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Saturday 15 June 2013

Yellow Skirt Freak Show Update!! and more...

She has LANDED in London, Ontario that is, the

where she was gently coaxed from
SHY LARVA to brilliant y 

S H E L L E Y of  
(aka the latest VOGOFF cover girl).

Go! GO NOW!!
 Feast your eyes!

In other news:

You may know that Tamera, the Menopausal Supermodel, has hosted a Black & White Party in support of people living with chronic illnesses and conditions. Below is my contribution to her fantastic awareness campaign, my black tunic with black jeggings, black flats, and my black and white hat. Oh so demure.

I look forward to seeing what everyone else who participated wore!

But this weekend, I wasn't only wearing black and white...
I was the Thrifted Creature from Paillette Lagoon. Below I am shown immediately after crawling out of the lagoon (to my right) and sprouting human legs. I had to dry off before beginning proper human adventures.

Oh yes, Sandra and I were Style Parkouring again. No place is safe in Vancouver. Above I am sighing with grand drama outside an office tower, staring wistfully past the hoards of boring bustling bankers in blue suits, wondering, Now that I have legs, where, oh where is Rudolph (Valentino) to whisk me away on his camel?
Sometimes my clothing is a projection of my mood, but in this outfit I was one single entity, clothing and spirit united, creature from the paillette lagoon. 

In fact, the drama in this location was also the result of fretting that the concrete would snag my rubbery legs, but Sandra was kind enough to lend me her scarf to sit on to minimize snaggage damage. That's true friendship, folks. 

You may recall that I was nervous to wear this shocking hot-pink hot pant ensemble in pubic, expressed here. That fear was remedied quite nicely with this gold lamé second skin which Miz Bagg debuted in VOGOFF December 2012. The metallic gold rubbery substance not only normalized the look but its insulating anaerobic powers kept the day's chill at bay. I wore pantyhose as an under layer as well to prevent the synthetic skin from sticking to my legs. 

Yes, a different location but Sandra and I really had that architectural cross/water thing going on. Having experienced the absolute joy of life as this creature, I shall assuredly wear this ensemble again, provided the lycra dries without black mold. And I'm glad I was running late in the morning because there was no time to have second thoughts about this outfit. 
Can you believe the shine from those paillettes? - the perfect antidote to an overcast day. Sandra and I brought smiles and gaping mouths everywhere we went.

hot pink bouclé hot pants and jacket, thrifted
gold lamé lycra bodysuit, rear zip, thrifted
gold paillette top, thrifted
brown crackle leather Miu Miu boots, thrifted
magic loupe, O made it for me
pantyhose, retail

I am definitely linking this up with Patti's Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style. I may be a cold-blooded creature, but I still like to socialize with humans.

And above, Sandra of Lens is More looking uber cool. After we finished our shoot, we went thrifting. Oh my! The treasures we found, the restraint we didn't exercise - shocking - but that's for another post.

And that's all for now. I hope I haven't missed anything... Have a great week everyone!! 


  1. Pink and gold - who could have predicted such a fabulous combination?

  2. Love the colour mix and the parqour .. Great pics!

  3. Beautiful pictures! The gold and pink is unexpected and striking. The metallic color with the architecture is eye catching. I always enjoy your posts.

    We did some photos yesterday for my post next week with the same pose (one you have with center column) Ah-- I thought I was being original, you beat me to the punch!

    blue hue wonderland

  4. What amazing photos, Melanie! Your long, lithe, pink'n'gold model-esque form against the tall tall column, flanked by water, looks incredible.
    The pink hot pant suit with the shiny gold is beautiful. I am ashamed to admit I had to look up the word paillette but now I know what it means, I will use it liberally - all conversations should have a scattering of sequins, don't you think?
    The black and white pic is also stunning, just love you in that hat.
    And Shelley did the BEST job with the TYS, I adore her pics! xxx

  5. Like Curtise, I am going to use "Paillette" at least three times today, becasue life needs more paillettes. You are a marvel in pink and gold! Wonderful pics. xoxo

  6. Pink and gold, black and white, you wear them so well! Brilliant outfits both of them, and I especially enjoyed you looking so leggy in your hotpants and golden shine. p.s. thanks for directing me to see Shelley's travelling skirt post, she's a stunner!

  7. Such a fun photo-shoot, and such a glorious outfit!

  8. Style parkouring has to be my next activity to try. I just need to find a buddy to do it with. :)
    I love the pink and gold combo, it's so pretty - which makes ou a rather pretty monster :)

  9. Ooo, the magpie in me is goggling at the pretty sparkles! I love pink with gold!!
    Your black and white ensemble is rather slick, m'lady! A little Audrey, too, I might add!
    Shelley is a wondrous being, of course she rocked that yellow skirt!

  10. I love your pink and gold outfit...but your black & white is something I would wear...great styling on both!

  11. Oh gold and pink! Brilliant, i will have to copy for sure!
    Bodysuit under a short suit , extraordinaire!
    I have to see what Shelley did with the yellow skirt!

    Ariane xxx

  12. That last photo of you with the architecture in the background is stunning.

    I love that you are so bold.


  13. Fantastic shots!
    You made a VERY FUNNY typo, in the section about the shorts. That's all I'm saying about it.

    I wrote about VOGOFF today. What a fun thing. Can't wait for the next! It looks mah-velous, dah-ling.

  14. Wee! Thanks for joining the black and white party and infusing it with your usual spirit.

    The gold and pink combo is underthisworld amazing. I wonder how it would have really looked in an underwater shoot?!

