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Sunday 30 June 2013

Fly me to the moon

I may be from Istanbul. I may be from Rio de Janeiro. I may be from Boca Raton. I may be from Kuala Lumpur. But one place I'm definitely not from is...
...the Kiwanis International Convention, as the security guard at the Vancouver Convention Centre was quick to note when Sandra and I tried to blend in with the hoards streaming into the building - he clocked us as gatecrashers at 100 paces; we'll never know how. So we took our style parkouring outside. The guard was very friendly and invited us back for Canada Day celebrations (Monday) and cake.
I'm glad we went outdoors. Check out that billow effect. Swoosh. The thing I like about hanging out at Vancouver's waterfront is the number of tourists from all over the world. Walk through ten crowds and you'll hear ten different languages. It's fantastic, almost like I'm travelling myself, ALMOST. Sandra and I even considered stopping for hideously-overpriced coffee with smiles on our faces until we decided to nip into our favourite swanky bar for a glass of wine and a snort-fest (snorts of laughter).
I had to give my jacket a helping hand as it was a bit weighty for the breeze. But Sandra's new thrifted silky smoking jacket billowed juuuust right to achieve her rock-star-the-morning-after look. She posted a photo on June 28 on her blog, Lens is More. She also posted part of what I was wearing on June 29, one of my favourite maxis ever.

inside-out silk brocade kimono worn as jacket, thrifted
old white Gap T-shirt, retail, upcycled in a last-ditch revitalization effort
tights, retail
stretchy blue skirt, Metallicus, sample sale
painted boots, the zip on one is broken at mid way (you can see the buckled seam in the photo)
2 magic pendants from O
ghost-on-a-swing pendant from friend Monique of little lamp sculptures
neon sunglasses, vintage, thrifted

Canada Day is tomorrow. As you might know, Canada is a "commonwealth" country. Okay, I get the "common" part. What I want to know is where is the wealth? 

I hope you all had a lovely weekend, and for those of you stuck in heat waves, stay cool! I'm linking up to Patti's magnificent garden party, Visible Monday, at her blog Not Dead Yet Style. Mint juleps, anyone?


  1. ooo billowy swishy heaven! a 'wealth' of gorgeousness and not a 'common' in sight! xxxx

  2. Fly away fantastic..........just gorgeous........oh the lining in the kimono is just to fabulous not to be seen........the most perfect wind sail ever.
    Happiness to you and happy Canada day.
    From another commonwealth V

  3. Jacket is fantabulastic!
    Isn't it great being kicked out of places? lol

  4. YOU are the "wealth" darling ... coz you gatecrash conferences and don't give a flying fuck about the consequences. In a billowing inside-out kimono. And feck-off painted boots. And your incredible artwork plastered across your chichis. And red square glasses. I'm dying. Happy Canada Day beautiful. xoxoxoxoxoox

  5. What a funny story. I love your tee shirt and those awesome blue booties.

  6. The guard is probably talking about you still, in fond tones : > You look marvelous as you billow; thanks for sharing the beauty with Visible Monday.

  7. OOOOOOOH! That kimono! Good thing you avoided setting sail off the dock!

    Oh Canada Day, I remember you well...
    My genius of an ex-husband thought we could hitchhike around Nova Scotia for our honeymoon. First, Nova Scotia is not that small, if traveling by thumb. Second, it was a holiday weekend, so THE CARS WERE FULL! Oh yes, some spectacular bickering inaugurated our "wedded bliss".

  8. Happy Canada Day, or whatever you say up there! I shall drink some maple syrup in a show of solidarity.

    Love, love, love that kimono - it's toooo gorgeous! The Kiwanas would have been lucky to have you join them. And those sunglasses really suit you!

  9. Love the breezy water shots. Love the longer pixie cut!!

  10. Gate keepers and part crashers :). You look like you could fly in that and the water and wind a perfect companion to this post. Glad you choose wine;). Enjoy the week!

  11. Love the kimono. I thought you may have painted the stripes on the underside, but I guess it came that way. Bonus!

  12. Awesome outfit, adore the vibrancy of your colour schemes!!

  13. Happy Canada Day Melanie! Here's to a fabulous day filled with sunshine and good vibes!

    Wahoo, you're still rocking the turquoise boots! Hope you can get a little more wear of of them. Maybe try the decoupage next...

    Loving your glasses, and of course, the star of the show...your silk kimono. I've seen a few of these treasures at Value Village. Now have a better idea of how I might style one. Ta!

    Sue xo

  14. Happy Canada Day Melanie!! Digging the inside out robe - I have a couple of chinese pieces with the same stripey pattern inside. You look so funky in the red glasses and flying robe, I can't believe the guard didn't let you in just to add some life and colour to the convention!
    I will check out Sandra's blog to see what she was wearing.

  15. You are FABULOUS! I learned to gate crash when I was in high friend and I would get all dressed up and go to wedding receptions and drink champagne... We NEVER got caught!

