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Friday 21 June 2013

I'm being tech-handled here! And I don't like it.

Follow my blog with Bloglovin
I'm being forced to post this post because I'm being tech-handled, booted off Google Friend Connect in a matter of days. To follow me on Bloglovin! (I have to type that exclamation mark - it's part of their name!!!), click the stupid cartoon I did below:

Okay, I know now that cartoon clicking didn't work, so try clicking that next phrase, Follow my blog with Bloglovin Or you can click your heels together three times and say, Google Friend Connect, you SUCK.

And that's a cartoon of me hitting the washing machine and it's mocking me by loving it. Or rather, BLOGLOVIN'!!!! it.

And a cute kitten. Can't go wrong with that. But maybe it should be up at the toilet paper cartoon. (In reference to popular North American TV ads which feature fluffy white kittens to sell their toilet paper. Oh yes, that's EXACTLY what I think of when I reach for toilet paper. I think those ad people need to call in Miz Bagg to for some serious consultation - parakeets would be much better.)

Did that work? Gaaa!
I have good Freakish Yellow Skirt news coming in a real non-forced post soon.

I wore my nude-coloured vintage medieval-style corset (a new find BWA-HA-HA) as outerwear today. A woman walking by as I swanned down the sidewalk stopped, gave me a squinty sour-apple eye and said "Really?" I laughed in her face and moved on down the road. That was rude of me - I should have stopped and offered to pray with her to soothe her ruffled spirits.

Stay tuned for a future post in which I rant about how much I LOOOOVE Bloglovin'!!!!
Okay, time for more caffeine now, just one more mug I swear....

Okay, I previewed and I had over 200 followers and now you're poofed. Whatev.... Where's my coffee? Okay, the followers are back... Gaaa! Ba-bye.
And WHY does blogger keep making my photos go sideways? I fix them, they fall over, I fix them, they fall over, I twist them, they fall over. I preview, they're fine, then a couple days later, they fall over... I'm off balance here. Okay, coffee.


  1. Coffee, now? Wahoo!

    I'm here Melanie, and I'm following you on bloglovin'... kittens, and toilet paper, and sideways photos and all.

    Sue xo

  2. I was following you in Bloglovin already.
    I don´t like it, but such is life, LOL
    What about Google+???

  3. I know, isn't this a pisser? Check out too, it automatically imports your BFC follows. I find a few blogs I read daily have feeds that Bloglovin (no !, Ham take that!) won't pull in.

  4. Make that GFC (Google Friend Connect) not BFC.

    (Cabin Boy, where's that coffee I ordered???)

  5. Wow, old missy on the street clearly hasn't been introduced to Bloglovin!, or maybe her toilet paper is not as soft and fluffy as white kittens. Get some espresso right now, my dear, I will follow you on any tech-contraption invented. xoxo

  6. awe, crap.....I have to learn how to do something new? My brain is tired right now.

  7. Google Friend Connect - you suck! I couldn't agree more. I've followed you on Bloglovin(!) xx

  8. You will love Bloglovin! I'll look for you there....

  9. Oh crap, I guess I have to do something about this too. My project for the weekend aside from getting my *(!!@@$ blogpost done! I won't have adorable cartoons like yours though...

  10. Geh! Google Friend Connect was so easy! Now we have to log in some other place and keep track of that? Harrumphh!

    I love that the lady said "Really?"
    You might have told her, "no, you are having a hallucination, a glorious, glorious hallucination" ha ha!

  11. I thought you were doing the sideways photos on purpose. =:o

    Pssst, I am adding a little something to my upcoming post about using Blogger Reading List, if you already use Blogger. I read that it's not going away, so you don't really have to do anything. Others can find you via Bloglovin' (it's an apostrophe, isn't it?) or or geekfaceIII or whatever they want.

    But I may be wrong.

  12. i am following you everywhere my lovely!! Couldn't get rid of me if you tried!!! xxxxx

  13. Oh this is all too confusing! AUGH! I would also like to call out the people who changed the recipe at my local falafel place. Jerks! And the guy who discontinued my favorite bra. I KNOW it was a guy! Melanie, I will follow you everywhere every how and every which way.

  14. I'm plain login' you and bloglovin' you as well - is that too much? I feel bad for that poor lady in the street. Her life is so short of magnificence that she can't even recognise it any more. What a small life she must have. Poor thing. Doesn't mean you should feel obliged to be nice to here but does make you more noble for thinking of it.

  15. Really? She really said really? What a dimwit, not to recognise your fabulousity. I pity her.
    Now, I found that your photos were keeling over when I read your blog on my iPad, but not when I read it on the PC. Strange, no?
    I don't get all the fuss about Google Friend Connect, I just follow blogs off my side bar. I know, soooo low tech. xxxx


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