  15. Oh Thrifted Creature from Paillette Lagoon! Dig your second skin! I lerve that shot of you looking to the side. You look fabulous!
    P.S. I am running for president of the Fur Hag Club. I hope you are not offended. :-)

  16. Love that pink and gold. I never would have thought to put those two colors together.

  17. Hot pink and gold against cold gray granite (?) and water. Yummmm. Sandra looks utterly, effortlessly cool as your photographer. Vancouver is the place to be. XXOO

  18. The gold bodysuit is amazing and the gold sequin shirt is sweeeeet!!! You do not want to snag those britches!! Good thinking with the scarf!
    So happy the yellow skirt popped up again,
    Becky :)

  19. Pink + gold = fabalicious! I absolutely adore the combo and the practicality of all is so ironic! Absolutely in love with it!

    XO ~Kim & chloe

  20. Oh, you fabulous creature!

  21. I too am struck by the marvelousness of the pink and gold combination. I must now go raid my closet and see if I can come up with a Paillette Lagoon outfit of my own. Looks like it's going to be all the rage!

  22. I made up a song in my head when I saw your outfit and now it's stuck. "Pink and goooooooold. Pink and gooooooold..." that's all there is to it and it's stuck.

  23. Who needs second thoughts when your clothing and spirit are united? Wish I were there to watch all the corporate folks gawking! They're just envious that they can't, and never will be able to pull off such a unique look! Your thrifting and writing are in inspiration - LOVE IT!!!

  24. Pink and gold equals Bollywood awesomeness and I love it! You look spectacular, statuesque and magnificent. xxx

  25. ooo the pink and gold together is amazing, bet you were the most colour the bored business men had seen coming out of the lagoon in a long time! are your legs dry? has the mold been kept at bay? god how i adore your style xxxxxxx

  26. I thought I wouldn't like it, but I do. I do like it a lot. You are an unique person. Which I like lot too. Perfect pictures. You two are a good team. And fortunately you did not restrain yourself in buying haha.

  27. Wow. Cool. You wear the pink and gold combination outside.... to go food shopping? It looks great, but I fear they could come, fetch me and bring me to a mental hospital here in germany. ;-)
    Have a good time.

  28. I'm so behind, but how fun it is to catch up on your adventures and your brilliant ensembles, both on this post and the last. Your poses after crawling out of the lagoon are delightful. You and Sandra truly had a day to cherish.

    How I love to keep up with the traveling yellow skirt. Shelley definitely displayed her many talents!

  29. So many kinds of lovely here that I just can't separate one from the other! I really don't understand your reticence in wearing this combo in public? It's so beautiful that either day or night looks better because you graced them with your presence! (Been working on effusiveness ... I think I'm getting it. You fabulousity inspires!)
    The problem is, how do you top this?
    Love it.
    (And is your hair growing out, just a little curvier? I like it!)

  30. My mission is to one day accompany you on a Style Parkourl Pink and Gold together = major SQUEEE!! I KNEW you would find a way to rock the hell out of the pink hotpants outfit and you did not fact, with each of your posts, you raise the creativity bar another notch.

  31. just seen the yellow skirt new additions....awesome at the highest scale of awesome! OOOOOO so want the yellow skirt!

    Also wanted to hand deliver an invite to my new weekly fashion linky with prompts! YAY!!!! I decided to turn shiny t tuesday into a linky! EEEEKKK!!!! The first prompt is 'when patterns speak' would be so awesome i might wee my pants a little if you came and played at my house for the party xxxx

  32. it's so delightful enjoying your golden and pink fabulousness!, you're a gorgeous siren rockin' that grey architecture background!
    besos & arte

  33. Amazing photography and a stunning, witty commentary to go with it. Bravo to you both.

  34. thanks for the shout-out!!
    I adore your pink and gold outfit--the photo's would make the folks at Vogue or Harpers drool in ENVY of their fabulousness!

  35. I think the gold was the best choice to subtle-down the whole outfit. I am sure if I had seen you in public I wouldn't have batted an eyelid. That's probably because I would be unconscious in a faint from the completely fabulousness of the outfit. Or the blinding sequins. Wow, wow, wow. I heart this so much. Thank you for making my day.

  36. The gold paillette top is absolutely to die for! I love the pants, too, but I could never pull them off together like you do ;-)


  37. I'm with Jann, how can anyone top this? I simply adore your fun, witty, and enthusiastic personality. A thrift shopping trip with you in tow would be a very memorable experience. I'm going to add this to my bucket list.

  38. Oooh, the pink and gold is amazing!

    I also love that black and white photo, it's so 60s.

  39. Of course I love the gold and pink, and the poses, your ethereal expression, the location, and your fantastical story - so creative, as always! But I most love the almost overlooked detail of the scruffy boots, which look fantastic!

    Now, I hate to say it, but I have to go look up parkour and pailette.

  40. What is this new sideways vogue? Does Miz Bagg recommend we all do it? The first pink and gold photo is one of your most beautiful ever! I adore everything about it. Style Parkouring sounds like so much fun. I love the haughty classic B&W look too xxxxx

  41. That lame and pink number is absolutely stunning and you look beautiful. Great setting too.

  42. Oooh hell YES - the pink suit with GOLD, thank you very much. LOVE the Style Parkouring, love the details, love the chutzpah, love the fun.

    What did we ever do without you?

    Sarah xxx

  43. Alright now... stop! Stop making me admire you! Not only do you wear pink in public but you pose creatively against a visually-interesting backdrop. That's like potent catnip to me.


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