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Tuesday 4 June 2013

An alien and a monster truck and a prairie dog

I found myself between these two, sucking up the sunshine, baby!

The chain-link fence around that lot was unlocked today so I couldn't help myself...

I wore my see-through sequined wedding-dress type thingy, thrifted. Underneath I wore the maxi white slip that came with the dress, my thrifted vintage black lacy slip, and then my thrifted boatneck T. Around my neck is magic jewellery that O made for me. And I wore mustard tights and my fringy wild green boots. Having just met a big deadline I knew these boots and sequins would be perfect for my inspiration walk.

The last time I wore this dress was in September, in my studio, with my ancient faux leather hot pants, whose fate may be similar to my blue boots...

I'll be joining Patti of Not Dead Yet Monday at her Visible Monday. So glad you're back, Patti. Looks like you had a great time in NYC. I'll see you all there. I'm frightfully behind on my commenting and shall be visiting everyone this week. 

I was intending to post the next outfit earlier this week but felt that I couldn't break way from work long enough to stick it up, despite the fact that I had already done the writing. It's a fairly casual look for me, comfy, yet colourful.

I'm just a prairie dog...

...popping my head up for a quick check around before dipping back down to my den to toil. Such little weeny paws tippy-tapping on the keys. Oh how I sometimes miss my vintage manual typewriter, the satisfaction of the delicate end-of-line "ping" followed by the table-shaking THWAP of a mighty carriage return.
silky lime-green patterned blouse, thrifted
blue stretchy skirt, sample sale
riding pant jeggings, retail
maxi cardigan, sample sale
boots, retail long ago
magic loupe, O made it for me

Indeed, I was certainly feeling chipper during recess earlier today when I went out with O for a bite. In fact, he snapped these photos for me when we got home. The instruction for the above photo was, "Look neutral. Neutral is best." He should have said, "Look like a prairie dog." Then I cooperated for the next neutral photo.

LOOK AT MY BOOTS! Ah, yes, the process of decrepitudinization. On their first outing newly blue they had cracked within a block of home. I didn't though - I was braced for it. The gesso primer didn't help. In future I would go with regular acrylic housepaint primer, although stretchy vinyl and flocked whatever-the-hell-that-is are never good substrates at the best of times. 

When I got home the zipper teeth on one boot separated from the fabric backing half-way down so I had to the tug the boot off my foot without fully unzipping it. But I'm not done yet - I have many more liberating plans for these lovelies. My foot passengers love these vehicles. Drive on, my good woman.


  1. too bad the boots cracked, I loved the idea. I found that cheap fabric paint( comes in a little bottle for under $1) works really good for painting leather shoes. You can find it at craft stores and it come in 100's of colors......and it doesn't crack

  2. Thanks for linking up, Mel! It's good to be home, and grand to see you. You are Looking fab, even while sideways. Sorry about the boots, but you'll make something yet un-dreamt-of.

  3. I'm rather pleased you couldn't help yourself! That alien is wild! I reckon he's about to bowl you over with that thing in his hand! You'll be able to kick the shit out of him with those awesome boots, though!
    Poo to the boots cracking, but it adds character, I think! Drive on, indeed!

  4. What a shame about the blue boots; they really have a Mod thing going on. And that fringy pair are pure unadulterated Hippie. Looks like the hippies won this round. The Alien judge gives them a 9.8. And you, you get a 10 for All-Around Fabulous.

  5. Cracked or not those boots are fucking awesome and I love that graffiti wall!
    Becky :)

  6. Looking pretty today, Mel, between "arts". Photo of the three of you better than the wall alone! Instant spring dress with the green boots. Like that a lot. Noble experiment with the boots, but since you say your'e not done,I won't be sad for them.
    Glad to see you!

  7. Good boots don't die they just come stomping back for more. I Lurve your silky green blouse you adorable prairie dog!

  8. Oh, I love those green fringed boot things - those are Fluevogs!

    I adore the trio of you plus graffiti.

  9. So glad to see you popping your head up! And what should I mention - well, boots, of course. The green ones look like Groggy boots! Or else a science experiment, but one that turned out well.

    Too bad about the turquoise boots, but there is paint for leather, and as Thorne said, fabric paint might work. I love the zipper pulls!