    I would love to have your inside out kimono and the

  16. You look so beautiful and billowy. You absolutely deserve CAKE!

  17. Great idea on how to wear a Kimono! I have a few, and now I will haul them out of my closet!xoxo

  18. you look like an exotic butterfly landing amongst the mere mortals and bedazzling us with your fabulosity!

  19. Don't you just love kimonos? I am posting one in a short while too. An antique kimono from Japan.
    Love the glasses.

  20. Oh, you look amazing, Melanie! I love that you tried to crash that convention - good thing that security guard gave you a break! Ha, I think wine is a far better choice anyway.

  21. Best to be out with the in and in with the out, as someone or other once said!
    Happy photos and happy Canada Day wishes for you, Melanie.

  22. ok now when are you going to put to Tees for up for sales, I just love it so much!
    Those boots are so awesome, adore the shade of blue and the kimono what a nice accent@!
    Good you tried to crash the convention, wish I was there;)


  23. You never cease to inspire me with your fabulous colors and combinations. I'm even getting wilder everyday - in tiny increments - with my style, thanks to you! Love your locations, too!

  24. Beautiful photos and jacket. Loving the drama of the first picture. I can feel the breeze coming off the water. Your hair is looking great too!

    blue hue wonderland

  25. forget...the wealth is in the hearts of the Canadian people. Of all the granola crunching artsy fartsy west coasters I would think you would be on top of that shit. Oops. I think I ruined it with the swear word at the end.

    Love the blue moon boots and the neon psychedelic robot glasses.


  26. Can I have some of your spontaneity and energy? I just love pulling up your blog, it makes me want to grab my best friend and act as if I'm back in highschool.
    Who thinks of wearing a kimino like you just did? it's brilliant! And, those funky glasses, Oh I think I need those. I'm off now to call that friend of mine.

  27. Crashing the Kiwanis convention just is too odd, Mel. You're a vision in your lovely kimono, and you were clearly in your right mind to choose wine over coffee. The lovely guard did you a huge favor.
    But absolutely go back for the cake!

  28. Brilliant to wear the kimono inside-out. Perfect sunnies too! Sounds like you and Sandra had another adventure and a snort on the side.

  29. Breezy and beautiful!! Take it as a compliment that you were immediately picked out as Kiwanis impostors.

    Have a lovely week!!!

  30. I love your swishingly dramatic kimono robe with those red sunglasses. Happy Canada day dear Mel!

  31. You are totally rocking the feck out of that inside-out kimono, sheer genius as always.
    A snort-fest with wine sounds much more fun than overpriced coffee! xxx

  32. You are amazing! I think I can tell you why you were spotted, but I bet you know by now. :) Your date at the water sounds lovely! And I love hearing languages in crowds; I am such a people watcher! The Mister is too, so we enjoy people watching (and listening) together.

    Lynn Dylan

  33. I love your swooshiness! You are my kimono super-heroine x

  34. What wonderful photos. You do indeed look like superheroine, Melanie! The colours of your robe are stunning - so are you!
    I have never had a mint julep - are they good? They sound delicious! xxxx

  35. And let me dance among the stars...let me see what life is like on Jupiter and Mars....just let me dance about in the warm Canada air a while with you!!!
    You ARE a Super Heroine, Mizz Bagg!
    Mine, anyway!

  36. oh what a robe! i totally love it and the photos are so dreamy!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. I’m hosting cool glasses/sunglasses giveaway here check it out!

  37. I love that ghost on a swing every time I see it! The billowy kimono is spectacular - those internation convention losers didn't know what they were missing! Those boots are still going strong! Love them!

  38. wish you've had a fabulous canada's day!
    and love your kimono jacket flowing on the wind, and looking so colorful and pretty!!
    and love your sunnies and so blue booties!

  39. What a gorgeous outfit! I love the bright colors.

    xo, Meera |

  40. Nothing like a really satisfying swoosh in a light water-front wind. Ooh yes, flap, flap, flutter, fly-ee, I think I need to go do some billowing in the breeze myself.
    You are a veritable butterfly Melanie.

  41. Hello Friend! Lot of work, travel, promotion of my book and no time to write comments in your blog, but always close to your genius! I love your blue boots! And your previous look... is total, incredible, magnificent as your talent! A pleasure to visit this blog!

  42. I say, you look like a knock off of the latest Vogoff cover. I suspect a trend happening with flying capes to be set off in the blogosphere! woo-hoo.

  43. Canada Day and Cake are quite nice Consolations! Love your shades and green-blue-green stripes and green-blue-green boots, there's life in 'em yet fer shurr. Billowy silk suits you marvellously well, and thank you for your kind comment on teh crud-durc-ee-doo. There is always Art!

  44. Your hair (perfect color) and those boots ... Just love it.

  45. Ooh, so much, so much... the GLASSES, style PARKOURING, the billowy stripy trippy jacket, the TSHIRT, your BEAUTY. I can only imagine how splendid it is to see you and Sandra together. I would follow you around like a little lost puppy.

    Sarah xxx


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