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Saturday 22 June 2013

Peace out AND Yellow Skirt News

That's me wondering why can't I get my photos to stay upright but I have found a solution, apart from having to stand on my head or contort into other shapes. Hurrah!! I should break into an anthem of some kind here...

So I'll have to go back into my dusty photo files sometime and right those tipped-over shots. Below is a closeup of the poorly-made shoes that I bought at super discount worn with my retail fabulously-made socks. Too bad I have a wrinkle at the ankle. Don't you love that peace T-shirt? I nabbed it yesterday as I was leaving the thrift store. Close call! 

I wore this outfit this morning to the Jazz Festival downtown. Free music? What a superb start to the day, although I hope the musicians were handsomely paid. The group that I caught at the art gallery sub-stage was clearly talented but distinctly Country & Western with lots of slide guitar action when what I was craving was soul food - waterfall sax, lots of string bass, trumpet... I'm going again tomorrow. And I think the festival continues through until next weekend. How great is that?

executive pinstriped pencil skirt, thrifted
peace T-shirt, thrifted, label called LOL Vintage
black T underneath, thrifted
black tights, retail long ago
striped socks, retail
poorly-made but awesome studded platform shoes, retail at big discount
magic loupe and 2 other magic pendants, made for me by O

I always wonder why so many people here dress like they're going hiking when they attend an occasion that requires them to walk more than one block.

I just reread my last post and laughed. Jeez I'm bossy. "Follow me on Bloglovin'" she commanded. I was ordered by Them to "claim" my blog and that's what I had to write, but put more civilly, having recovered from my tech meltdown, I have switched everyone I'm following over to Bloglovin' and if you'd like to keep following me, I'm there now too. Some of you have made the transition with so much grace that I didn't even notice. You are my role models. And thank you SO MUCH for keeping me real when you do drop in and your helpful comments too. (You're right, Val, it's an apostrophe, not an exclamation mark, but I was just seeing expletives at the time.) Also, if you have Google+, while I can enjoy your posts, sadly I can't comment at the moment as I am not a member, nor am I on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn or anything else. I have trouble remembering all my passwords as it is.


The request list for the Freakish Yellow Skirt (FYS) has become rather overwhelming, which is great news, and although I am an anarchist when it comes to style and self-expression, after emailing with Shelley of Forest City Fashionista, the most recent FYS wearer, I've decided to go ahead with coordinating FYS's globe-trekking. Shelley has most kindly offered to do a spreadsheet of people who request the skirt so that FYS is not flying pell mell to all corners of the earth and you don't feel passed over. Even with the list, I suspect the skirt will still be criss-crossing the globe as more people hear about it, so fear not: even if you miss FYS when it's on your continent you will still be able to participate in the years to come, which would be awesome! Thank you, Shelley. I could never do this on my own.

Therefore, if you would like to play with the Freakish Yellow Skirt, send Shelley an email, slong88 at hot mail dot com, letting her know your full postal address so she can do her admin magic. Also, don't forget to tell me when you get the skirt so I can put you on the official Travelling Yellow Skirt Freak Show page and make the announcement here. Also, it would be great if you could post the skirt to the next wearer within two weeks of receiving it - just a guideline.

Hugs and kisses to all of you for joining in this yellow skirt MADNESS!! She has got a mind of her own that yellow skirt and I love her to bits - um, hopefully not to absolute bits... It's crazy how she's touched your hearts but it's only because she's MAGIC!!! Born into harshness, resurrected into glory - Sing Anthem Now!! (See how bossy I am?) Thanks, Sarah at Misfits Vintage, for your idea in the first place!!


  1. Love the shirt! What a lucky find - or was it magic? With all those magic pendants I'm wondering why you had any trouble at all with righting your photographs and whipping Bloglovin' into shape. Or maybe the interknit is immune to magic.

    Anyway, you might try drinking a tiny bit less coffee...

  2. Y'know I Iove reading all your posts and seeing your delicious concoctions. You make me feel better about refusing to entertain Bloglovin', twitter, Facebook, ad nauseum. I also appreciate the suggestion on how to queue up effectively for the yellow skirt. I've been whining over here for awhile, but now I've got a definitive recommendation, thank you!!

    Love you and your artful ways. Have a great week. XXXOOO

  3. I'm not really sure what I'm on (drugs??) but I'm just going to keep doing what I'm doing and you keep wearing those beautiful poorly made shoes until they fall to bits then whatever you do DON'T dress like a hiker.

  4. I have to admit, I'm a bit jealous at your yellow skirt success. I attempted one similar "traveling dress" long ago, but on person 3 it never got passed on again. I'm glad the yellow skirt continues and that it has become a piece added to by each person who wears it. One day, I'll have to add myself to the yellow skirt list.

