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Friday, 20 April 2012

Pyjama party greetings from the Arctic Circle!

ARCTIC CIRCLE (AP) - Miz Bagg has kindly agreed to attend fabulous Terri's Pyjama Party over at Rags Against the Machine, on behalf of Melanie, even though she is still currently in the Arctic on a photo shoot for the 2038 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar, modelling bikinis specially designed by world-famous designer "iqi" (pronounced "icky").

Miz Bagg had this to say:
Greetings, kittens! I am having a fab, fab, fab time here in the Arctic Circle. As you can see, I have had a personal bedroom gazebo constructed for me on the ice flows, which affords me a fab, fab, fab view of the seals, polar bears, walri, and sundry other wildlife (including yum-yum cabana boys!!!). I raise a glass to my fellow party-goers and hope you all have a delicious time with temptress Terri!!!!! Be naughty! How about a game of truth or dare? I remember the fun I had with Prince ---, but I oughtn't... And then there was Count ---, ooo, that was fun. And how about... Oh dear. Here comes a white-rumped sandpiper. I must get my camera. Ciao, darlings! See you in the Everglades!
(My secret recipe courtesy of Marquis ---)
Miz Bagg's Caviar Popcorn

  • one bag of microwaveable popcorn
  • one pound of butter
  • ten jars of caviar

Get your manservant to pop the popcorn in the microwave, add the butter, and then stir in the caviar. Yum! Slather the leftovers all over your face and let set for the night for a fab, fab, fab facial!!


  1. What kind of cold medicine are you taking exactly? Send some over!

  2. Too clever!!!!!!!!!! LOVE it!

  3. Haha! Poor you, Melanie, not only laid low with a cold but having that attention-seeking fame whore Miz Bagg attending the PJ party instead of you! She is SUCH a name-dropper!
    Hope you feel MUCH better soon, I've missed you. xxxx

  4. I think I'll be trying out that recipe. Hope you feel better very soon and put that Miz Blagg in her place

  5. It looks like you're having an AMAZING time.

  6. I'm laughing through my tears! I'm sure to try the recipe and Miz Bagg may have a practical joke played on her before this party's over!

  7. More fun than one should be permitted to have alone in bed. That drinkie looks mighty tasty!

  8. Cheers, my dear!! I won't be there either, but for less-than-glamourous reasons. Enjoy your popcorn for me.

  9. OK smartie pants. Just so you know, I have been to the REAL Arctic Circle-- no, really, I have. Not as much fun as your Arctic Circle I must say. But the cavair popcorn, oh yes, how we Canadians love munching on that!!

    You are priceless, my dear. Did I tell you that? Fab! Fab! Kissy, kissy.

    Love from England,

  10. This has just brightened my morning considerably and brilliantly. I do hope that your morning is bright too and that your cold has waned.

  11. This made me laugh, you're amazing!

  12. You crack me up! You are so crazy girl!
    What an imagination you have!
    The swap was great, I got nice items, very happy
    They gave us a bag to fill up
    They vintage vendors as well and sugary treats
    I bought a box,ate some on the bus and subway
    Cool girls and nice chats
    A good event
    Izzy was suppose to come but could not get on the subway
    It was earth day in Montreal, about 300,000 people flooded downtown

    Take care Mélanie

    Ariane xxxx

  13. OMG,I have tears of mirth in my eyes,that's just WONDERFUL!!!
    XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX I'm laughing all the way to a seal bbq!

  14. I wish I had seen this earlier, I love it! Next time I'm visiting the Arctic Circle I'll definitely be bringing drinks like your.

  15. That so wonderful flowers! I like the dress! But previous post… hahaha! the pijamas party is total! Congratulations, you are brilliant always!!!


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