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Thursday 7 November 2013

Massive train engineer pants to carry big loads

Kick the can, that was a game, wasn't it? Well, these high-waisted train engineer pants with the massive dropped crotch, spacious enough for Miz Bagg's slipping brain wang, make me feel like kicking a barrel, or doing a flying chopper kick, although I wouldn't want to damage these awesome thrifted Miu Miu boots (you've seen them before). BAM-BAM! Ow.

That's the same black DIY cropped mohair sweater top I wore with my previous Meh outfit. Hard to see here but you the outline shows up a in the last black and white photo.

And my favourite red wool cape with faux fur trim. Look, I'm smiling at absolutely nothing! I wore this cape for Jean of Dross into Gold.

Rather than the Orient Express, I am clearly the engineer of a freight train; these pants are designed for hauling the big loads. The pants have that tiny blue and white stripe, which creates the moiré effect in the photo. Or maybe my hitnotizing massive butt has pinwheeled your googly eyes with its massive gorgeousness.

I am wearing:

  • high-waisted train engineer dropped-crotch pants with ankle zips, thrifted (did I forget any adjectives?)
  • Miu Miu boots, thrifted
  • red wool cape, vintage, thrifted
  • indigo beret, thrifted
  • Tissot mechanical watch, vintage, gift from O
  • mohair DIY cropped top, thrifted
  • black under top, thrifted
  • magic loupe, made for me by O

All this train action has exhausted me. Time to take a nap. Wake me up for snacks, please.

How do you carry your big loads?


  1. Holy cow I love those pants and that cape. You can pull off so much cool stuff.

  2. You are too cute; you carry this look like no one else could! That cape is too wonderful! And thrifted? Xoxo

  3. Melanie! You make me laugh on this rainy day. The pants have me speechless. You can wear anything with panache my friend! At work, I see many baby behinds...and the back view of these pants...well, you know. But, here's the thing...with that stunning cape, the whole look becomes sooo Vogue! Fabulous!!

    And if ever you tire of that cape...just wishing...

  4. Only you could wear these pants with such style. I love the cape action.

  5. Melanie!!! Thank you for the red-cape-leopard-trim action!! It warms my heart like you wouldn't believe. I happen to adore drop crotch pants, too. Not too many people get them nowadays. I'll confess I almost always cover my backside because I always have the droopy-drawers look. Maybe that's why I like those pants because at least it looks intentional. Your hair grabbed my attention too. The color and shagginess are exquisite. XXXOOO

  6. Those pants are crazy! LOL

    You do crazy well though.

    That is one very large package you have there.

    Thank goodness you have a fabulous red cape to cover it up. You might attract the wrong kind of attention otherwise. (Is there such a thing?)


  7. yowza! you left out the adjective "fantabulous" for your trousers. The red cape is all magic too. xo

  8. So envious of that red cape, although I could never wear it with the verve it deserves (ah, that's catchy, no?)

  9. Lol, those are insane pants - only YOU could carry them off!

  10. You have made drop crotch pants into elegant high fashion. I am in awe. Please teach us your secrets, sifu.

  11. Great pants and the cape is gorgeous!
    You look amazing.

  12. I fecking love that cape and it loves you, you're on fire!
    Those crazy-ass pants are so good on you, too.
    The question is, what's in the package? xxx

  13. YOu could carry a whole weeks' supply of snacks in those pants! I kind of like drop crotch pants and have a couple of pairs, but none so fabulous as those (may I ask how you know they are train engineer's pants - is there a label?)

    The last photo of you brought a huge smile to my face - I so hope I get to experience your awesomeness in person some day.

  14. I have fallen in love with your cape, it can't be helped, I will always admire it from afar!
    your pants are awesome too, I love these pics...I must learn to perch a beret too and not wear one like a hair net x x x

  15. That cape is freakin' AMAZING!!!
    I love the pictures of you smiling--you remind me of a delightful elfin creature!!

  16. How do I carry my big loads? Well, I'm not smiling that much when I'm carrying a big load. But if I had pants big enough to wear diapers... No, no, no, we're not going to follow that TRAIN of thought.

    Those big gusseted pants look so cool and funky with all other black pieces, kind of beatnikky! But that cape really steals the show. What a great find! Please wear it again and again!

  17. Very versatile these pants. I am sure we will see them not for the last time. My favorite is the elegant version, but I love each of your pics.

  18. The Cape of Glory is really a superb piece, I love it.
    The trousers are bonkers, but of course you make them work. Is that Miz Bagg's brain wang I can see bulging? Time for another issue of Vogoff, clearly.
    You're not smiling at nothing. You're smiling at your own amazingness. Yes, that's a word! xxxxx

  19. words cannot explain how effing cool you look in that first photo in your fancy pants!

  20. Ah Melanie you got IT! That indescribable charm of the really chic! I love the cape and everything about this outfit. You turn thrifting into a couture vision!

    blue hue wonderland

  21. You are so much fun and art, ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    pure magic, my dear friend.

  22. OMG, those pants have the craziest fit ever. I think I hate them, but I love the cape.

  23. This is so nice. I love everything. Trousers, baret, sweater, boots and the cape. As a matter of fact, you can ship that cape straight to me. I adore it. And capes always fit don't they? LOL
    You look like you have a model size (my size is Large).

  24. Love everything in this look!
    Especially the pants!



  25. I'm your twisted sister, I know, but I'm still giggling over the post title and the pants for big I know, you can't take me anywhere. You make anything look super-cool, you know that, right? If I wore those pants, I'd be turned in to the missing patient department of the local nursing home, even if I didn't actually live there!

  26. In Australia, they have budgie-smugglers. In those pants, you could smuggle Kiwis! There is no Canadian national bird, so I am going to christen them goose-smugglers.

  27. My big loads are my washing machine loads, will all the clothes i have or purchased, it's big load country around here, hahaha!
    Unusual pants, something i would never wear, hahaha!
    massive courage you have there Melanie, but you ass is tiny so no problems for you, i hate to see a big load ass in those pants!
    The cape is exquisite, that is a massive find!
    Carrot cake for your snack? i have some, homemade!


  28. You are on the cutting edge of style, darling!

  29. ABSOLUTELY RADICAL TROUSERS!! Love them. Sad to think my bum would fill up that extra panel of fabric!!

    Wish I could find such amazingly unique trousers while thrifting~

  30. An amazing pair of engineers pants, which I'm sure will now be trending internationally because of this post. I'm smitten by the red cape!

  31. Those pants are cray cray! Love them :D

  32. Melanie, you are a marvel of engineering! I too love to wear things in honour of dear Jean. :)

  33. Love, love, love this look, super cool and super chic! I love it better without the coat and you really pull off this effortless French look fabulously!! Plus everything thrifted.. sweet!!

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  34. Funny outfit. Love the pose in the third picture. And the happy dance in the last.

  35. LOVE your outfits. Too cute :)

  36. fabulousness in pretty pants and delightful cape!!, wearing a red cape is a good reason to smile!! and looking so gorgeous is a better reason indeed!

  37. I adore this sensational cape! Ohhhh, the droopy drawer style wear them well. :)

  38. I think that your butt looks great in those massive-load-pants!
    A great example of styles coming 'round again...but why???


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