  5. Yip, pushed one of my buttons Mel! Fake hikers, and fake yogis. Puleez people! At Les Miz last weekend....albeit it was a matinee performance, but flips flops and yoga pants?!!! {Sorry about the exclamation marks...I had a decaf soy latte today, tee hee}

    Sue xo

  6. Looking marvellous.
    Love and want your shoes
    I am sorry to see the little faces of Google Friend connect goe.
    I was following you on Bloglovin anyway.
    Do get on to Google+ it is much better.

  7. I love the combination of the Peace-t-shirt and the skirt (and your socks and your shoes and your hair and the Yellow skirt fre ... etc).

  8. Brava. I am so glad you grabbed that tshirt on your way out of the door. It needed you to be it's owner.

    I am also a little flummoxed by google changes. I liked your rant! Xx

  9. Hi there Mélanie!

    I hoped to be on the yellow skirt list but, it seems impossible at the moment, too bad
    Shelley is coming to Mtl July 2 , we will meet btw, it should be fun! oups exclamation here!!! oups more!!!! hahaha!
    Good you took that sweater, too good to leave behind and you surely is the gal to do something fabulous with it!
    Got a lot of clothes these days, to many! I'm ebay struck at the moment, it's a drug a tell you, anyway enough about that
    About people dressing liike they are hiking, same here btw

    Take care Mélanie

    Ariane xxxxx

  10. Lurvs the shirt - in fact the entire ensemble!

    Glad there is a moderator for the skirt. I could foresee that it would become VERY VERY popular and it IS magical (having been blessed early on with the opportunity to model it).

  11. Socks and t-shirt really go together. wish I could wear shoes like that but alas my feet won't allow it. Hope I can follow to Bloglovin.

  12. oh yeah, it's an apostrophe . . . I must have been over-caffeinated yesterday!!! love the peace tee and the cool socks and the whole shebang. xoxoxo

  13. Peace be with you! Love the t-shirt, and the crap/awesome shoes with the striped sox. Thanks for posting the yellow skirt update - I've already received emails.

    When I travel I always see people dressed like they are going hiking in the woods, even though they are in the streets of a major city - weird!

  14. OK, you made this lovely digital art book, but you have trouble with remembering passwords. Haha, you are a funny woman.
    And I am amazed you didn't have sore feet in those shoes while attending a festival.

  15. love the shoes and socks...i have realised since birthing 3 babies my feet and jewellery are forgotten! Shiny T Tuesday has made me see this for the first time along with gawping with joy at your posts!(must try harder...note to self!)

    just emailed about the amazing yellow skirt...yay for shelley! I have been one of the people begging at each stop! lol xxxx

  16. Gimme that tee shirt! Can you teleport it to me in time for Tuesday? It's the perfect festival tee!
    Loving the crazy shoe and sock combo. xxx

  17. It was so nice to meet you today at the Jazz Festival, like your blogs! Are you going to Wordcamp in August? I've got my ticket already, am a bit of a wp geekette, working on a big new filterable portfolio website, VERY interesting for me! Looking forward to meeting up with you maybe in a few weeks to set up a photo shoot.
    Bye for now.
    Paula O'Brien on the Sunshine Coast

  18. I am so glad I got in early with the yellow skirt madness... I'm so lucky!

    I am in complete denial over Google Friend Connect Follow Me Friend Me Bloglovin Me Whatever the Fucking Fuck... WHY DO THEY CHANGE THINGS WHEN THEY ARE WORKING JUST FINE???

    Breathe in... and hold for a slow count of four... hold for a slow four... and out for four...

    Love your tshirt. Love your shoes.

    Sarah xxx

  19. love your awesome shoes, and love how your striped socks and pretty tshirt create a multicolor ensemble (that's a very jazzy word), and you look really elegant and cool!
    besos & music

  20. The shoes...the shoes...the shoes......just brilliant.
    That yellow skirt is one big puff ball of true love and happiness......yay.
    Love V

  21. the socks.... the socks.... the socks....I love the dense but soft stripe. they look fabulous with those shoes. Love all the stripes and peace signs together, a corporate type skirt and a hippy top - nice combo. You've started a phenomena with that FYS! xxxx

  22. Glad to hear you are a little more at peace with the world, Melanie. Stripey socks and a t-shirt will have that effect. Shame the shoes aren't well made cos they look amazing!
    Now I will email Shelley, since I THINK I am next in line after Megan and Sheila... I will check. Then the Yellow Skirt begins the UK leg of her tour, how very exciting! xxxx

  23. Oh my gosh how fun!! the skirt idea is fabulous and great to look at the pictures I think it is going to end up being a coffee table book for sure. I may need to get on the list!! I wonder if I wore it horseback riding if it would spook my horse lol!! ~Your shirt really makes your eyes look amazing and sparkly must be the blue in it ~Love Heather

  24. Thank you for doing the admin on the FYS journey - and thank you for letting us know how to go about getting on the list. I've been wanting to do it, but have felt a little shy, not really knowing some of these women that well.

    Peace out, Mel - that tee is divine!

  25. You look amazing as always!! i love the shirt--so artsy!


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