  10. I love the first picture and the clashing with the styles. These green boots look like you are well grounded :D
    The cracks at the blue boots, which are fabulous, look like patina. They look like they have to tell a story of long walks and dancing nights.

  11. Oh my, I love your boots! And are you making love to your art again? I love doing that too. It's just so naughty and nice and self indulgent. ;) Nice to check on you again!

  12. Hey foxy prairie dog. laura ingalls never looked that rad! xx

  13. Looking 'hot' and 'cool' at the same time as usual. Keep on having fun ... M x

  14. Reading this post, I had a vision of desert with your head popping up every few yards out of a different hole (kind of like a Whack a Mole game, only it would be Whack a Mel...). Love both pairs of boots in this post; too bad about the cracks, but it does give them character.

  15. Those shaggy green boots are just awesome, I love them! Glad you shared the alien and your incredible art. I'm rather liking the cracked boots. xxx

  16. I'm loving so much your fringed wild boots, they're my kind of shoes!!, love them wildly!
    and so sad that your restored pretty blue booties get cranky, they were looking so summery fabulous than a swimming pool!
    anyway, love your neon shirt and great style posing!!
    besos & good luck

  17. Oh you muse,you!!!
    I really do get a huge dose of inspiration when I pop in.
    Reva :)

  18. How about cel vinyl paint for the boots? We used to use it on Barbie prototypes, it is a bit stretchy. Only problem, might be $$ and comes in little jars.
    Or spray paint? Graffiti boots?

    Love all of it. Wow, your piercing blue praire dog eyes...!!!

  19. The sequined wedding dress is very worthy of a second appearance, and enhanced mightily with the great wild green boots.

    I can see why you aren't giving up on the turquoise boots. Will be waiting for their return and I know it will be grand.

  20. oh noes! Those boots were the best!

  21. love those shaggy green boots - just gorgeous. Pity about the painted ones - hope you can resurrect them.

  22. Dang, too bad about the boots. I have a pair of silver wing-tips that did the same thing.

    May have to swipe that long gray cardigan!

  23. You have some mind-blowing footwear. Love!

  24. Hi there Mélanie!

    How are you doing? i love the how your outfits are so complicated in term of what you wore under what, i have to read carefully what you wore!
    Those boots are wicked and what an unexpected twist, it's just so brilliant!

    Ariane xxxx

  25. What is not to love?? The pix of you with the alien is fabulous!!
    And i rather like you in prairie dog mode--i think the cracking on the boots adds a new texture to them that;s interesting.

  26. You're a work of art stood between two aliens, fantastic! That mermaid dress is gorgeous on you and I love how you've toughened it up with the black layers beneath.

  27. See, I rather like the cracked boots. They look like they've lived, But a busted zip is a pain... Whatever next for these lovelies?
    I adore that first photo, Mel, the shadows from your hands on your dress kinda look like alien eyes.
    Fringed boots, transparent dress, sequins, magic jewellery - perfection.
    It's good to pop your head up from the keyboard now and again for a peek around. Though I know you have Important Editing Work to do.
    I miss manual typewriters too, that ping was a good sound.
    Keep dancing, lovely Mel! xxxx

  28. ooo i adore those fringed boots so very very much! glorious as ever you are simply divine x

  29. Good to see you popping up, in two lovely iterations, no less!! Glad to know the work front is busy too. I vividly remember the sound and feel of that artifact you described. I saw one recently at a flea market that I loved but I wondered if it's possible to find the ribbon?!

    Your boots are breathtaking. I've never painted boots so I have no suggestions, but I love the color you chose and hope you can get them to your satisfaction.

    Lastly, I laughed when you quoted O as saying "Neutral is best". Opposites attract? :-)

    Love you!!

  30. The boots that never die. I'm not surprised, they're rather fantastic and that blue you chose is amazing. Another amazing backdrop. I love the shape the black slip makes under the angelic white dress. The green boots are also brilliant. O's photographic direction is hilarious, so much fun! xxxxx

  31. I like the dark cracks against the blue of your boots Melanie, though broken zips are another matter and have been the death of many a good pair of boots for me. Love the green fringed footwear too, and the wedding dress. Your prairie dog/neutral pose is a winner too, prairie dogs are cute! xx


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