickets? Cheeky bastards. They probably just thought you'd hop in your private jet.

    Love the tee!


  14. You blow my mind with each and every post! How do you make that hairy green jacket and pj's look so scrumptious? Maybe those fashion folks are summoning you because they know you know what's uber-cool without being told? Maybe you should invite them to your party with no vouchers and see if they show up? Ha!

  15. That's is your art right? - Did you find a space? You couldn't be invisible even with your best efforts Mélanie!
    I get a lot of useless e-mails from Toronto PR company who wants me to post all kinds of nymphets and bizarre trendy products - Oh yes and i got those as well who want to write your posts -

    Not spring yet, snowing again!


  16. Those pants and shoes and coat!!! Those a-holes better hit you up with a ticket with the next invite!! Bullshit!

  17. I get nothing (thank goodness) Damn, socks and sandals,what next? People always be stealing my looks.

  18. I dont know how you manage to put these items together and look so chic. I would look like a total wack-job.
    And i love sandals and socks--and people think I am a wack-job. Lol

  19. I love this furry coat and seeing you in front of your painting is fab. The overall exuberance is inspiring!

    blue hue wonderland

  20. Sandals and pjs and camo, oh my! I … I quite LOVE this trendy disguise! OMG WHAT'S HAPPENING TO US.

    I too will take refuge in your glorious painting! Help!!!

  21. I have a crush on this coat and this zany outfit too. Are those shoes really comfortable? My feet suck and I can barely wear anything that doesn't cushion the crap outta my feet. I love the shoes that I never get to wear best. That's what I dream about.

  22. You go girl! You're a trend setter, not a trend follower. Bravo!!!

  23. WAAAAAA! I LOVE IT. EVERY PIECE! Those incredible green sparly pants... the tee right up my alley! Mel, gotta tell 'ya; I've been having a crummy week, but you just made me smile.
    But now I'm envious. Rats.
    Love it all, and so glad to see your face. Our little white cat all in sparkles!

  24. You SET the trends and hypnotize us all with your fabulousness!!!

  25. In my office there's always loads of people that look like they're wearing pjs and slippers- the dreaded UGGS... so yeah, very on trend! lol

  26. You set the trends, baby. Everyone else looks boring. I love your backdrop here too. The pants are outstanding, especially with your geta-ish sandals. LOVE.

  27. I have been neglecting my bloggers. Been too busy. You are a piece of art in this post. And no, I never get invitations. My blog is not interesting enough. Not even for any shop in my neighbourhood. Never mind.

  28. Sometimes my heart skips a beat when I visit your blog. Like today. Luckily I'm drinking coffee, which jolted me back to life. Because I live to see you "On Trend."


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